Monday, February 4, 2013

Not So Typical...

Typically, you find some kind of Motivation here on Mondays. But it's been anything but typical 'round here. I even debated on whether to post or not. So hang with me as I share Super Bowl from the eyes of a mom and her 12 year old son. Hubs got out for the real Super Bowl fun, he deserved it especially since he's played Mr. Mom as I work overtime.

Both kids are down with the flu bug since Thursday. Maybe you caught one of my tweets like this ....

yes. worst decision ever. We always get the flu shot, why did we skip it this year?! Any claims that the flu shot is ineffective or it gives you the flu were proven wrong by my two boys. Never again will we face the flu season without flu shots.

Other A-Typical happenings thanks to Super Bowl 2013....

kicking off the Super Bowl by watching 'sexy' meet 'smart' via GoDaddy. Now seriously, that ad was geared to appeal to the horniest man at the bar, the one drinking heavily and lacking the intention of ever owning a domain. clever marketing, not so sure about that. memorable,  yes probably. awkward to watch with your 12 year old son...most definitely.

wanting a mini van. WHAT?!! when has this chick ever thought of owning a minivan, never! but, I gave it some thought after watching super mom create a killer football team for her son and the "epic playdate" commercial had me seriously considering a mini-van's level of coolness compared to my VW Passat. And then Audi reminded me of their awesomeness at which point, I told Lance, "Sorry, your Mom will never drive a mini-van and you will never speed off from prom with a black eye."

being ever so grateful for Destiny's Child. If you were accompanied by your tween son like were eternally grateful for the "crazy in love" dance moves to stop. I mean, the woman's incredible. I'm a long time fan, her voice, looks, ability -it all adds up to dynamite. But as much as I enjoyed the show, I thought, oh s*hit what goes through a tween boy's mind?!! ha!

feeling like The Rock. milk is mandatory in this house. My 3 L's drink up a gallon, almost daily. and yes, I dodge the mishap of running out of milk and have been seen buying it in last nights pajama's.

wanting a beer. a Budwieser at that. I hardly ever drink beer but show me a cowboy, play some Stevie Nicks....and all of a sudden, I'm considering a cold one. Then I remembered the Sky Vodka in the freezer and the Ginger Ale in the fridge and went for a refill and new slice of lime.

What is typical for me and my household and yours too (I'm sure) is....supporting our troops.

There isn't a day that goes by in which we don't think about//talk about//pray for our troops. There isn't a day that camo doesn't walk in and out of my front door or lay in a puddle on my bedroom floor. Not a day without the sound of clinking dog tags. Or a day without the rip of velcro and toss of a PC. Years ago those sounds were absent. Thankfully, I count only 2 Super Bowls that hubby was deployed but for many others their count is as high as 10 and 12+. Our troops, our soldiers and their families have gone through some days and years of hell. We've all fought hard and it's been the support of family, friends, and organizations that makes it all possible. If Jeep wants to promote themselves with patriotism, then so be it. They were able to spread a beautiful message in their commercial last night to millions of viewers. Their marketing was not for you to get up and fill your plate, it wasn't for you to twist off another cap, or drool and envy over a hot chick. Their message was to remind us to support, to remind us that dear ones are still overseas fighting and serving and that many families aren't whole, yet. And, if you happen to purchase a Jeep, then 250 dollars of that will go towards the Operation Safe Return, a campaign Jeep partnered with through USO.

Oh, and the goats scream on the Dorrito's commercial. Very much like mine or Lucas's after the 9th time of rocking our sick babe back to sleep. Thank goodness Lance is grown, his biggest need has been as simple as a back rub or warm bowl of chicken noodle soup....ohhhh, this too shall pass!

Did you do Super Bowl? Did your team win? 
Have a favorite commercial or tip for dealing with the flu?
Do share with me! Amy Poehler's commercial was my fave!

*so happy to see yesterdays post helped some peeps! 

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A said...

Hope your little ones are better soon! We had a terrible winter of the flu this year.. was so happy to see the warmer weather!

Aanika X

Kimberly said...

Knock on wood no one here in my house has been sick all winter. I know some that got the flu so bad. I only watched the half time show of the game. I enjoyed Beyonce.

Laura said...

Sorry to hear your kids were knocked out by the flu! Hope they're feeling better soon!
I agree, the Go Daddy commercials were uncomfortable to watch. And some of Beyonce's moves were a little risque.
I, too, really liked the message of the Jeep commercial.
Truthfully, I wasn't all that excited about the super bowl this year because I wasn't a fan of either team. But I'm glad it ended up being a good game in the second half.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, Amy Poehler's commercial was hysterical! Everyone in my house was in stitches watching that and wiping our tears after the jeep commercial. We love and support our troops! So sorry to hear about your kiddos catching the flu, I hope they feel better!

Beth said...

Great post Kristine! :) I loved your re-cap of the commercials. Hope your Monday is off to a great start!!

Jen said...

I loved Amy Poehler's commercial, so funny!! :) I hope your kids feel better.

Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about the flu!! That is no fun! I totally like your recap of the commercials and halftime show from a mother! I agree with you on the GoDaddy commercial! Gross!

Unknown said...

Aww sorry your sick love!! If it's any consolation the actual strand available in the flu shot this year, is not the virus we are seeing people sick with, the flu has already mutated against the vaccine. So chances are, even if you were vaccinated there is still a 72% chance you could catch it! BOO!!! Glory of being a nurse... LOVED your commercial recap! I cried like a baby over the horse/trainer commercial!!

Anonymous said...

Hi hun..
found you thru blog hop!
i enjoy reading your latest post and hope we can follow each other.
if you are interested please let me know! :)

i am off sick too. headache back pain and block nose :(
get well soon for your little one
let's keep in touch!


Stop by and say hi sometimes :)

Kim McIlrath said...

Stopping by from the Blog Hop! I look forward to reading your blog more.

Kayla Peveler said...

Stopping by from the link-up with Helene & Emily! :) your blog is so cute! Newest follower! :)

Jenn said...

I loved reading your recap and take on the commercials - really cute. I could only imagine what was going through your sons head during the halftime show.

Stopping by from the blog hop.

Julie-Becoming A Navy Wife said...

This years Super Bowl was epic! Great commercials, a black out and a Destiny's Child reunion. Loved every minute of it. Not a big fan of the Ravens, but a good game none-the-less. What more could you ask for???

Kallay said...

I did watch the Super Bowl, all by myself! I loved it! I thought the halftime show was phenomenal. (Unlike Madonna's embarrassing try last year.) The commercials were alright. GoDaddy made me gag, and then they played it again and I gagged again, but with more force. I voted for the goat commercials, so I was REALLY excited to see that it had made it on TV. So funny. The Jeep commercial really touched me too. We talked about it in marketing today though, and apparently a lot of people (men) didn't care for it. I also really loved the farmer commercial that Dodge did.

Also, *I* will never own a minivan, either. I'm glad to have a sister in agreement over that! LOL

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