Thursday, June 27, 2013

Reasons. Not to be confused with excuses!

Someday's it blows my mind that I have a 2 year old and a 12 year old. Other days I feel the work and the worry of having my two boys. Time is such a variable thing. It's all in perception. There are days that just zip by and then there are the ones that d.r.a.g on for what seems like forever. 

The last 3 years have paved a whole new course in my marriage and family. Lucas and I have been through some hell together and we've been through some miracles together. Our love is stronger than it's ever been. And by love I don't just mean what we feel towards each other but the kind of love that describes support given between two people. We've learned alot about each other in our 6 years together. The first 3 years were shared between a 15 month deployment and life in Hawaii. The last 3 years have been in our VA home. Saying goodbye to that home this week has stirred some emotions. I'm grateful that we still have the month of July to hang with family before reporting to our next duty station but it still doesn't change the fact that as a mom I am saying goodbye to a home that holds too many memories to count. Between my oldest now weeks from being a teenager and my youngest spending his first years of life here... there is a lot to think on and feel blessed with. Honestly, I haven't made much time for the gym over this last week or two. And honestly, I feel in my heart that - that's ok.

Someday's you just need to be still. Some days walking the street holding your toddlers hand is a more powerful workout than the sweaty WOD and 3 mile run. And sometimes chillin' on the couch with your "I'm too cool for you mom" kid is more rewarding than any calorie burn or number on the scale. 

I've got a plan and it is to forgive myself for skipping the gym//my regular runs.... and to commit to a new schedule for this next phase of life once the last box is put on the moving truck tomorrow.

Do you ever feel guilty about skipping a workout?
Are you ever worried that your reasons are more of an excuse?

Another mom who fights this is Shannon. Shannon has two little girls. She's committed to being healthy and working out but she's finding that spending time at home with her newborn and toddler is a little more important than getting them into daycare so she can squeeze in a workout. As with anything this kind of attitude is A-OK in moderation!! Don't you think?

Hey Heart Shaped Sweat Readers! 

This is Shannon from Smile and Write. My blog was born from the simple desire to keep myself accountable for having a positive attitude in my everyday life. You will find that I write about everything! It could be about books I am reading, family, friends, struggles or my faith but I always try to find the silver lining in every situation. I am no life expert, just a woman trying to make the best of it. 

This past week I became a mommy for the second time. I am now the mother of two beautiful girls under two. Although I don't consider myself a mommy blogger; tis the season right now! 

Throughout the last half of my second pregnancy I found myself craving a hardcore workout. The kind that leaves you beat red in the face with sweaty pits and all (beautiful mental pic I know). I found myself dreaming about the day when I could bust out a long run in the morning and go about my day as usual. I also was really sick of seeing my body change in unflattering ways for two years. I was ready to not be pregnant, to have flat abs and thighs that no longer rub together when I walk. 

Then last week as I held my baby in my arms, I was reminded of when my first daughter was this size and how it felt like yesterday. I know people always say it but; man they sure grow up fast...I was suddenly panicked with thought of rushing through the crazy newborn stage and missing moments that only happen once. 

I was reminded to slow down, breathe in the newborn smell, cherish the 3 am feedings and most importantly be thankful to my body for being able to give me the biggest blessings of my life

Yes, there will be a time when taking care of myself will include fitting a work out into my daily schedule but that time is not quite here yet. I am choosing to love my body right now as it is (as flabby as it may be) because it is amazing. 

So that is what I am doing. My running shoes are still in the back of my closet. The double jogging stroller is still folded up in the garage. You can probably find me laying on the couch snuggling with one of my ladies and I couldn't be happier. 

Come join me as I find the brighter side of life at Smile and Write.

Inline image 3

Isn't she so sweet?!
It's true she is always finding the silver lining in any of life's problems! Hope you'll stop by her blog and get to know her better!!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Style Sessions Co-Host!!

I'm SO excited to be co-hosting Style Sessions today and featured as a Head Stylist!
But before we get to all that fun... you first need to know the genius behind all of this!
Lauren from Style Elixir

 photo ImageTwo_zps1f3435ec.png

She's been here with Heart Shaped Sweat this month and is giving away a $30 value Ad Space 
in this months giveaway!

She's also sharing with us a beautiful, colorful Wallis outfit as part of the Blogger Style Competition.
hint, hint... show her your support in this competition and vote for her every day (even every hour)
during the month of June to ensure her win!
It's take just a moment, click the link above and vote! It's that easy and means so much :)
In appreciation for your time and votes she is giving away 
$25 gift card to store of your choice 
and Ad Space!

Now Let's get back to the Style Sessions FUN!

In case you're new here, Style Sessions is live every Tuesday from 5am PST. It's all about sharing what we've been wearing, or if you're on a budget, a virtual outfit you'd love to wear! Every week I also select someone to showcase as 'Head Stylist' in the next edition - it's a brilliant way to showcase your personal style and your blog.

Want to join the fashion link-up? Add your post now and meet some new fashionistas!  I simply ask that you please follow Style Elixir (via Bloglovin', Twitter, Facebook or GFC!) and provide a link to this in your post or add the button below to your blog. Any tweets to spread the word are fabulous, we all love meeting new blog friends!
Style Elixir

Lauren's look this week - Polished Prints

It probably comes as no surprise to you, but I do adore brights! Especially red, coral and at the moment orange hues too. This patterned print dress from Wallis really caught my eye, I thought it was a great piece to dress up or down and so versatile for any season. For a polished touch, style with a little black jacket and patent pumps..

 photo ImageTwo_zps1f3435ec.png
 photo Three_zps29671a26.jpg  photo Five_zpsdcd44f1b.jpg  photo Four_zps4475f4ba.jpg

Outfit Details:  Wallis Dress c/o   |   Black Jacket (similar)  |   Prada Sunglasses   |   Pave Earrings (similar)   |   Black Patent Heels (similar)  |  Tiffany & Co. Ring   |   Gold Bangles  (similar)  |   Black Bow Ring (similar)   |   Marc Jacobs Handbag

As part of Style Sessions, Lauren features one of us bloggers each week as head stylist. 
Here's what she had to say this week :)

Meet Our Head Stylist...

I'm excited to introduce Kristine of Heart Shaped Sweat! As gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside, Kristine is a super fit mom who loves her fashion. I have such a weakness for coral, it's always so fresh and looks perfect the way Kristine has styled it with gold and tan...
 photo KOne_zps637a96e3.jpg
 photo KristineCollage_zpsa40c69e0.jpg

What is your go-to look?  Anything easy and comfortable, yet stylish. As a busy mom of two, I rely on classic but flirty tops to show my personality and add style to my favorite jeans.

There are so many fashion trends right now, which one are you currently loving?
I love the pattern mixing trend and knotted button-down shirts with a maxi look! But, my all time favorite trend is bright colors. Bright colors and neon let us really make a statement, no matter how trendy we are. 

What inspired you to start Heart Shaped Sweat?  After my second son, friends started asking how I got back in shape. No matter what advice or tips I offered, the best thing I could give them was motivation. I realized what an awesome feeling it was to see them get up and get active. I turned to blogging to continue that passion. I try to blog motivation and inspiration for being fit and healthy - along with my family's happenings!

Name three beauty products you couldn't live without:  Easy. I use Aquaphor on my lips throughout the day, everyday. I use baby oil everyday in the shower as a full body moisturizer (I swear it prevented stretch marks in each pregnancy). And I couldn't live without water, the benefits of water are endless.

How would you describe your style?  My style is all over the place! You will find me in flowy maxi's with a tank top, pencil skirts with a button down, or jeans with flip flops and you will always find me in bright nike workout clothes!

To discover more about the beautiful Kristine, visit Heart Shaped Sweat.

Join the Link Up Below and Share Your Style:

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Monday, June 24, 2013

7 Blogging Tips and WIN the June Sponsors Giveaway!

Happy Monday!!! To be sure your week starts off right, here are 7 beautiful faces to 7 awesome blogs!
Each one is offering their favorite blogging tip and a gift for you!

Enjoy the advice, 
make new friends and GOOD LUCK in the giveaway!!!

Ashley's blog has tips ranging from must read books to must have products, family fun and fitness! Sure to become a favorite! She gives great advice in her 100 healthy snacks post and to keep things fun she always encourages playing with your food ;) You will also find green alternatives throughout her blog like ways to make your own makeup remover.

Born and raised all over cities of California she settled into Georgia... talk about culture shock! Tessa blogs some really fun crafts, like one of a kind, canvas wall art for your home and is rocking neon in ways you might not of thought of yet. But, if crafting isn't your thing just visit her etsy shop for fun finds! Her blog is filled with real life and great tutorials, she even finds ways to be creative in the kitchen!

Kalyn's blog is dotted with humor, I can always count on her to start my day with a laugh. She and her man love some football (and wine) but also value a fit lifestyle. Her gym thoughts will get you motivated and keep you motivated. And their adventures on 8 mile bike trails (wow) will inspire you to try new things even if it means falling off multiple times! She's not yet married but has had plenty experience with being a bridesmaid, she'll leave you in horror or stitches of laughter in her post what not to do as a bridesmaid.
Nicole, speaks truth in all things love, life and changing times. Her confidence and motivation is contagious. Married and a mother of one she knows the value of keeping the spark and impressing her man everyday. Her blog has many tips like quick and easy, delicious recipes and any of us mothers or soon to be mommies can appreciate all of her heartfelt parenting advice. Each month Nicole hosts an exciting Monthly Measures link up, so if you're looking for a place of accountability and encouragement you've found it. Be sure to link up with Monthly Measures next week on Monday!  

Lauren to the fashion crisis rescue! Her blog is a go-to for all things classic and trending and so much more. Her Style Sessions link ups have become a weekly event for me, every Tuesday I can count on hundreds of style posts full of fashion inspiration. She also shares her travels with us, her dreams and notes on the sweetness of chivalry, something all of us women deserve. Knowing how busy we all tend to be she also reminds us that slowing down may actually result in getting more done

If you never believed in fate, this is the girl who will change your mind. One look at Katie's love story and you'll see why. She knows her way around deployments (now going through her third one) some of her post are just for her husband and many of them will help you send your love overseas or wherever yours truly is! When her husband is home her blog is full of their adventures, a must see was captured in Chili on video

Shannon, a wife and mother to two, one was just born this past week (Go and give Congrats!) captures life perfectly in her blog. She has a beautiful story for any working mom turned SAHM and a reassuring story to help calm us people trying to be all things to all people because really that's not possible. She empowers us through life challenges by reminding us to do it anyways afraid or not and gives us ten ways to keep positivity and knock out the negatives. Get to know her better and the dedication of her bloghere.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Wait, What Day Is It?

It's Friday but it doesn't feel like it. The only day I'm paying any mind to is Tuesday. The Tuesday that used to be The Monday, which will all make sense in minute. So, here's to our last weekend in our VA home!!!

This kid is still center of attention.
He's been a good little helper with all the packing and cleaning. He managed to find all sorts of random fun from a bachelorette night at which point I kindly redirected him to his own toys.
bachelorette mask
Just a quickie on the PCS (army move/relocation) after this I promise I won't talk about packing again! They decided that instead of Monday they would come Tuesday to pack our home. SCORE, on that note Lucas went out for a 12 pack and we tweaked our plans for the night. Now Mayflower is coming Tuesday, they pack every single thing. I do not need to lift a finger for this move to happen. They will also deliver it to our new home and unpack it all as well. I, however, am a total spaz when it comes to certain things....

like markers or glue exploding inside a box of books. OR. all my curtains and bed sheets being exposed to nasty a** bugs and whatever else goes around those crates and boxes for 5 weeks. This is my third Army move and I do it this way every.single.time. Super anal, I know. But it makes me happy and more comfortable.

PCS, moving with the Army
It seems that my problem extends beyond jeans and workout clothes. I have an outrageous amount of shoes and cami's/tank tops. I take good care of my belongings but I hoard them away, thinking I better keep this, it's in great shape, may need it again, may be a bridesmaid and need these heels I'd NEVER wear anywhere else!

Ok, moving on....
to yesterdays mention
Purina hooked a sista up! I have no idea why they offered these items to me other than they are promoting a light and healthy lifestyle for dogs and seeing as I like to talk the same rap (for us people) maybe they figured us a good match?! But Zina's no Tilly, Hugo or Harlow in blogland so I'm still confused! But, as part of the Healthy Hundred we're trying out new products like the perfect travel food bowl, water dispenser, leash and bandanna.  Other cool parts of this "gift" are the pedometer and flip video/camera. And of course the 20 32 pound bag of dog food, which Zina eats like it's a Thanksgiving feast.  I'm anxious to hook the pedometer to her collar and see if she's active enough through the day. We'll surely use the travel food/water items for our long drive next month and I'm excited to try out that flip video/cam. How cool and generous of Purina!!!

So meet Zina if you haven't yet, she's an official member of The Healthy Hundred ;)  and in a slight food coma
american bull dog, light&healthy, the hundred group

Since Landon and Zina are making up for my lack of interesting topics this week...
lets close out with a shocker from Landon. We didn't know he had it in him... he's a star in the making! And maybe I'm playing Florida Georgia Line a little too often!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Man Behind the Blog

Heart Shaped Sweat, fitness couple
Lucas, Pucas, Mucas. (he's gonna kill me when he reads that! ha!) A man of few words when it comes to conversation about blogging. I knew if I wanted real answers to these next 5 questions, it be best to catch him off guard. I'm not sure this tactic worked. As I rolled the questions, I got the weird impression that he thought this was silly. huh?no.why?!  We laughed our way through his answers, I even told him his friend Whitt, Mallory's hubby, was answering these same questions, in fact she and Stephanie are behind this brilliant link up idea! Still, he goofed off and these were the best answers I could get out of him. Here's to the Boys Behind The Blog....

1// Does your wife use your real name or nickname on her blog? real name and nicknames, it changes
2// If you had a blog what would the title be? I Don't Do Blogs or Beans & Bullets
3// Do you ever feel ignored by her because of the blog? yes and no. depends on if it's football season. ha!  She has her time in the morning and at night after the kids are in bed, it's her cell phone that sometimes gets in the way! 
4// How has her blog changed or evolved throughout your relationship? her blog has definitely grown, it became something neither of us knew blogs were. She's worked hard to figure out how to manage her time, that's been the hardest part. The best part would be the friendships she's making and some of the emails she gets. 
5// What is your favorite post on her blog? High Five For Fridays. And being surprised by a post about me or anytime she's excited about workouts and the Virtual 5K. 

I knew he'd say High Five for Fridays! And Beans and Bullets!! WHAT?! that's hilarious!
Meet Lucas Luke, he blogs over at Beans and Bullets...
if men blogged

Cool thing about Lucas is he's open to anything. He loves what I love and supports what I choose to do with my extra time. He's a simple guy who may joke on some parts of blogging but definitely loves it when a Stride Right box shows up in the mail or a 20 pound bag of dog food comes free to the front door, he even got excited about the random product review that showed up yesterday. Neither of us realized how much I would enjoy blogging or how "addictive" it could be. Really, we've worked on it together, he reels me in when I get carried away and he encourages me when I get stumped. I love that man and appreciate that we have so much to do together and so much that we can do independently :)


Today I'd also love for you to get to know Katherine of Mr. & Mrs. Foster! She's a fellow mil spouse, fur mom and a goat mom. Goat mom? Yes, Katherine is full of surprises. If you've never believed in fate, you haven't read the story of how she and her husband met. They live life loud. They're an adventurous couple who forgo the 5 star hotels of Hawaii for beach camping and standing above the clouds. Her recap of their Chili trip is one of a kind and should be on the big screen. (really - if you do anything today, do the Chili recap) Tons of reasons to hop over and say hi and one more.... her man is overseas right now kicking a** serving our country aka deployed, she'd love the extra company!!

Hey Heart Shaped Sweat readers! 
I'm Katie and I blog over at Mr. & Mrs. Foster!

Like Kristine, I too am a military wife! Over at my blog, Mr. & Mrs. Foster, I am currently writing about making it through my third deployment. Being my third time, I've learned my own set of deployment survival tips. In order to help this deployment go by as quickly and painlessly as possible I am challenging myself to stay busy and productive by completing a Deployment Bucket List. The goals on my bucket list range from running a half marathon to summiting Mount Si to maintaining a successful garden to growing my blog and that would be why I'm here! :)

While I am having fun completing my bucket list, I am excited for the day when my husband returns and my blog can go back to its regularly scheduled programming: Documenting the lives of Carl and I.

I like to blog about our many adventures, our travels, and our farm!

I do hope you'll stop by Mr. & Mrs. Foster! I look forward to connecting with you :)


Go say Hi! You'll love her and her blog!!!

What does your man say about your blog?
Ever asked him what his blog would be like, if had one?
Does he help you with your blog?

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Boys Behind The BlogJust Because

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One Too Many..

One of the awesome, not so awesome things about the Army is they practically force you to clean out your home every 3 or so years. I have touched every shelf, every closet, and every drawer over the last few days. We've been to the corners of the attic and underneath the house... deciding what to keep or donate. Giant metal Santa from great grandma? Donate. Snow shovel? Keep. Tree face? Donate Keep. Outdoor items are easy decisions. No worries over donating yard crap. But inside, where the clothes are - is where I start to struggle. The boys are growing monsters so I can eventually convince myself to donate their clothes and only keep a few special pieces. It's my closetS and dresserS that stress me!
(and you don't even want to know the number of Tupperware bins in the attic)

I mean, I'm from a state that has 4 seasons! I have something for every temperature. But I've realized I have two weak spots. Jeans and Workout clothes. I have one too many of each of these that I may need therapy. I can not part with any of them! I managed to put 4, only 4 of these items in the donate bag. 4. It's as bad as the man who owns 4 drawer-fulls of T-Shirts but only wears 5 of them... ;)

A girls gotta have...
the jeans for in case you gain 5 pounds.
the jeans for in case you loose 5 pounds.
the jeans for when you feel bloated, like you gained 20 pounds.
the faded jeans, the dark jeans, the ones that never go in the dryer.
the jeans for heels, jeans for flats and skinny jeans for knee boots.
and I repeat, I'm not getting rid of my favorite pair that require a 5 pound loss and I'm not donating my awesome jeans for the day I gain back 10+ pounds. So silly, right?! Somewhere during pregnancy and sometime after pregnancy my sizes were ALL OVER the place.

Then there's jean skirts. Do people wear those anymore? Maybe I should just keep one, one in case you know, people still wear them. And Jorts?! Yea, no. I don't wear Jorts. Or cellphone belt clips.

But, cut offs! Yes, I love,love cut offs. Cut offs are not jorts at least not mine. I could live my entire life in a pair of cutoffs. This collection runs as deep as the pile of jeans. Daisy style, yes. Momma style, yes. Bermuda/Boyfriend style, double yes. And I decided on two pairs of worn jeans that may join the collection of cut offs, once I find the scissors. I can't help it. I told you I might need a leeeetle help here.

types of jeans, must have jeans
So jeans are my weak spot. I confess to 25+ pairs that I must keep.

My other weak spot.... work out clothes. I'm a sucker for anything made to sweat in.
Shiiiiit. If I could I would wear workout clothes for my entire life. Well, during the times I wasn't wearing jeans. You have no idea how hard it is for me to pick which jeans/cut-offs and which workout outfits to keep (while between homes) for the next 5-6 weeks!! ha! It drives me crazy. And this is just the tip. Next I need shirts and then shoes. Thank God we're not flying. Imagine the added worry of how heavy my suitcase is...

workout clothes, must have workout clothes

Tell me I'm not alone in this mess of clothes!!!

How many "perfect" pairs of jeans do you own?
What's your weak spot? Anything you can't part with?

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Best Pizza and Burgers of the Summer

He makes a really good "pretendwich" :)

We've been using our grill and staying outdoors as much as possible lately and I love it.  I'm a huge fan of no dishes and paper plate dinners at the patio table. Last night we made an award winning dinner, I did the prep work, Lucas did the grilling. We earned bragging rights to the best hamburger ever. You'll never guess it's two secret ingredients. I picked up the recipe from an old Taste Of Home magazine as we were cleaning out junk drawers and bookcases.

If burgers aren't your thing, I used one of the ingredients in the second recipe for a oven baked pizza. It's to die for and is just as tasty but with less calories!

best burger, hawaiian burger, pineapple hamburger

Hawaiin Burgers

Drain 8oz can of Crushed Pinapples, reserving 1/2 cup of the juice. Dump crushed pineapples into a large bowl with 1 Green Onion chopped, 1 tsp. Worcestershire Sauce, and 1/2 tsp. each of Salt, Garlic Salt, Pepper. Mix these ingredients together then add 1 lb. Ground Beef or Ground Turkey and 1/2 lb Spicy Pork Sausage. Make your patties and grill them to your liking. Mix the reserved pineapple juice with ketchup for a special condiment. Serve burgers on Hawaiin Sweet rolls. 

I can promise you the men will love this burger. My husband went bat crazy over it. Honestly, I've never seen him get this excited about food ever before. I promise you, this is the trick to a mouth watering burger. Make extras because you'll want seconds!

Hawaiian Pizza, Barbecue and Pineapple Pizza, Pineapple Chicken and Barbecue Pizza

Hawaiin Barbecue Pizza

Choose your "Flat Out" Thin Crust Flat Bread for the pizza crust. If you haven't heard of these yet, click the link and buy them on your next shopping trip, they are healthy and super tasty! Lay your flat bread on a cookie sheet and spread a layer of your favorite Barbecue Sauce. Then layer on the toppings.... cubed pineapple, cooked/cut chicken, and spinach. Shred Mozzarella Cheese and Gorgonzola Cheese over top. Place in 350 degree oven for 8 minutes! 

I had to share these recipes with you, they're both SO good and include a summer time favorite of mine... Pineapples! Plus it reminds me of our days in Hawaii, when grilling and eating on the patio was a year round thing and pineapples were put on almost everything!

So you pick your fave! I'd love to know if you give either a try! 
These are both winning recipes and go great with a cold one :)

Happy grilling, happy summertime cookouts!

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