Monday, June 24, 2013

7 Blogging Tips and WIN the June Sponsors Giveaway!

Happy Monday!!! To be sure your week starts off right, here are 7 beautiful faces to 7 awesome blogs!
Each one is offering their favorite blogging tip and a gift for you!

Enjoy the advice, 
make new friends and GOOD LUCK in the giveaway!!!

Ashley's blog has tips ranging from must read books to must have products, family fun and fitness! Sure to become a favorite! She gives great advice in her 100 healthy snacks post and to keep things fun she always encourages playing with your food ;) You will also find green alternatives throughout her blog like ways to make your own makeup remover.

Born and raised all over cities of California she settled into Georgia... talk about culture shock! Tessa blogs some really fun crafts, like one of a kind, canvas wall art for your home and is rocking neon in ways you might not of thought of yet. But, if crafting isn't your thing just visit her etsy shop for fun finds! Her blog is filled with real life and great tutorials, she even finds ways to be creative in the kitchen!

Kalyn's blog is dotted with humor, I can always count on her to start my day with a laugh. She and her man love some football (and wine) but also value a fit lifestyle. Her gym thoughts will get you motivated and keep you motivated. And their adventures on 8 mile bike trails (wow) will inspire you to try new things even if it means falling off multiple times! She's not yet married but has had plenty experience with being a bridesmaid, she'll leave you in horror or stitches of laughter in her post what not to do as a bridesmaid.
Nicole, speaks truth in all things love, life and changing times. Her confidence and motivation is contagious. Married and a mother of one she knows the value of keeping the spark and impressing her man everyday. Her blog has many tips like quick and easy, delicious recipes and any of us mothers or soon to be mommies can appreciate all of her heartfelt parenting advice. Each month Nicole hosts an exciting Monthly Measures link up, so if you're looking for a place of accountability and encouragement you've found it. Be sure to link up with Monthly Measures next week on Monday!  

Lauren to the fashion crisis rescue! Her blog is a go-to for all things classic and trending and so much more. Her Style Sessions link ups have become a weekly event for me, every Tuesday I can count on hundreds of style posts full of fashion inspiration. She also shares her travels with us, her dreams and notes on the sweetness of chivalry, something all of us women deserve. Knowing how busy we all tend to be she also reminds us that slowing down may actually result in getting more done

If you never believed in fate, this is the girl who will change your mind. One look at Katie's love story and you'll see why. She knows her way around deployments (now going through her third one) some of her post are just for her husband and many of them will help you send your love overseas or wherever yours truly is! When her husband is home her blog is full of their adventures, a must see was captured in Chili on video

Shannon, a wife and mother to two, one was just born this past week (Go and give Congrats!) captures life perfectly in her blog. She has a beautiful story for any working mom turned SAHM and a reassuring story to help calm us people trying to be all things to all people because really that's not possible. She empowers us through life challenges by reminding us to do it anyways afraid or not and gives us ten ways to keep positivity and knock out the negatives. Get to know her better and the dedication of her bloghere.

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Bekah Loves Blog said...

Great giveaway! I agree with a lot of these tips. Some giveaways sparingly are nice for growth, but for readers to stay, you need to interact well (respond to those comments!) and most of your content should in fact be YOURS.

Amanda aka Manda said...

Love all these little tidbits of advice! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Keep your blog positive! No one wants to read about how bad your day was....people have enough negativity in their lives, they don't want to read it on your blog, too! I hope I win!!! :)

TheTinyHeart said...

These are all great tips! I think the best way to grow your blog is to form relationships with your readers.

The Tiny Heart
Zappos Giveaway!

Rachel said...

staying true to yourself is my best tip!

MorganizewithMe said...

These are great tips, thanks fo sharing!

Hayley! said...

Be yourself! You don't have to have a "niche." Being you is enough!

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Thanks for the tips and for hosting the giveaway!

Breanna said...

Write about things that you enjoy & connect with the people who read your blog through comments on their blogs & replying to the comments they leave on yours :)

Katie said...

Help others as you have been helped.

Katie @ He Calls Me Grace

Kelly said...

Write like you are speaking to a good friend

Unknown said...

Thank you!!!! I came across your blog and this was so helpful. I'm just starting out so thank you again!

Creative Love


My best advice is to just have fun with it!

Cynthia Gaarder said...

Even though I am not a constant blogger - i would say write from the heart

Kelly said...

My best advice is to not be a no-reply blogger!

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