Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween is Upon Us!

With just one day left 'til Halloween, I hope you all have your costumes ready and bowls filled with treats!
Our family celebrates Halloween each year by dressing up and trolling the neighborhoods.  Flashlights, glow sticks and trick-or-treat bags in hand...

I am not one of those moms that make my children's costumes.
I am one of those moms that B@#*& about how much costumes cost now in days :)

My oldest son must have the scariest, goriest costume available.
He is now 12 and I wonder if he should even be trick-or-treating anymore?
Isn't their a rule about when kids should stop?
Maybe I should Google it, or if you know, please tell me!!!

My youngest son, has no choice in his costumes. He's only 18mo's.
I'm excited for next year,  he'll be 2 &1/2 and I'm sure able to pick out his own costume.
But for now, mommy and daddy pick.
And we picked what is def the most fitting to his personality and to our budget....a $10.00 (yea, 10 bucks) Quaterback Costume.  All the moms out there who make their children's costumes have my UTMOST respect, 1// I wish I could operate a sewing machine, and 2// I wish I had the time and patience to create outfits...but I don't know if this costume could of been made for under $10.00 buck-a-roos!

Lance and I have had a lot fun looking over Halloweens of the past...
My digital pics only go back to when he was 5, that was 7 years ago!!!
I figure either I didn't own a digital camera before that age or maybe they weren't even popular yet?
Holy crap, that makes me feel old.

Take a look at these pics of

Halloween's Gone By

As you can see, Lance's costume got more scary and more gory as the years went on.
And thankfully, I matured out of the "Heeeey" smile phase....geeez! ha.ha.

My how times have changed....from my sweet 5 year old Ninja to my 9 year old Zombie Dr., to my 11 year old Masked Graffiti Punk of last year with his baby brother, Landon, the Giraffe.

One more throwback to last year....to include the cutest, most adorable cousins ever.

We are relieved that "Sandra" AKA Hurricane Sandy has blown through and thankfully left our city with very little damage. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who haven't been so lucky. It's sad to think that so many will not be able to celebrate this Holiday and will still be in repair for the upcoming Holidays.

My hope is that you all have a safe and happy Halloween if you partake in its celebration.
If you don't, stay warm and enjoy the last night of October.

For me this night marks the start to the...

Holiday Madness!!!!!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Keep Calm, Buy Batteries and Blog on!


Mother on, Blog On,

....and be prepared for Hurricane weather!

With threats of nasty, hurricane weather headed our way....we spent most of the weekend moving yard toys into the shed and getting the mums and pumpkins to the inside of our porch.

We also strategically parked our cars in the driveway....but the options are slim. It's a little like playing Roulette as to whether we want the private fence to nail our cars or the half dead tree to crash into them....that's if the winds and rain are as persistent as are predicted.

I've always been surprised at how vulnerable our city is to the Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. We're not coastal and more than 100 miles inland. But, Mother Nature can be a real beast.

Either way, we're ready. Yard's cleaned up, house is cleaned, laundry's done, and cabinets are stocked. We're dreading prepared for the worst....being without power for days.

My oldest son has a zillion questions. For such a big boy (12 yrs) he sure is nervous about this storm and hesitant to fall asleep or be far from me or Lucas. He imagines trees falling and flooding.
This is most likely due to the news reporters,
who should take my advice → → → Keep Calm and Report other news around the World.

Another topic...I need to keep calm about is 'blogging'.

I love to blog.
I love it more than ever I thought I would.
I love reflecting and sharing my thoughts in posts and comments.
I love that I'm learning and being entertained by so many other bloggers.
I love that 29 people find me 'interesting enough' to join-in on my fun!
I love this outlet to create. And, I love learning the tricks in this HTML driven "world".
Maybe I love it all to a fault.

I've wanted to focus on my posts but I've been so distracted by the design/branding process of blogging.

I've been wanting to change my blogs name.
I thought I knew what my focus would be, but with time....
I've discovered that I have much more to share than just one topic.
I feel like I've outgrown my blog title and it's only been 2 months!

I have so many blessings and awesome happenings {big and small} in my life. I would love for my blog title to be more reflective of that instead of only suggesting fitness for mom only....I am now regretting such a narrow title choice.

My daily life is filled with....
working mom issues
2 sweet boys with 11 years between them
my hubby, your typical USArmy Soldier
our fur baby, who begs to go for walks/runs but really can't keep up after 1 mile
DIY creations from stationary -to- furniture makeovers -to- delish & burnt-to-a-crisp-recipes
wonderlust, hopes and dreams....

All these blessings should be here in my blog.
But with a title like I have now, how would anyone realize all this "fun"?
Wouldn't one just assume this blog to be all about Fitness? and a little about mommyhood?

I guess the point of this RANT...
is to express slight frustration in finding my footprint in the blogging world.
I want to present myself with a more fitting title.
I've thought of a few and each one makes me smile but of course I stress the migration of old to new.
I wonder if changing it through blogger is the easier way or if using a purchased domain is worth all the trial and error that's sure to occur.

Over the past week I've been restricted on physical activity and it's sucked. Big time.
But it's also given me the time to research and learn how to create this new blog design!!

I'm excited with my blog design, what do you think?!

Share your experience with me.
If you've been in my shoes....you probably remember the feeling of hesitation and the distraction from the point of all of this...

Have any of you felt this way in your blogging journey? 
Would you mind sharing the pro's and con's of changing your blog name this far into the game?

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Friday, October 26, 2012

High Five for FRIDAY

I'm lovin' H54F...link up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk

I could high five the week because of 2 awesome races but really, they're from the weekend, and it would be redundant...butttttt, you could click here to read about my experience with mud pits and cupcakes while running 5K's.

This past week has been filled with a lot of sleep.
I finally went forward with an elective procedure that I've thought long and hard about for years. (like, literally the last 10 years)

I am thrilled with the results....
but am layed-out and restricted until more healing occurs.
I thought I would have a hard time with these instructions but in all reality...it's been years since I spent the day in bed or on the couch. 
So aside from pain, I'm totally loving the Dr.'s orders!
And,Hubby has been so sweet & taking good care of me and the kids. He's the perfect Mr.Mom :) 



1// A hot date night for me and hubby, we snuck this in b4 the crazy week started! The kids stayed the night with grandparents and out we went for dinner, drinks, and dancing :)

2// Roses scattered and in vases from Lucas (hubby A.K.A. Mr. Mom). We planned for this week --knowing it would be hard on me and the family....Lucas has done an incredible job at keeping me comfortable, cleaning house, and watching after the kids.

3// me and my remote, in hubby's shirt. I feel like such a man. oh, well.

4// Lucas took the boys out for the afternoon to find their Halloween costumes. Now, Lance is 12 and probably shouldn't be trick-or-treating anymore...but how do you say no to a Morphsuit ?!? This will be Landon's 2nd Halloween, last year he had no clue but this year he seems to relate pumpkins to candy...that's a good start! He loves his big brothers football gear so what better costume than a toddler Quaterback! I expect no tantrums Halloween night...fingers crossed...

5// my new camera has finally arrived!!!!
I've got lots to learn about this camera and am beyond excited to start taking better pictures and capturing more memories!

Take a moment to reflect on the big and small things that make your week more beautiful.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Creating Printables

Considering I'm pretty much restricted to couch or bed this week, 
I figured today was a good day to try my hand at creating printables. 

I'm in love with the free printables that buzz around Pinterest and I've been determined to collect a few and give it a try.

I visited a couple sites that offered 8x10 freebies...downloaded them, then uploaded to PicMonkey....and went for it!

1// summary of me and hubbys years together...pretty bland, but a good start, I'm a 1st timer!

2// why couldn't I come up with 20 ??? I did, but ran out of space! womp,womp!

3// I love this one. It's a framer!  I'll def print this for my sons room.

Too cute, right?!  I figure it's an A for effort!!!
If you'd like these blank printables Design House Digital has a great selection and some are free!

I'm linking up with Serenity Now, I would insist that you join us in this weekend link up but some may find that rude...so I'll suggest that you skip over to Serenity Now, now!

Have any of you been successful at creating printables? Want to share some of the secrets with me?!! 
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cupcakes & a Mud Run

I haven't always loved running. 

But I've found my stride and my place in a

runners world.

Anyone can be a runner. We're made to move and run. It's really the easiest sport to pick up.
Getting started can be the hardest part...but once your body is warmed up and your soul is charged by the passing scenery...a run becomes sheer enjoyment.
Distance isn't a question. You control your run. 
Go as far as you want. Stop when you want.
Challenge yourself to go beyond yesterdays stopping point or to just simply meet it again.

Running should be a lifelong journey. If done correctly you should find gradual changes in your style and slow increases in your skill. This set-up will get you to any finish line you set eyes on.
Budget the time and money necessary to be a part of something bigger than just you.
Sign up for races.

Simply put...

Lace and Race.

And that is just what I did this past week.
I did my first virtual Cupcake Classic 5K and my first mud run, Pretty Muddy 5K.

cupcake classic 5k race
Little man, Landon was patiently waiting my return from the Cupcake Classic 5K. 
He was eyeing my cupcake that sat on the front porch. 
He ate more of it than I did. And really, that's ok. 
Side note....he can brush his teeth. So no worries on the cavities 
(remember I work in dentistry?!) 

I used my hubby's Garmin for the first time and found it rather distracting.
While it was awesome to see my average running pace and clock my distance it was a bit large and like I said, distracting. I kept looking at it and tripping over my own feet.
But seriously, this run was probably one of my favorites. The weather was perfectly set in the upper 60's and autumn leaves fell into my path for a whole 30 minutes of just me time.

A wooded park trail with 10 obstacles was the game of this Pretty Muddy 5K Race.
pretty muddy race bib

Mud Runs are FUN! Not necessarily challenging but definitely fun.
I encourage each of you to get out there and do it!

Girls were dressed in prom dresses, costumes, and like me...basic running clothes...
we dashed {ok, some walked} through mud pits, over and under walls, 

up ladders and down slides, through mud tunnels and soap sud tunnels and around beach balls...all to end in my fav the "army crawl" through a mud pit at the finish line.

mud run, army crawl, finish line
As eager as Landon was to greet me after the Cupcake run...
he was way hesitant to come to me after the mud run. 
I am proud to share my fitness gains with my boys. My oldest, Lance, was away this weekend but I was still able to share the experience with him through pictures.  My boys are hyper, active kids and I hope to instill the discipline of running and routine exercise into their lives.

mud run
I've added 2  more bibs to my collection in the past week.
Maybe it's time to get crafty and corral the race bibs I love to collect...

race bibs

Clearly, I need new

running shoes!

Have you found your stride? What paths or races do you prefer? 
Have a good idea for displaying race bibs? Point me in the right direction! I'd love to hear about it!
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Wreaths & Garland Inspiration from local Festival

Inspiration can be found right outside your door this time of the year. 
The leaves are changing colors and dropping into deep contrasts of green grass. 
Sunrises and Sunsets beam vivid burnt colors into every tree line. 
And if your like us, Fall Festivals are marked on the calendar for weekend family fun. 

This past weekend we spent time outdoors at our local Fall Festival....

....little Landon and his cousin kept us mommy's busy!
Neither of them wanted to stay in their strollers. 

They were enticed by the hay stacks, corn pit, and petting zoo....meanwhile, us moms had our eyes on the craft tables!

The one and only craft-like activity of the day...face painting. And that was only successful for one of the two boys!

Our Fall Festival offered crafts that echoed traditional harvest time activities.
Some of those activities included cider making, candle dipping, and cornhusk doll making
but the table I had my eye on was simply titled....

Fall Wreath and Garland

a display of vines and branches, berries and leaves, ribbons and acorns, feathers and pine cones was calling my name...but a spunky toddler was headed in the opposite direction. 
So I took away some inspiration to make my own. 
And I want to share some ideas of 'whats to be' with you....

This is a total DIY wreath! 

I'm thinking foam wreath wrapped with burlap, secured by either wire or a DIY'ers best friend, hot glue. Add a gathering of feathers, wheat stalks, and acorns.

If you feel this wreath is lacking in color....consider
a gathering of fall leaves or a large sunflower. Another option would be the use of ribbon formed into a bow and secured.

The obvious idea of using a standard wreath hanger could be swapped out for a line of twine.

Speaking of color but keeping with burlap....

This greeter is just a click away. Find it here or
set aside an afternoon to make it yourself.

Wrap a foam wreath once with Burlap. Then cut a Ga-Zillion squares of burlap. Twist each square at center and pin into foam wreath...over and over and over until desired fullness is achieved.

Attach leaves and twine to top.

I found this garland through a fellow blogger, Remodelaholic,  who is stock full of incredible ideas and links. If you're not following her...you should be. 

This is as easy as it looks. 3 items, pine cones, ribbon and jump rings or teacup hooks. Pine cones could be from the yard or purchased from the craft store.
think: scented ie: cinnamon)

Another awesome Etsy find!

If you'd like to receive it via USPS click here

But I'm sure you've seen the tutorials on paint chip creations. I'm betting this garland could be made very easily by begging a store clerk for handfuls of paint chips and then cutting and stringing to a length necessary for draping a mantel or mirror!

I've got so many of ideas ranging from the monochromatic colors of browns and beige to the bright, playful pops of orange and red....now I just need the time to create!

Hope you've found some inspiration and motivation 
for simple fall decorating.
I'd love to hear about the the wreath or garland you choose for your home!
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Friday, October 19, 2012

High Five for FRIDAY

Linking up again with one of my new fav's Lauren at From my Grey Desk...
she is the hostess with the mostess for your Friday Lovin'

*I've been rather distracted this week and a little antsy about upcoming events so I did what any normal person would do...I ATE my way through it and RAN my way through it...
.... teamed up with Jess and 1200 other bloggers/peeps for the 2nd annual Cupcake Classic 5K. that's done, 30min. And tomorrow, I'm part of the women's only Pretty Muddy 5K....I"m beyond excited for this race!

Ok, we got the fitness stuff out the way, so lets see what blew my mind, melted my heart, excited my taste buds, and reminded me of my youth and beauty this past week...


http://stayfitmom4life.blogspot.com, H54F

1// remember last weeks H54F ??? I mentioned plans for the apple orchid. We went. And dropped more "F" bombs that weekend than apples. This pic is one I will forever cherish. My boys -enjoying the beauty of fall and the tiniest little apples ever !!! perfect fit for my youngest's hand. so sweet.

2// And baked apples! melt in your mouth like chocolate. I want to run to the kitchen and make more just typing about it. If you missed the 3 ingredient, 3 minutes to baked apples see it here! And how 'bout those cute little taco bowls?! I know, I'm late to the game of making them but who cares, they were .delish.

3//not just another beautiful fall pic. This path is literally across the street from my sons daycare. Since I am unable to run or do my regular gym classes for the next few weeks...I plan to walk this trail (2 mi) either before or after daycare pickup...yes, I might be that selfish mom and keep this trail all to myself.

4// a GIRLS night! what do you get when you mix a backyard bonfire with alcohol and girlfriends? you get one of the best nights in a long time. you also get good-looking Firemen in your backyard and a totally unplanned trip to a local watering hole....good times, I needed that night! shoooot, I need more of those nights!

5// check the symbolism in this pic. My toes. His boots. He and his career take this family across the country. We received projected orders this past week. Basically, it's official, our family will report/move to Colorado, August 2013. I am still blown away that we got the base we hoped most for!!! more on that later....lets let it resonate a bit longer!

Take a moment to reflect on the big and small things that make your week more beautiful.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

3 minutes to Baked Apple Goodness

Looking for an easy dessert or lazy saturday afternoon snack?
This is seriously easy to make, requires ingredients you probably have, and is de-lish!
http:stayfitmom4life.blogspot.com, baked apples

Baked Apples in the microwave!

All you need:
1 TBSP butter
1 TBSP brown sugar
Sprinkle of nuts (your choice)
*add cinnoman or nutmeg if you'd like!

What you do:                                                                  
Core your apple and stuff it with ingredients of choice, topping it off with butter
Place "stuffed" apple in a deep microwave safe dish and cover
Microwave for 3 minutes!
That's it. It's that easy.

It's hard to give proper credit to this recipe...I saw it years ago....in some random magazine and because of its simpleness, never forgot it!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Running up to Timeout

This is my last week of running and exercising...
No, I'm not quitting or giving up. I could never do that.
I'll share with you a favorite Running Quote of mine, sure to be my mantra for a lil' while 

     “Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” 
       – Dean Karnazes

Seems that for the next few weeks, 4-6 to be exact, I will be doing the crawl or walk. 
Doctor's orders. And really, those are easy orders, just not easy for me to follow.

So in an effort to get it all out of my system, I lined up 2 killer challenges for this week.
These races couldn't be more different (with the exception of distance).
One is sweet and pretty, the other muddy and dirty.

First up:  CupCake Classic 5K - hosted by Jess over at Run with Jess

http:stayfitmom4life.blogspot.com, cupcake classic 5k

A fun run with a cupcake at the finish line??? Seriously, sign me up. 
This is Jess's 2nd annual Cupcake Run and I'm proud to be a part of it.
Yes, it's a virtual race, something I'm new to but so very, very impressed with.
I've received my virtual race packet which includes my Race Bib and at least 15 Sponsors to shop with! It's not too late for you to sign up! Race window is until the 21st. So team up and join in!
I'm ready to hit the pavement, enjoy 3.1 miles of beautiful fall foliage, and devour a cupcake at the finish line! 

Second Race: Pretty Muddy 5k - obstacle course

http:stayfitmom4life.blogspot.com, pretty muddy 5k

Why do a mud run, you ask? I ask, why not?! It's another race, I'm new too.
And I invite the challenge. I'm both excited and nervous about this race. It's been years since I took on an obstacle course, unless you consider the daily explosion of kids toys on the floor to be an equal dare. So for that reason, I'm excited.  My friends however were not so eager to participate. Not a single one signed up with me. And for that reason I am nervous. It's a bummer my friends weren't able to team up with me, so instead of making team shirts with friends the night before....I may just make a t-shirt with some lame quote...yea, can't think of any right now, but it could happen. stay tuned. 

Wish me luck in both of these 5K's. I'll need it. Especially in the latter of the two.
And if you're wondering why my trusty running partner A.K.A. hubby isn't racing with me it's because he'll be cheering and taking pictures...as the pretty muddy is a women's only event!

Have you had to take a break in your regular fitness routine for health reasons or other? Did you plan like me and enjoy as much of it as possible before the break?
Funny how some people consider the "break" torture!

image 1 (source) , image 2 (source)

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Monday, October 15, 2012

How many "F" words can you drop in a weekend?!

For when there's a lack of words or cohesive thoughts...there's pictures.

I'm exhausted
Our weekend was filled with family, friends, football and fun. 
And the nights....they were full of sleepless hours, and cries from a restless toddler.

As peaceful and cute as the little one is in each picture, he really was a big terror this weekend. I'm starting to wonder if this is some evil growth spurt. 
We haven't had a full nights sleep in days. Not a single one of us. 
Our house is "cozy", so when little man decides to scream for endless hours we all hear it and all suffer through it. We've tried rocking, we've tried shhh-pat, diaper changes and Motrin. Lullabies and books. None of it works. The only solution to his our restless nights is -time.

disclaimer: sleep deprived blogger

Now, back to the fun stuff.  all the "F" words.  

family.  friends.  fall weather fun.  and football.


Lance's team took home the win this weekend! 
Family and friends came out for this early morning game, and they were not disappointed. Lance plays defensive end tackle and tackle he did! Of course, I was running after Landon so I missed what was said to be an unbelievable tackle but I heard the cheers and could tell all were impressed with Lance's reaction time and skill! His team is back on track with 5 wins and 1 lost.

We also took advantage of a nearby city, really -it's a place to escape to. 
Charlettsville, VA sits in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is an ideal get-away this time of the year. We picked Carter's Mountain Orchid for our destination. And apple picking is what we did! Along with eating de-lish Apple Cider Donughts :)

http://stayfitmom4life.blogspot.com, carters mountain

*Having a tall hubby proved very useful at the orchid. 

Seems we're a little late to the fun of picking apples and the only ones left where out of reach, except for Lucas's reach. No wonder every other family came equipped with an apple picker?! 


If you get the chance to take a break from your city's buzz, the mountains is where to go this time of year. 
We were lucky to take in the views of the Blue Ridge mountains and the Shenandoah....and get one family pic before little man took off running for his next apple.

Have you planned a fall get away to enjoy some open spaces and mountain air?
Did your favorite teams win this weekend? I'd love to hear about it!

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Friday, October 12, 2012

High Five for FRIDAY

I'm in love with this idea....taking time to reflect on what we appreciate from the past week.
This link up has been around for a(long)while and it's about time I got in on it.

Here's to Friday and the random "loves" of my week.... 


http:stayfitmom4life.blogspot.com, H54F

1 //  The colors of FALL have finally shown themselves in RVA.
2 // Our weekend plans are set for Carter's Mountain Apple Orchid!!!
3 // Hello, TARGET Clearance section...I love me some retail therapy, and this week I found it at every single end cap of Target. I always find great deals for my boys, hubby, me, and the home at Target...I totally scored on new window drapes and sheets for our bedroom re-do, if only those knee boots had been on clearance...too bad. I couldn't resist. And I'm stoked to rock 'em....hmmm, maybe while picking apples this weekend!
4 // An impromptu mid-week dinner with my SISTA' and MoThEr & our sweet little boys! To our surprise they stayed in their seats through the 'entire' dinner....unbelievable.
5 //  Soon to be my newest obsession! My hubby purchased this beauty via Groupon. He planned to surprise me with it. He kept this secret for a total of one day! We're terrible at keeping surprises from each other. Gift giving is really just as fun as gift getting! Unless you're on the receiving end of this gaw-gus camera! I can hardly wait for it to arrive!

Take a moment to reflect on the big and small things that make your week more beautiful.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pumpkin decorations, carving kit NOT needed!

My solution to pumpkin decorations

without having to use a carving kit.



http://stayfitmom4life.blogspot.com, pumpkin decorating
Pumpkin decorations have been flying around Pinterest for weeks and local retail stores have Christmas displays on their main isles....calm down retailers!! Holy Holiday, one at a time, please!

Our front porch...the one with a few half dead mums and a couple of plain pumpkins needed some *life! And my solution was sooooo simple. 

http://stayfitmom4life.blogspot.com, pumpkin decorating

This past weekend we took off to the pumpkin patch to hunt down a select 359 pumpkins to decorate! Ok, it wasn't really 359 pumpkins it was only 15 but  hubby the man who had to carry them all would probably argue it was 359.


Now, really, it's too early to carve these beautiful Orange Balls. 
So we decided to {keep it simple} and get creative with Sharpie Markers and Pens
You can easily create art on your pumpkin -freehand or print-out fonts and trace!

http://stayfitmom4life.blogspot.com, pumpkins

If you're wondering "what if it rains" I've got you covered, it's been tested by 2 days of repeated rainfall. Nothing happens. No smearing, no disappearing.

http://stayfitmom4life.blogspot.com, pumpkin, rain

Once you see how easy and fun this project is, you'll keep searching for more possibilities! Like, flower pots....

http://stayfitmom4life.blogspot.com, pumpkin, flower pot

And in the days closer to Halloween, when all the ghouls and ghosts come out to play, we'll carve our pumpkins and light the porch to keep them away! But for now we'll admire these beauties.

http://stayfitmom4life.blogspot.com, pumpkins

Do your neighbors a favor. Get the kids involved. Decorate one side of your pumpkin and when Halloween nears carve the other side! 

I mean, really, who wants a rotting pumpkin on their front porch?

Like this idea? Be sure to do it and Pin It!
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Working your core...abs and SPIRIT!

I haven't blogged much about 'fitness gains' and it's annoying me.
I want to share with you all that I've gotten my boo-ty back in the gym and am pounding the pavement again!
It feels AWESOME!

So what am I gaining?
The obvious. Muscle. Endurance...
AND willpower

Willpower at the gym? Yes, it happens.
And it's more powerful than any muscle group.
It's what's happening in those last few reps. And/Or that last mile.
You're not only building muscle but also willpower and self discipline, basically self-will.

Ever find yourself hitting the snooze button when you know you should be out on a run?
Or maybe it's the 5 o'clock, clock-out from work that has you feeling too drained for the gym.
It could be the 2 kids that have clinged to your legs and climbed all over you that have you doubting your ability to excel at your regular exercise routine.

OK, really I'm sharing my own experiences but it could be the same for you.
I believe we've all had those moments.
And to overcome them we need a certain level of willpower.

http:stayfitmom4life.blogspot.com, willpower picture

When you're concentrating on correct form while lifting, finishing 'that' mile, holding the plank for a few 'more' seconds or simply keeping your feet in rhythm for step class....I ask you to compliment yourself on the more important -willpower.

It is willpower and self-discipline that will get you back into the gym and through the final stretch not defined quads and 6-pack abs. I've learned it to be more powerful than any other muscle fitness gain.

Stay with me and see how I put my willpower to the test in the Cupcake Classic 5k and Pretty Muddy 5k later this month! 

It seems simple right?! Maybe you're thinking you already knew this. And perhaps, you did. But a reminder and some inspiration never hurt anyone!

Did you have a month like me and fall off routine? How did you get back on track?
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Recap

On the Football Field or lost in the Pumpkin Patch is how we spent our weekend.

-pretty much played with balls all weekend, some rocks, and cried over a fly. total. boy. fun.

A football Pep Rally started off the fun, Friday night.
It was almost enough Pep to keep the winning streak going for my oldest sons team.
This was a big game !!! two undefeated teams played and were featured via Facebook.
Our team took it's first lost. But like coach says, we leave it on the field!

Lance is my All-Star! 
My favorite football player. And I'm his loudest cheerleader.
And then their's Landon. Always stealing the show! 
This kid is permanently on the GO.
He's adorably cute and supports his big brother too! 



After a good nap and big lunch we headed to the pumpkin patch.
Much, much easier this year than last, considering Landon was able to walk.

Landon was a bit confused at the patch. 
He thought for sure he was supposed to find the biggest rock. But with a little help from Lance and Dad, he quickly caught on. 

I on the other hand wrestled more than just pumpkin vines. 
I was the lucky one who caught a flying bug in her eye. 
How does this happen ?!? well, you stand knee deep in the pumpkin patch, watching your boys pick their prized pumpkins, smile and take a deep breath as if to say "ah, these are the days" 
and BAMMMMM, a bug flies into your eye. 
Yes, lucky me. I don't know what kind of bug this was, but if I were to name it perhaps FIRE- INyour- eyeSECT would be most fitting. This bug burned. And my oldest found it hysterical. But he's prone to having hysterics. Seriously. This was not a laughing matter. Mom and Dad are fighting to get a bug out, Lance is keeled over in laughter and Landon is on the verge of being long gone at the pumpkin patch. 
Spend some time with us, and you'll see the most random of things happen to us at the most convenient time. 
It really was funny and made for an original Parrish memory at the pumpkin patch!

We got the classic pic....


the many faces of the hayride pic(s)....


the sweet confusion of rocks verses pumpkins pic...


big brother helping little brother pic...


and all the other good ones !!! 
Dad carrying as many pumpkins as possible to save a $, all 4 of us, and Landon showing his sheer exhaustion after hauling all those pumpkins to the car!

Where did you spend your weekend? Make any new family memories? or maybe you too !!! found yourself temporarily blind in one eye at the pumpkin patch?!
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