Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Recap

On the Football Field or lost in the Pumpkin Patch is how we spent our weekend.

-pretty much played with balls all weekend, some rocks, and cried over a fly. total. boy. fun.

A football Pep Rally started off the fun, Friday night.
It was almost enough Pep to keep the winning streak going for my oldest sons team.
This was a big game !!! two undefeated teams played and were featured via Facebook.
Our team took it's first lost. But like coach says, we leave it on the field!

Lance is my All-Star! 
My favorite football player. And I'm his loudest cheerleader.
And then their's Landon. Always stealing the show! 
This kid is permanently on the GO.
He's adorably cute and supports his big brother too!

After a good nap and big lunch we headed to the pumpkin patch.
Much, much easier this year than last, considering Landon was able to walk.

Landon was a bit confused at the patch. 
He thought for sure he was supposed to find the biggest rock. But with a little help from Lance and Dad, he quickly caught on. 

I on the other hand wrestled more than just pumpkin vines. 
I was the lucky one who caught a flying bug in her eye. 
How does this happen ?!? well, you stand knee deep in the pumpkin patch, watching your boys pick their prized pumpkins, smile and take a deep breath as if to say "ah, these are the days" 
and BAMMMMM, a bug flies into your eye. 
Yes, lucky me. I don't know what kind of bug this was, but if I were to name it perhaps FIRE- INyour- eyeSECT would be most fitting. This bug burned. And my oldest found it hysterical. But he's prone to having hysterics. Seriously. This was not a laughing matter. Mom and Dad are fighting to get a bug out, Lance is keeled over in laughter and Landon is on the verge of being long gone at the pumpkin patch. 
Spend some time with us, and you'll see the most random of things happen to us at the most convenient time. 
It really was funny and made for an original Parrish memory at the pumpkin patch!

We got the classic pic....

the many faces of the hayride pic(s)....

the sweet confusion of rocks verses pumpkins pic...

big brother helping little brother pic...

and all the other good ones !!! 
Dad carrying as many pumpkins as possible to save a $, all 4 of us, and Landon showing his sheer exhaustion after hauling all those pumpkins to the car!

Where did you spend your weekend? Make any new family memories? or maybe you too !!! found yourself temporarily blind in one eye at the pumpkin patch?!
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Unknown said...

Hello im new to your blog ive popped on over from the blog hop i love all the pictures and the pumpkins are massive :-) look foward to following.

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

So glad you found me! And your right the pumpkins are huge, we're having fun decorating them. Looking forward to following along with you too!

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