Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Wreaths & Garland Inspiration from local Festival

Inspiration can be found right outside your door this time of the year. 
The leaves are changing colors and dropping into deep contrasts of green grass. 
Sunrises and Sunsets beam vivid burnt colors into every tree line. 
And if your like us, Fall Festivals are marked on the calendar for weekend family fun. 

This past weekend we spent time outdoors at our local Fall Festival....

....little Landon and his cousin kept us mommy's busy!
Neither of them wanted to stay in their strollers. 

They were enticed by the hay stacks, corn pit, and petting zoo....meanwhile, us moms had our eyes on the craft tables!

The one and only craft-like activity of the day...face painting. And that was only successful for one of the two boys!

Our Fall Festival offered crafts that echoed traditional harvest time activities.
Some of those activities included cider making, candle dipping, and cornhusk doll making
but the table I had my eye on was simply titled....

Fall Wreath and Garland

a display of vines and branches, berries and leaves, ribbons and acorns, feathers and pine cones was calling my name...but a spunky toddler was headed in the opposite direction. 
So I took away some inspiration to make my own. 
And I want to share some ideas of 'whats to be' with you....

This is a total DIY wreath! 

I'm thinking foam wreath wrapped with burlap, secured by either wire or a DIY'ers best friend, hot glue. Add a gathering of feathers, wheat stalks, and acorns.

If you feel this wreath is lacking in color....consider
a gathering of fall leaves or a large sunflower. Another option would be the use of ribbon formed into a bow and secured.

The obvious idea of using a standard wreath hanger could be swapped out for a line of twine.

Speaking of color but keeping with burlap....

This greeter is just a click away. Find it here or
set aside an afternoon to make it yourself.

Wrap a foam wreath once with Burlap. Then cut a Ga-Zillion squares of burlap. Twist each square at center and pin into foam wreath...over and over and over until desired fullness is achieved.

Attach leaves and twine to top.

I found this garland through a fellow blogger, Remodelaholic,  who is stock full of incredible ideas and links. If you're not following should be. 

This is as easy as it looks. 3 items, pine cones, ribbon and jump rings or teacup hooks. Pine cones could be from the yard or purchased from the craft store.
think: scented ie: cinnamon)

Another awesome Etsy find!

If you'd like to receive it via USPS click here

But I'm sure you've seen the tutorials on paint chip creations. I'm betting this garland could be made very easily by begging a store clerk for handfuls of paint chips and then cutting and stringing to a length necessary for draping a mantel or mirror!

I've got so many of ideas ranging from the monochromatic colors of browns and beige to the bright, playful pops of orange and I just need the time to create!

Hope you've found some inspiration and motivation 
for simple fall decorating.
I'd love to hear about the the wreath or garland you choose for your home!
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Clara Turbay said...

it´s simple and great!

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

Thanks Clara! I'm hoping to work on one this weekend!

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

The boys look like they had a blast! Thanks for linking up for Mommy Moments!

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