Monday, October 29, 2012

Keep Calm, Buy Batteries and Blog on!


Mother on, Blog On,

....and be prepared for Hurricane weather!

With threats of nasty, hurricane weather headed our way....we spent most of the weekend moving yard toys into the shed and getting the mums and pumpkins to the inside of our porch.

We also strategically parked our cars in the driveway....but the options are slim. It's a little like playing Roulette as to whether we want the private fence to nail our cars or the half dead tree to crash into them....that's if the winds and rain are as persistent as are predicted.

I've always been surprised at how vulnerable our city is to the Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. We're not coastal and more than 100 miles inland. But, Mother Nature can be a real beast.

Either way, we're ready. Yard's cleaned up, house is cleaned, laundry's done, and cabinets are stocked. We're dreading prepared for the worst....being without power for days.

My oldest son has a zillion questions. For such a big boy (12 yrs) he sure is nervous about this storm and hesitant to fall asleep or be far from me or Lucas. He imagines trees falling and flooding.
This is most likely due to the news reporters,
who should take my advice → → → Keep Calm and Report other news around the World.

Another topic...I need to keep calm about is 'blogging'.

I love to blog.
I love it more than ever I thought I would.
I love reflecting and sharing my thoughts in posts and comments.
I love that I'm learning and being entertained by so many other bloggers.
I love that 29 people find me 'interesting enough' to join-in on my fun!
I love this outlet to create. And, I love learning the tricks in this HTML driven "world".
Maybe I love it all to a fault.

I've wanted to focus on my posts but I've been so distracted by the design/branding process of blogging.

I've been wanting to change my blogs name.
I thought I knew what my focus would be, but with time....
I've discovered that I have much more to share than just one topic.
I feel like I've outgrown my blog title and it's only been 2 months!

I have so many blessings and awesome happenings {big and small} in my life. I would love for my blog title to be more reflective of that instead of only suggesting fitness for mom only....I am now regretting such a narrow title choice.

My daily life is filled with....
working mom issues
2 sweet boys with 11 years between them
my hubby, your typical USArmy Soldier
our fur baby, who begs to go for walks/runs but really can't keep up after 1 mile
DIY creations from stationary -to- furniture makeovers -to- delish & burnt-to-a-crisp-recipes
wonderlust, hopes and dreams....

All these blessings should be here in my blog.
But with a title like I have now, how would anyone realize all this "fun"?
Wouldn't one just assume this blog to be all about Fitness? and a little about mommyhood?

I guess the point of this RANT...
is to express slight frustration in finding my footprint in the blogging world.
I want to present myself with a more fitting title.
I've thought of a few and each one makes me smile but of course I stress the migration of old to new.
I wonder if changing it through blogger is the easier way or if using a purchased domain is worth all the trial and error that's sure to occur.

Over the past week I've been restricted on physical activity and it's sucked. Big time.
But it's also given me the time to research and learn how to create this new blog design!!

I'm excited with my blog design, what do you think?!

Share your experience with me.
If you've been in my probably remember the feeling of hesitation and the distraction from the point of all of this...

Have any of you felt this way in your blogging journey? 
Would you mind sharing the pro's and con's of changing your blog name this far into the game?

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Lindsay @ Pursuit of Pink said...

I'm really enjoying blogging too, even though its been a short time. I suggest changing your name on blogger first just to make sure you like it and then purchasing the domain name. You can do it all through blogger too. Way to go lady!

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

Lindsay, thanks so much for your suggestion!!! I needed the encouragement :) and I'm happy to hear changing it thru Blogger is a good first step!

Kathryn said...

Found you on the mingle - I too enjoy blogging. Now following your blog, would love a follow back :).

Laura said...

Hey Lady! Love the new look. I haven't had a chance to comment lately but your blog is seriously, one of my most favorites!! I just changed my blog name- thru Blogger and it was super easy and simple. It's easy to tweet about the new url too :) Hope you are doing well!

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

Laura,thank you sooooo much!!! Seriously, that means so much to me!
Ditto to you and your blog :)
I really needed the reassurance that switching it thru Blogger wouldn't cause problems.

Unknown said...

Love the connection between the ladies in the blogger world. Glad your getting some rest and seems like your learning a lot too. I've got tons to learn since I just started.
Love love love the design!

Becky Young said...

This is a tough decision! But it's going to be a lot harder to switch the longer you put it off. I'd say just go for it right now!!

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

Thanks Kayla! It is quite the journey :)

Jillian Carreira said...

In a way blogging saved my sanity. When my son started having seizures I was going a little stir crazy. I love it now and love reading and commenting on other people's blogs. It is also good to see that I am not the only person going through difficult times sometimes.
I am following you from the hop and would love for you to follow back.

Aryan Smith said...

It was super easy and simple. It's easy to tweet about the new url too :) Hope you are doing well!
Storage Sheds Miami

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