Friday, May 31, 2013

I Love Me a FRIDAY!

Annnnnnd, I bailed on writing a legit post for Friday. First time ever!
Trust me, in my mind I've written at least 5 posts but until just now, I haven't touched the laptop.

Last night I met up with a friend of mine and basically inhaled the biggest most delicious salad ever at Cheesecake Factory. We had hours of girl talk. After that I came home to my kids asleep and my husband sitting all handsome. End of story.

Today, my oldest got to go into school late. He and I along with little man Landon had pancakes and fruit and just took our time moving around this morning. Now that the day is actually on a roll I figure I should at least wish you all a happy and fabulous Friday!!

I'm off to snuggle my brand new niece! Planning on pool time or at least some time at the river this weekend. I'll take either one. And just enjoying my home. Lingering in each room a few minutes longer.

We have only 24 days left in this home. Bummer city!! Time has just flown by.

If you haven't already DEFINITELY stop by Sarah's Fan Friday link up!
I'm hoping to score some time later today and catch up with the "I'm a Fan" posts!

And don't forget to enter this giveaway today's the last day! 
A blogger like you should definitely win this! (can I say that?)

Good Luck to any of you running your Summer Kickoff 5K!!!
I can't wait to hear all about it!! You ALL rock!

Catch ya on Instagram or Twitter this weekend :)

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

30 miles in 30 days update!

running skirt, pink workout clothes
I'm happy to be linking up again with Niki for 30 miles in 30 days! And I'm really happy to say.... I did it! 

Last weeks mileage:
27.1 miles

This weeks mileage:
Bikini Butt Making Trail Run = 3 miles

Total so far for May:
30.1 miles!!!

There's 2 days left to the month so get your getting on and reach your 30 miles!
If you come close or go beyond the goal... you still count your miles the same way as everyone else :))
And that my friends is whole a lot of miles in just 31 days! So hooray for all of us!

Whether you walked the miles or ran them... you kicked serious butt. I can honestly say I loved all my runs this month except for yesterdays! Something about the heat and those hills made me feel like I had weighted sneakers or like I was dragging a car. There were times I didn't even feel like a natural. Like my body wasn't synced with the pace of my music AT ALL. And I was wearing my fun, new running skirt! wah!!

I thought about you peeps doing this challenge too and wondered how many times some or any of you may have felt this way? It can be a little discouraging. frustrating. and upsetting. It can make you feel like you're not a good runner. But anyone can be a runner. A runner by definition does not offer a required pace nor a certain physique or even a particular place to be. A runner by definition is simply a person moving two feet, one in front of the other swiftly. Seriously, I double checked. (via)

Hub's Garmin was like my confidant throughout most runs. I loved being able to gauge my pace. When I felt in sync with the run I would check my pace, when I felt like crying I would check my pace. It was interesting to see how widely the times varied.

On that note, did you ever have moments during your run that you felt really, really good? Were you able to gauge your pace? I kinda feel like whatever that pace is during those "feel good strides" is the pace to set for yourself at each run. For me that's when all the good juju was flowing and when the run felt effortless. Maybe you weren't into the running part of the challenge, I'm not sure, but if you were... what do you think? Do you have a pace that you aim for each run or does it change by the trail or equipment or day?

I hope you all keep up the extra activity and level of motivation. You can count on me to keep at it and keep cheering you on! And always be your own inspirations, this will keep you all the way strong!

Summer Kickoff virtual 5k race bibs went out today!!! 
It's finally here and I'm beyond excited about it! 
We're gonna rock these 3.1 miles :)) 

check your inbox for the email, print out your bibs and meet back up with us June 11th!
I hope to have a kickoff post up over the weekend and update Facebook as well!
Good luck to everyone, have fun with it!!!

*you can still sign up for the virtual 5K, it's open through Saturday! 
I want to know how you're doing this month!
Did you track your pace as well as your miles?
Have a favorite run? Or a "bad" run?

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Just Because

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Round 3.... of trying Stitchfix!

The mail man has been good to me this week. He finally delivered a bracelet set I ordered as gifts for Mothers Day. Mothers Day. And he brought my third Stitchfix collection!

Remember the awkwardness in my first two shipments? I was blown away by all of your reactions. It's pretty awesome to get your feedback and support, definitely helped me feel better about giving Stitchfix another try.

And it seems, third time's a charm.
I was worried they'd strike out but no. They totally scored.
I fell in love with one particular piece. See if you can guess which one....

I LOVE the peter pan collar tank. So that's what we'll start with. I know this is a stylish look yet I've walked past dozens of these tops. But why? I'm convinced I need one in my wardrobe pronto. Just not one with a $61 price tag.

Next LOVE, the striped dress. It's just a staple piece. I should totally have this in my closet, it's not too clingy and not too short or "old". It's seriously perfect for my age and activity when with the family. And if paired with a jean jacket and knee boots like the style card suggested, I'd be looking good for a cool dinner date.

Cutout styles... I think they're adorable and way fun but still not totally sold on this for myself. The orange color of this tank is awesome. As much as I love yellow (here, here, and here)(!) I think orange is a much needed color in my closet.

The black pants would cost me an arm and leg so back they went but they were superior quality and tailored just right, I wanted them to keep some kind of bad! I like black on black outfits just not in the heat of summer, so really these pieces should be broken up but one girl, one half hour, one timer on one camera...

You get it, I'm sure. The sheer black, graphic blouse is perfect for interviews but definitely not an interview for my new found dream job. It's the high/low style that I've tried making out of straight hem shirts, ha! Really happy designers are making this easy and more flattering than any of my front tucks ever could!

I still feel a little "awkward turtle" about the whole thing but this time around, Stitchfix did what I was hoping for from the beginning. They sent me pieces that are appropriate for me and stylish. Overall, they've pushed me a bit and opened me up to purchases I would have hung back on the rack. And, the style cards are very helpful in letting me see other ways to style pieces than just the obvious. I'm going for one more round, and that'll be it. We're homeless for the month of July and I haven't a clue what Colorado will bring in August!

Wish me luck in finding a peter pan collar tank like this one!
And, if you're interested in trying Stitchfix, sign up is super easy :)

Do you ever feel caught between a younger style and older style?
Would you have guessed the mint tank to be my favorite?

P.S. That's 2 day old hair. ha! I never get this luxury unless I curl it. Something about the curling and products keeps it from getting oily overnight?!!

P.P.S. You should absolutely, no doubt about it enter this giveaway hosted by some fabulous ladies!
It's winners choice for the prize, so have at it! If you're feeling extra lucky enter this one too for some fun at Victoria Secrets!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meet,Greet and WIN the May Sponsors Giveaway!

Have you met Heart Shaped Sweat's May Sponsors?
I feel so blessed and lucky to have them with me this month!!! 
This month (just like last month) lead me to some amazing blogs.
I truly hope you've taken the time to click and see for yourself.
In case you haven't lets hit 'em up one at a time and then you can get in on the giveaway fun :)

Grace for Gayle blog
Grace for Gayle is one of the first blogs I started reading. Gayle has an insane amount of courage and grace in all that she does. She takes a strong yet delicate stand in what she believes in, awesome example is in her "must read now" post when she talks about her boobs. Her Perfectly Imperfect Series has blown me away by the real, raw life stories people have shared with us via her blog. She is beautiful and open with her steps in faith and things she doesn't know but is learning as she goes.

It Is What You Make It blog
Ashley... as sweet as they come. Her blog's name is perfect, as she walks a life that sets an example for us to always make the best out of any situation. She's a teacher and quickly approaching her one year wedding anniversary to her perfect partner for life. Her Thankful Posts are so genuine and sincere, making big of even the smallest things in life. And any one of her Dear Friday Posts will make you smile and laugh and get ya in a good mood for the weekend! She's also on a fit journey and this post will motivate you for sure!

Sensual Appeal blog
Kamila, better known as Kammie is here to help you in the kitchen. Her recipes are delicious and mindful, that's a balance we all want. Great example is the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding recipe, you'll be surprised by the healthy twist she puts on that classic recipe. She rock and rolls this blog along with her photography blog (must see) and even has a YouTube channel full of tips for relieving stress, cooking and just living well. Get to know more about Kammie here!

Back East Blonde blog
Um, where do I start? Nadine is gorgeous, funny, way clever, thoughtful and smart. My opinions but I think they're pretty accurate. She reminds us of the right way to comment on blogs and shows us how the Kardashians can teach us a thing or two about blogging. Nadine doesn't want a life of mediocrity, wasn't afraid to drive cross country for a new life and speaks in third person perfectly, oh and the motherload of furball cuteness you'll find on her blog answers to Archie.

Pretty Living PDX blog
Myranda, a beautiful momma to 3 beautiful girls. I love the way she tells the truth about her job, something all of us moms can appreciate. She's a couponing queen and jokes about the downfalls of being a couponer. Her Three Things Thursday Link Ups are a favorite by many, the topics always entertain and change each week! With a large family you can imagine the number of photo's that have piled up. She found an easy fix to this and now prints and shares with Groovebook, something I will definitely look into, you should to!  

Venus Trapped in Mars blog
Sarah, she pretty much nails the "think like a man, act like a lady" way of life. She's your hook up for all things sports and all things blog design. Her Saturday Sessions are packed with blogging tips and freebies, and her Thirsty Thursdays will help you make the best of any night. Crack up over posts like what your gym clothes say about you and all the things she admires. Get to know more about this Vol's girl here and make sure you get on her birthday invite list.

The Olive Heart Blog
Jill, she has found her voice and I love to read along and catch up with her. She's a sucker for vintage and quaint thrift-iquing, a lover of coffee and cream. One heck of a styled momma with a happy crafting heart.  Posts like failing parenting 101 and not being a supermom will melt your heart and she'll remind you to shine in your most beautiful light no matter how hard times are. She works hard, writing for a magazine and making a gentleman out of her sweet little boy Jax.

The Tiny Heart blog
Sharon, little miss trend setter! Her blog's a go-to for styling tips and all things fashionable. She co-hosts a really fun link up, Look At What I Got each Thursday because some of the best pieces cost the least amount. Like this floral and denim daytime look is fun and casual but the skirt brand new was less than $6! And this peplum and stripes look for a night out was a frugal yet stylish find. Get to know more about Sharon, life at the beach and her cute family! 

Enter below for your chance at a $50 gift card of your choice!

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Sweet Weekends and an Updated Resume

I think I figured out something major this weekend. I've never ever been one to rock the sticker family on my back windsheild and bet my husband isn't either but if I could go on to be what I think I should be after this weekend, I would be all means proudly rock the sticker.

I figure if there are soccer moms, pta moms, classroom moms and mini van moms, shouldn't there be a pool mom??? Seriously. I really think me taking on this position could solve some problems across neighborhoods. Picking up kiddo's smothering them in sunscreen, packing fruit chews and water for the day all while hausing inflatables and beach towels?! I can handle that! And excel. If only this were a possible paid position.

Our long weekend was kid filled. My sister had her daughter, which brought me to tears too many times to count. That little girl is precious times 100. She's 7 pounds of almost makes me want another one sweetness. Her big brother stayed with us for 2 days, perfect bonding time for the boys and me.

Landon learned how to bake this weekend. He already knew what to do with the beaters so now he's learning what to do with the oven mitt. Trust me, Lance my oldest has been doing his own laundry for the last 2 years so Landon is moving right along schedule. And Mr. Lucas iced his first cake, complete with funfetti and Memorial Day decorations! He did all this while I was showering and getting ready for the day. Total surprise. Completely impressed  ;)

All that sticky, sweet sugary goodness meant we better get our sweat on. People, my Saturday morning class required, I kid you not 125 squats per leg, 125 lunges per leg. weighted. Oh my heavens, that was quite a leap from the 88 just a month ago. What happened to 10% increases? Needless to say I haven't trusted my quads since and staircases are the devil right now.

Time with grandparents is time well spent <PERIOD>
Next best thing.... time spent at the pool.

Landon goes through "NO" phases which almost everyone blames on the terrible twos. But Lucas and I are starting to think there is more to it than just that. We're thinking that as many times as we say "NO" to him is exactly how many times he says "NO" to us. Think about it... the more we are controlled the more we want to rebel. The more times we're restricted, redirected, told "NO" the more we want to yell back and have it our way. So on days we're stuck in the house or busy with errands the poor kid is limited and told "NO" repeatedly hence his tantrums and screaming fits. But on a day we hang outside/pool side he's allowed the reins. And he screams no "NO's". It's a pretty good argument for Landon's tantrums and a good one for me and my new found dream job of being a pool mom.

I'm thinking it's time to update my resume and start prospecting....
Never know, it could really take off. This guy would help out too  :)

*We of course took time to reflect and be in a moment of total gratefulness for all who have served and fallen. I wrote a little more on this yesterday.  I hope you ALL had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

So whachya think?
Pool Mom a legit job? I mean "pool man" is!
How was your Memorial Day weekend? 

*Enter for a chance at a $100 Victoria Secrets gift card Giveaway!!!
**that's the first of 2 sponsor giveaways this week! good luck!

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$100 Victoria Secrets Give Away!!

A few of us girls from the Groupie Ad's got together 
to offer this shopping spree to you!

Victoria Secrets has you covered for summer fun. 
Enjoy shopping for the perfect beach bag, 
summer trends, and the just right for you bathing suit. 
Or take on their makeup line and style products.
Be tempted by their workout gear but buy into their lingerie collections.
It's up to you 
and it's on us!

  Ashlee // Lindsey // Erin                          Melissa // Ashley // Cortne                  Stephanie // Kristine // Lauren 

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend


Our weekend shenanigans fun isn't over yet! I'm hoping the same for you :)
This is a weekend of red solo cups, cookouts, cornhole, pools and just good times with friends and families.

It's true meaning lies within the memory of our soldiers and the support for our present day military. Families all around the world, not just within our neighboring states are recognizing this weekends meaning with full hearts. There's much pride in being a military family. Whether you're the spouse, the parent, grandparent, brother or sister, cousin, aunt or uncle you feel the importance of this holiday.

Some families are missing a loved one due to a time of war or peace keeping or even just training.
But some are missing their loved ones due to the ultimate sacrifice. We should take time to treasure what we have and give thanks to what others were willing to give. EACH person who joins the ranks of any branch in our American military makes huge sacrifices for our freedoms. The boots they walk in do not symbolize just a job but a way of life based on deep belief and a courage that knows no bounds.

As we think of those that gave their lives for our freedoms... and those that currently serve
We owe them a cup turned up, a hug, a handshake, a thank you and a moment of silence.
We owe them a flag waiving in the air and the biggest splash from your belly flop or cannon ball.

soldier and his son
We thank all of you for your support to our family, 
and know that we offer you the same thanks and admiration!! 

We're spending today poolside with friends, hoping to convince this little guy that a life jacket is necessary :)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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Friday, May 24, 2013


It's finally Friday and it's a long holiday weekend!
I've already mentally checked out. That's it, I'm done with thinking. Work related duties are satisfied, I'm set there, ready for a new month and the home is looking good thanks to last weeks major clean sweep. I'm thinking we can squeeze in lots of fun this weekend!

1// Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! I know we plan too :)
We thank all of you who serve, stand in line waiting to serve,  those that gave life to serve and of course all the families behind those that serve. Each amazing and definitely deserving of a some R&R this weekend!

2// My sister had her daughter on Thursday! I'm all sorts of distracted right now. Her son is staying with us so Landon and my nephew are playing like boys do and I'm super eager to get up to the hospital to give sweet kisses to my new niece and hug my dear sister! She's a strong and beautiful woman!!

3// The other night, Lucas made us all dinner which was way awesome and bought us some extra time that evening to just hang out and walk around the 'hood.

4// soooooo, this recipe actually worked! banana's, oatmeal and craisins @ 350 for 15 minutes. ehhh, it was only "kinda good" to me but Landon loved them!

5// I am more than ready to kick off this years pool season! Bring it sunblock and inflatables!

*Take a moment to reflect on the big and small things that make your week more beautiful.

I'm soaking up all the family time I can between now and our move... so excuse me for the rest of today and get to know Gayle! I've followed Gayle since the beginning of my blogging journey. We've emailed, tweeted, and insta'ed even attempted a workout plan together but quickly realized it really wasn't our speed. She's assured me and motivated me through a personal issue and is just all around super awesome!
She's an amazing blogger, delivering truth and inspiration in each post. Check her out!

Hello, Heart Shaped Sweat readers!  
I'm Gayle, and I blog over at Grace for Gayle.  :)  

I live in Dallas, TX with my four fur-kids, Monty & Twerp {the dogs}, and Brother & Sister {the cats}.  
It's a full house to say the least, but I love my little fur-balls and almost don't mind cleaning after them all of the time!  When I'm not blogging or vacuuming, you can find me at the gym, at church, reading a book, hanging out with friends, going to the pool {hiiiiii summmer, I have missed you!}, watching Netflix, spending time with God, and eating chips and salsa.  

I'd love to have you come visit and read and/or take part in #PerfectlyImperfect with us!  Don't know what it is?  Well, come check it out.  While you're there, be sure to map yourself and subscribe!  
Ciao for now!


Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you all!

Have your pools opened?
Ours finally do this weekend, it's been in the 90s so we're ready!
We're looking forward to some cookouts and fuss kind of weekend with a run and workout in there somewhere ;)

what plans do you have for the weekend? Any traditions to keep up?

Meet you back here next week for some giveaway fun!

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