Friday, September 28, 2012

Heroes at Home GiveAway Winner!

Got some good news in my inbox today!
Hubby forwarded over an email from
Hero's at Home Wish Registry....
and we were accepted into the program!

That means our military family will be blessed
with a gift card from Sears this holiday season!
The amount is based off of donations and dispersed equally
among winning military families. smile is ear to ear! who doesn't like free money?!?!

I hope all (you) military families registered back on August 30th.
Check your inbox today for your acceptance email, because as they say...
It will brighten your day and your holiday season!

Click here to read more about this wonderful giveaway
and all the ways you can get in on the action!
Show your support for the military families....who support you!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Relief in a Week

YES, I realize the work week is not over...but it is Little Friday!
And, nick names make regular days more fun.

It's been a long week for my family.
No one was sick and nothing horrible happened,
it's just 'one of those' weeks that make you loooong for the weekend.

A few things that did make this week Awesome....

$3.00 steal of a deal porch pillows!

 'schooled' on my sons Long Board!

Essie's Fall 2012 collection!

and....perhaps the most stress relieving of all....
 a sweet opportunity found through...

join in the fun and get to know some of these Southern Mamas!
One of my fav's is Sonja @ Running in Pearls, too put it simply, she's awesome
and just what I needed for a blog RE-Do.

Stay tuned! Exciting changes are in the works! 

And I highly recommend you click here to check out her opportunity!
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I believe in...

I believe in being your own kind of beautiful.
I believe in hairbrush singing and dashboard drumming.
I believe in watching a sunset and sunrise at least once a year.
I believe in the salty breezes of the ocean, it can blow away any bad mood.

I believe in waving at kids on school buses and that children hold more knowledge than some adults.
I believe in taking the time for long walks and stroller jogs.
I believe a baby's laugh is the most joyful noise.
I believe all little boys should have dirt on their hands, bruised knees, and holes in their jeans.
I believe brothers can have the best of bonds, no matter, the age gap.

I believe in being your children's loudest cheerleader!
I believe in the simple joy of opening the sunroof.
I believe shopping is an excellent form of therapy.
I believe in dressing for the occasion and sometimes that simply means... t-shirt and jeans.
I believe in tan lines and good times.

I believe in taking one for the team.
I believe in our military.
I believe an American flag should always fly at your home...

I believe in seat belts. They are sexy.

I believe in handwritten cards and photo cards with awesome envelopes.

And even better, I believe in spoiling your niece and nephews by sending exciting packages thru the mail.
I believe in stuffing money and trinkets into balloons...surprises are the best.

Source: via Kristine on Pinterest

I believe in the power of prayer, bear hugs, goosebumps, intertwined hands.Weekend getaways for parents. I believe in shoe boxes of photos and Sepia tone lovers and any other Jack Johnson lyric.

I believe setting goals and fighting to achieve them proves a strength beyond measure.
I believe in morning stretches. I believe in Upcycle, Recycle, and leaving green footprints.
I believe in all the countless full-filling reasons to do races and -supporting their causes.

I believe in shopping the perimeter of grocery stores.
I believe in my gym classes b/c the gym itself can be daunting and scary!
I believe in drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

I believe in so much more than this. But I believe this to be the longest post ever!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Money Making Weekend!

What better way to spend your Friday night than preparing for a yard sale?
I know,it doesn't sound very satisfying...
but making $523.00 on a Saturday morning sure does!
Our yard sale was clearly a huge success! 
One we could not have predicted and wish we could repeat every Saturday.
In our area Yard Sales happen anytime from late May 'til the end of September!

Here are some yard sale tips to help you have a more profitable yard sale!

 Designate an area of your home to stash items for your yard sale. Collect year round.

Clean items!!! take the time to clean your stuff it will sell faster and help stop some of the haggling!

Consider asking neighbors to join you in your yard sale! The bigger the sale the bigger your crowd, the bigger your potential for profit!

In the week or two before your yard sale begin sorting items for pricing.

Click here to view an excellent site's guide to pricing. Price to sell...and be done with it!

Use bright stickers to clearly mark prices
Use signs for "blanket" items to clearly name prices for grouped items

The week before your yard sale you'll need to advertise on online and in your local, community paper. Create your signs. Signs should be uniform...
Hang signs 2 days before sale at major intersections near your home & local hot spots, if allowed. And capitalize! Get their traffic too...
Hit the bank! You'll need some change. I suggest $60 worth of change...consider your sell prices to determine if you really need nickels and dimes, otherwise I suggest 2-10's, 4-5's, 17-1's, and 12 quarters.

Hit the store! You'd be amazed at how much extra cash you can make from selling water bottles and chips! Let the kids have a lemonade stand. Got a person willing to grill? Sell hotdogs and sausages!

10) MAP IT
Night before sale plan how to make the most! Pathways and display is key for intriguing shoppers through all of your items and having them touch and potentially buy things they may not have considered.
- Any items you can gather onto a tarp, sheet, blanket should sell for a similiar price with "blanket" sign
- More fragile, desirable items should go up on a table (waist level)
- And the nicer, hardly worn clothes should hang from a chain, rope, or clothes rack 
- a tip that really worked for me was to use my own furniture to display on! Simply tag your own furniture with NFS (not for sell) think of benches, side tables, bookcases, even dish racks that you can move out front to help nicely display your items.
- big ticket items should be placed at back and front of sale! front to lure them out of car and back to lure them through entire sale.

Night before clean out the truck or mini van so that it's ready for the inevitable trip to charity after your yard sale or schedule a pick up.

Night before get rest! Yard sales are hard work! Yes it's fun to socialize and thrilling to see  your junk turn into cash but in all reality it's hard work! You'll need your rest to carry on thru the rest of your day and weekend!

Day of...
1) start early! Your first customers are the ones who typically spend the most, so be ready for them!
2) know when to socialize and when to back off
3) have a FREE bin and use it! Who doesn't like something for free!
3) RESET! If/when you get a break don't waste that time! As the day goes on continue to reset your displays. If u have 20 items in a messy pile no one can find the jewel they are willing to buy!
4) take phone #'s and if item hasn't sold at end of sale offer it at special pricing and/or ABSOLUTELY cut prices during the last hour of sale! People specialize in scouting yard sales at closing time just like they do in being your early birds.
5) remember sunblock! You'll be in the sun and busy taking care of others so protecting yourself from sunburn is easy to forget!
6) keep rolling! Don't sit after that last shopper! Immediately pack items back into bins for either next years sale or charity.
7) -{BE KIND}- and take down your signs!

        May sound like hard work...and really it kinda is, 
but it's enjoyable and lucrative!

         .....I managed without even breaking a nail....

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Army Wife "TALK"

Remember pig-latin?
You and your girlfriends had your own language, your own "codes" that allowed you to speak about anything -without others knowing what was being said?
It was as if you had your own club. 

I'm in a club. It's the Army Wife Club. 

Tutorial on my "support" necklace coming soon!
And the leaders of this club are our "soldier" husbands. 
They have their own language. 
A language different than 'civilian' lingo.
And we army wives must catch on fast or we'll find ourselves in the dark. 

Different phases of a soldiers career bring on different chapters of this
"special" language. 
When I first married my husband I quickly learned words like... 
-post,motor pool 
-Rank, Insignia 
...and the learning hasn't stopped. 
But there's more to this language than just words, there are acronyms.
Many of them. 
The army uses acronyms like we wives use perfume, hair ties or lipstick.
Acronyms make up most of this "special" language.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Homemade Peanut Butter, just ONE ingredient

homemade peanut butter, make your own peanut butter

My family uses peanut butter daily. 
We spread it on toast with sliced banana's, dip celery and apples in it,
make PB&J sandwiches
and add it to our smoothies for a protein boost

I've bought JIF for years and I've tried the more expensive, organic kind but could never "stir" it enough.
So in an effort to save a dollar and be more healthy - I decided to take a "spin" at making my own.

What you need
1 lb. peanuts
Food processor
5 minutes

divide your pound of peanuts in half. You'll want to blend about 2 cups at a time

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Race Day - 5k

5k on a gorgeous Saturday morning.
Nice way to start the weekend.
We began our morning at 6am. 
Our breakfast -homemade peanut butter (click here for recipe)
 on whole wheat toast, a banana, and a whey protein shake.
We took the boys to grandma's.
And made our way to the park where another 290 people lined up 
to race for a great cause.

Miles for Smiles 5k was put on by the school of dentistry at our local University, VCU.
All proceeds go to M.O.M. (Missions of Mercy) a program sponsered by A.D.A. (American Dental Association) allowing free dental care to those less fortunate. This 5k raised over $11,000!

After a picture with "Molar Mike" 
Molar Mike @ Miles for Smiles, VCU

We jogged down to the lake to warm up our muscles for the race. 
It's tempting to hang out in the crowd and be social but we know the importance of warming up and stretching prior to running 3.1 miles. The park was so pretty and full of sunshine.

Finally, the music started queuing us to the start line....

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Sesame Seed Oil +Leftovers= Stir Fry Dinner

......Sesame Seed Oil .....
 Absolutely delicious. It flavors veggies, noodles, rice, and chicken well.
A little goes a long ways.
 It's the key ingredient for good flavor in most stir fry dishes.
But did you know it's other impressive uses?

tips & other uses for Sesame Seed Oil 
fights athlete foot
aid in balancing cholesterol levels
fights gingivitis if used as mouth rinse
calms sunburn
clears up sinusitis
kills dandruff and lice
known to slow acne breakouts and diaper rash
and many more, click here for other uses.
-Who knew it had so many other uses than being the star ingredient in my delish stir fry recipe!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

LES MILLS CXWORX -why you should do it!


Fast and Challenging workout session for core strengthening and balance improvement.
Sign me up!
I've been waiting and waiting for this class to be offered at my gym. And I'm not alone. 
The studio was filled with over 40 men and women eager to learn a new program.
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Football. Finally A FAN

Growing up I didn't watch much football.
Our family calendar was filled with track meets, soccer games, and wrestling matches.

Now I'm grown and have my own family calendar.

AND....Football takes over 7 of 12 months in the year!
Our 12 year old plays defensive tackle and proudly wears his maroon #75 jersey every chance he gets.
He roots for the 'Skins.
My husband breathes, eats, and sleeps Football.
Obsessive FAN of VTech 'Hokies and follower of the 'Cowboys.

What better way to make "the hubby" happy than to surprise him with tickets and a day off from parenting!

Yes, our seats were "way up there" and we played a nonranked team but we didn't mind, we were happy to have a sitter for the day and be @ Lane Stadium.
When the rain clouds rolled in, some chose to leave and others panicked for their poncho's,
we continued to enjoy the game, thanks to the awning covering those top rows "way up there"
The critics would have many details regarding how the team played... all I can say is we won!
Victory 42-7
Hokies are one of a kind. They are grateful, highly amusing, dedicated football fanatics.

I'm happy to be a part of it...

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Friday, September 7, 2012


3 minutes late to tonight TRX class...cost me 400-500 calories and an incredible workout!

Getting a family of 4 to the gym after a full day of work can be a struggle.
Being 3 minutes late to class can mean that those on the wait list get your reserved spot.
So what were me and the hubby to do....get our butts on some Gym Equipment!

Bicep Curls @ 60lbs...AMRAP style w/ static reps

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Plank A Day, Diet Right All Day

We all have our "spots" in the gym.
Our favorite spot in the studio.
Our favorite equipment.

Mine is right under the fan next to the mirror.
Over the last 2 years I have moved up to the front row.

Behind me is another regular.
One of my gym girls.
Tonight she says to me.... "I haven't lost a pound in 3 months" (sad face).
Solicited advice or not, I couldn't resist...

My 1st ? to her....
What is your least favorite workout?
She tells me she hates any AB exercise.

My answer.....
Do more of those!!! 

You must work your ab's.
Your core is engaged at nearly every step of a workout.
Without strong abdominal muscle you can not achieve your full potential in any exercise!
And anyways, why leave out a muscle group?! The more lean muscle groups you have the more calories your body can burn. Resting or active. That's a win, win people.
I suggested she try the  plankaday challenge.
I've been doing this for 3 weeks now.
My goal is to hold a half plank for 6 minutes.
I'm currently at 4:03. And yes, those 3 seconds count!

My 2nd ? to her.....
How's your diet?
She tells me she is only eating 1 egg for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and no longer eats meat or carbs assuming those to be fattening.

My answer to her....
Eat more!

Her idea of a diet couldn't have been more wrong.
People, she is in the gym 4 days a week, sometimes twice a day.
A little obsessed ?! maybe, but that's her deal and anyone's choice.
Bottom line, you must fuel your body.

Fueling your body provides it with the chance for furthered endurance and more muscle gain.
Our bodies are machines. Machines that need to be fed properly.
It's another example of supply and demand.
We must feed ourselves to recuperate and be ready for the next workout!
We need carbohydrates. We need protein from meats, dairy, or nuts in order to rebuild and "re"strengthen our bodies after we beat them in the gym!

POST-WORKOUT ideas are's a few favorites of mine.
Immediately after workout session...

It's a great insulin spike for our tired muscles!
This is probably the only time of your day that you want an insulin spike.
Muscles breakdown during a workout hence the soreness afterwards...
If we expect them to consume and rebuild on their own we're fooling ourselves.
Before giving muscles protein we need to help them have the energy to break it down.
Fruit is excellent at creating needed energy and restoring glycogen stores in our muscles for the next workout.
I recommend fruits like banana's, watermelon, and pineapple.

Protein Shake!
Why? Because they are delicious.
The real reason...liquid enters our system quickly and is broken down fast.
Shakes should include 20-40g of protein. They say anymore than that can be lost.
If during the rest of  your day you eat 25-45 grams of protein (steak// 40g, fish fillet// 20g, chicken// 30g) then one scoop of protein powder in your shake could be just enough.
(A good rule of thumb is .75grams of protein for every pound of your body weight
ie: 125 pound woman needs 94g protein per day)

Water! def continue to hydrate with water.

1 - 2 HOURS AFTER WORKOUT is equally important.
Enjoy a square meal.

I aim for the combo effect of carbs and protein.
ie:  pasta, brown rice, chicken, fish, lean red meats, vegetables
(really I am not a big steak/beef eater...but I'm seriously in love with some chicken or broiled fish and I
crave any steamed or baked vegetable. Have you tried/seen the pin for baked carrots & zucchini?!)

If only the music hadn't started with a tempo set to "sweat it out"...
We could have talked about pre-workout meal ideas and easy, healthy lunch options.
Any exercise is good exercise but any diet isn't always a good diet. You've really got to research and listen to your body to determine if you are dieting right all day.

I can only hope she takes some of my advice.
I really feel there is no reason to workout so hard if you neglect your body of its required nutrition...

Obviously I'm no real pro at this kind of stuff, just another girl doing her best to be healthy and knowledgeable of her body.
(Listen to your body. At times it hurts because something isn't right, an exercise can cause a real pain that shouldn't be ignored....other times it hurts because you need to strengthen that exact group of muscles.)
Getting to the gym with kids can be a workout in itself. I always pack fruit in my gym bag to help me get started with post workout eating. It's good for the kids too!

What do you think?
Are you doubting your diet or hoping the gym alone can change your body?

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ready, Set, GO!

    Getting started can sometimes be the hardest part of the challenge!

Case in point ------>this blog.
I've wanted to start a blog for days, weeks, even months...getting started has proven to be the hardest part!
I've debated which subject to place my focus...
I've argued why choose only one subject and/or topic to emphasize my blog around...
I've considered....
my dedication to staying fit and making healthy lifestyle choices.
my life as an army wife.
my life as a mother of two boys growing up at drastically different paces.
I've even considered my craftiness, my cooking abilities and my OCD traits to be of high value in a blog.

Then I just stopped all the thinking & analyzing and decided on two simple words...
Other than  "wife"
Fit and Mom are the two words that will always describe my day,
becoming effortless topics to my blog.
Now that the hard part is over.
I can finally start blogging...

     workout programs to fitness goals & healthy lifestyle choices 
    challenges of the tween years to tantrums of toddler"hood"   
    life as a wife to an infantryman turned recruiter soon to be infantryman again!

    Let us enjoy all the rewards in being
            fit and healthy....
            creative and expressive....
            nurturing and steadfast in parenting....
            faithful and adoring in marriage....
       AND of most importance...true to oneself in a world of pressure.

    Me and My L's
     *now just wish me luck in all the "techie" aspects of this blogging world!

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