Thursday, September 27, 2012

Relief in a Week

YES, I realize the work week is not over...but it is Little Friday!
And, nick names make regular days more fun.

It's been a long week for my family.
No one was sick and nothing horrible happened,
it's just 'one of those' weeks that make you loooong for the weekend.

A few things that did make this week Awesome....

$3.00 steal of a deal porch pillows!

 'schooled' on my sons Long Board!

Essie's Fall 2012 collection!

and....perhaps the most stress relieving of all....
 a sweet opportunity found through...

join in the fun and get to know some of these Southern Mamas!
One of my fav's is Sonja @ Running in Pearls, too put it simply, she's awesome
and just what I needed for a blog RE-Do.

Stay tuned! Exciting changes are in the works! 

And I highly recommend you click here to check out her opportunity!
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