Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ready, Set, GO!

    Getting started can sometimes be the hardest part of the challenge!

Case in point ------>this blog.
I've wanted to start a blog for days, weeks, even months...getting started has proven to be the hardest part!
I've debated which subject to place my focus...
I've argued why choose only one subject and/or topic to emphasize my blog around...
I've considered....
my dedication to staying fit and making healthy lifestyle choices.
my life as an army wife.
my life as a mother of two boys growing up at drastically different paces.
I've even considered my craftiness, my cooking abilities and my OCD traits to be of high value in a blog.

Then I just stopped all the thinking & analyzing and decided on two simple words...
Other than  "wife"
Fit and Mom are the two words that will always describe my day,
becoming effortless topics to my blog.
Now that the hard part is over.
I can finally start blogging...

     workout programs to fitness goals & healthy lifestyle choices 
    challenges of the tween years to tantrums of toddler"hood"   
    life as a wife to an infantryman turned recruiter soon to be infantryman again!

    Let us enjoy all the rewards in being
            fit and healthy....
            creative and expressive....
            nurturing and steadfast in parenting....
            faithful and adoring in marriage....
       AND of most importance...true to oneself in a world of pressure.

    Me and My L's
     *now just wish me luck in all the "techie" aspects of this blogging world!

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