Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I believe in...

I believe in being your own kind of beautiful.
I believe in hairbrush singing and dashboard drumming.
I believe in watching a sunset and sunrise at least once a year.
I believe in the salty breezes of the ocean, it can blow away any bad mood.

I believe in waving at kids on school buses and that children hold more knowledge than some adults.
I believe in taking the time for long walks and stroller jogs.
I believe a baby's laugh is the most joyful noise.
I believe all little boys should have dirt on their hands, bruised knees, and holes in their jeans.
I believe brothers can have the best of bonds, no matter, the age gap.

I believe in being your children's loudest cheerleader!
I believe in the simple joy of opening the sunroof.
I believe shopping is an excellent form of therapy.
I believe in dressing for the occasion and sometimes that simply means... t-shirt and jeans.
I believe in tan lines and good times.

I believe in taking one for the team.
I believe in our military.
I believe an American flag should always fly at your home...

I believe in seat belts. They are sexy.

I believe in handwritten cards and photo cards with awesome envelopes.

And even better, I believe in spoiling your niece and nephews by sending exciting packages thru the mail.
I believe in stuffing money and trinkets into balloons...surprises are the best.

Source: via Kristine on Pinterest

I believe in the power of prayer, bear hugs, goosebumps, intertwined hands.Weekend getaways for parents. I believe in shoe boxes of photos and Sepia tone lovers and any other Jack Johnson lyric.

I believe setting goals and fighting to achieve them proves a strength beyond measure.
I believe in morning stretches. I believe in Upcycle, Recycle, and leaving green footprints.
I believe in all the countless full-filling reasons to do races and -supporting their causes.

I believe in shopping the perimeter of grocery stores.
I believe in my gym classes b/c the gym itself can be daunting and scary!
I believe in drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

I believe in so much more than this. But I believe this to be the longest post ever!

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