Friday, September 14, 2012

Sesame Seed Oil +Leftovers= Stir Fry Dinner

......Sesame Seed Oil .....
 Absolutely delicious. It flavors veggies, noodles, rice, and chicken well.
A little goes a long ways.
 It's the key ingredient for good flavor in most stir fry dishes.
But did you know it's other impressive uses?

tips & other uses for Sesame Seed Oil 
fights athlete foot
aid in balancing cholesterol levels
fights gingivitis if used as mouth rinse
calms sunburn
clears up sinusitis
kills dandruff and lice
known to slow acne breakouts and diaper rash
and many more, click here for other uses.
-Who knew it had so many other uses than being the star ingredient in my delish stir fry recipe!

Leftovers. How boring.....or not!
One of my all time favorite dishes is stir fry.
Stir fry dishes are so versitile even picky eaters (my 12 yr old) can enjoy.
It can be as easy as chop&stir fry or as fancy as you'd like.
Besides the fact that I was craving stir fry, it was also time to use up some leftovers.

 chicken breast
cooked pasta noodles

The perfect base for my veggie stir fry.
I didn't have all the veggies and color I would have liked 
so use your imagination palette and add more veggies!

Combine in ziploc bag
cubed chicken breast with
squirt (or 2) of Sriracha, tbsp of Sesame Oil, and 1/2 tspn garlic powder
mix well. cook until no longer pink, then set aside

In same skillet  wok - dump all your chopped veggies

add 2 tbsp stir fry sauce, 1 tbsp Sesame Oil, and 1 tbsp Terriakyi Sauce
 sizzle over MH heat. stir frequently. 'til veggies are softened or about 10 minutes. 
If you want rice/noodles with this dish, now is the time, water should be boiling and rice/noodles cooking!

At this point every person & dog in the house enters the kitchen to say, 
"hey, whats for dinner? smells good!"
-except for my youngest, he's directly behind me making a mess
with pots and spoons.

 10 minutes has passed,
add all ingrediants together. Toss and evenly coat, cook MH  for 3 mintues.

At this point, I am picking out de-lish veggies and am so ready to eat 
but it's best to remove the pan from heat and cover with a lid for just long enough to round up the family
and fill drink glasses.

Serve and enjoy a healthy family dinner!
*adjust the sauces to your liking. I consider mine to be lightly coated but you may feel its heavy or not enough depending on the amount of veggies, meat, and/or noodles and rice. 
I have use 1lb. chicken, 1-2 cups of each veggie, 2 cups of  cabbage and 4oz angel hair noodles.

Sesame Seed Oil image: 

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