Sunday, September 9, 2012

Football. Finally A FAN

Growing up I didn't watch much football.
Our family calendar was filled with track meets, soccer games, and wrestling matches.

Now I'm grown and have my own family calendar.

AND....Football takes over 7 of 12 months in the year!
Our 12 year old plays defensive tackle and proudly wears his maroon #75 jersey every chance he gets.
He roots for the 'Skins.
My husband breathes, eats, and sleeps Football.
Obsessive FAN of VTech 'Hokies and follower of the 'Cowboys.

What better way to make "the hubby" happy than to surprise him with tickets and a day off from parenting!

Yes, our seats were "way up there" and we played a nonranked team but we didn't mind, we were happy to have a sitter for the day and be @ Lane Stadium.
When the rain clouds rolled in, some chose to leave and others panicked for their poncho's,
we continued to enjoy the game, thanks to the awning covering those top rows "way up there"
The critics would have many details regarding how the team played... all I can say is we won!
Victory 42-7
Hokies are one of a kind. They are grateful, highly amusing, dedicated football fanatics.

I'm happy to be a part of it...

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