Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Plank A Day, Diet Right All Day

We all have our "spots" in the gym.
Our favorite spot in the studio.
Our favorite equipment.

Mine is right under the fan next to the mirror.
Over the last 2 years I have moved up to the front row.

Behind me is another regular.
One of my gym girls.
Tonight she says to me.... "I haven't lost a pound in 3 months" (sad face).
Solicited advice or not, I couldn't resist...

My 1st ? to her....
What is your least favorite workout?
She tells me she hates any AB exercise.

My answer.....
Do more of those!!! 

You must work your ab's.
Your core is engaged at nearly every step of a workout.
Without strong abdominal muscle you can not achieve your full potential in any exercise!
And anyways, why leave out a muscle group?! The more lean muscle groups you have the more calories your body can burn. Resting or active. That's a win, win people.
I suggested she try the  plankaday challenge.
I've been doing this for 3 weeks now.
My goal is to hold a half plank for 6 minutes.
I'm currently at 4:03. And yes, those 3 seconds count!

My 2nd ? to her.....
How's your diet?
She tells me she is only eating 1 egg for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and no longer eats meat or carbs assuming those to be fattening.

My answer to her....
Eat more!

Her idea of a diet couldn't have been more wrong.
People, she is in the gym 4 days a week, sometimes twice a day.
A little obsessed ?! maybe, but that's her deal and anyone's choice.
Bottom line, you must fuel your body.

Fueling your body provides it with the chance for furthered endurance and more muscle gain.
Our bodies are machines. Machines that need to be fed properly.
It's another example of supply and demand.
We must feed ourselves to recuperate and be ready for the next workout!
We need carbohydrates. We need protein from meats, dairy, or nuts in order to rebuild and "re"strengthen our bodies after we beat them in the gym!

POST-WORKOUT ideas are's a few favorites of mine.
Immediately after workout session...

It's a great insulin spike for our tired muscles!
This is probably the only time of your day that you want an insulin spike.
Muscles breakdown during a workout hence the soreness afterwards...
If we expect them to consume and rebuild on their own we're fooling ourselves.
Before giving muscles protein we need to help them have the energy to break it down.
Fruit is excellent at creating needed energy and restoring glycogen stores in our muscles for the next workout.
I recommend fruits like banana's, watermelon, and pineapple.

Protein Shake!
Why? Because they are delicious.
The real reason...liquid enters our system quickly and is broken down fast.
Shakes should include 20-40g of protein. They say anymore than that can be lost.
If during the rest of  your day you eat 25-45 grams of protein (steak// 40g, fish fillet// 20g, chicken// 30g) then one scoop of protein powder in your shake could be just enough.
(A good rule of thumb is .75grams of protein for every pound of your body weight
ie: 125 pound woman needs 94g protein per day)

Water! def continue to hydrate with water.

1 - 2 HOURS AFTER WORKOUT is equally important.
Enjoy a square meal.

I aim for the combo effect of carbs and protein.
ie:  pasta, brown rice, chicken, fish, lean red meats, vegetables
(really I am not a big steak/beef eater...but I'm seriously in love with some chicken or broiled fish and I
crave any steamed or baked vegetable. Have you tried/seen the pin for baked carrots & zucchini?!)

If only the music hadn't started with a tempo set to "sweat it out"...
We could have talked about pre-workout meal ideas and easy, healthy lunch options.
Any exercise is good exercise but any diet isn't always a good diet. You've really got to research and listen to your body to determine if you are dieting right all day.

I can only hope she takes some of my advice.
I really feel there is no reason to workout so hard if you neglect your body of its required nutrition...

Obviously I'm no real pro at this kind of stuff, just another girl doing her best to be healthy and knowledgeable of her body.
(Listen to your body. At times it hurts because something isn't right, an exercise can cause a real pain that shouldn't be ignored....other times it hurts because you need to strengthen that exact group of muscles.)
Getting to the gym with kids can be a workout in itself. I always pack fruit in my gym bag to help me get started with post workout eating. It's good for the kids too!

What do you think?
Are you doubting your diet or hoping the gym alone can change your body?

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