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Man Behind the Blog

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Lucas, Pucas, Mucas. (he's gonna kill me when he reads that! ha!) A man of few words when it comes to conversation about blogging. I knew if I wanted real answers to these next 5 questions, it be best to catch him off guard. I'm not sure this tactic worked. As I rolled the questions, I got the weird impression that he thought this was silly. huh?no.why?!  We laughed our way through his answers, I even told him his friend Whitt, Mallory's hubby, was answering these same questions, in fact she and Stephanie are behind this brilliant link up idea! Still, he goofed off and these were the best answers I could get out of him. Here's to the Boys Behind The Blog....

1// Does your wife use your real name or nickname on her blog? real name and nicknames, it changes
2// If you had a blog what would the title be? I Don't Do Blogs or Beans & Bullets
3// Do you ever feel ignored by her because of the blog? yes and no. depends on if it's football season. ha!  She has her time in the morning and at night after the kids are in bed, it's her cell phone that sometimes gets in the way! 
4// How has her blog changed or evolved throughout your relationship? her blog has definitely grown, it became something neither of us knew blogs were. She's worked hard to figure out how to manage her time, that's been the hardest part. The best part would be the friendships she's making and some of the emails she gets. 
5// What is your favorite post on her blog? High Five For Fridays. And being surprised by a post about me or anytime she's excited about workouts and the Virtual 5K. 

I knew he'd say High Five for Fridays! And Beans and Bullets!! WHAT?! that's hilarious!
Meet Lucas Luke, he blogs over at Beans and Bullets...
if men blogged

Cool thing about Lucas is he's open to anything. He loves what I love and supports what I choose to do with my extra time. He's a simple guy who may joke on some parts of blogging but definitely loves it when a Stride Right box shows up in the mail or a 20 pound bag of dog food comes free to the front door, he even got excited about the random product review that showed up yesterday. Neither of us realized how much I would enjoy blogging or how "addictive" it could be. Really, we've worked on it together, he reels me in when I get carried away and he encourages me when I get stumped. I love that man and appreciate that we have so much to do together and so much that we can do independently :)


Today I'd also love for you to get to know Katherine of Mr. & Mrs. Foster! She's a fellow mil spouse, fur mom and a goat mom. Goat mom? Yes, Katherine is full of surprises. If you've never believed in fate, you haven't read the story of how she and her husband met. They live life loud. They're an adventurous couple who forgo the 5 star hotels of Hawaii for beach camping and standing above the clouds. Her recap of their Chili trip is one of a kind and should be on the big screen. (really - if you do anything today, do the Chili recap) Tons of reasons to hop over and say hi and one more.... her man is overseas right now kicking a** serving our country aka deployed, she'd love the extra company!!

Hey Heart Shaped Sweat readers! 
I'm Katie and I blog over at Mr. & Mrs. Foster!

Like Kristine, I too am a military wife! Over at my blog, Mr. & Mrs. Foster, I am currently writing about making it through my third deployment. Being my third time, I've learned my own set of deployment survival tips. In order to help this deployment go by as quickly and painlessly as possible I am challenging myself to stay busy and productive by completing a Deployment Bucket List. The goals on my bucket list range from running a half marathon to summiting Mount Si to maintaining a successful garden to growing my blog and that would be why I'm here! :)

While I am having fun completing my bucket list, I am excited for the day when my husband returns and my blog can go back to its regularly scheduled programming: Documenting the lives of Carl and I.

I like to blog about our many adventures, our travels, and our farm!

I do hope you'll stop by Mr. & Mrs. Foster! I look forward to connecting with you :)


Go say Hi! You'll love her and her blog!!!

What does your man say about your blog?
Ever asked him what his blog would be like, if had one?
Does he help you with your blog?

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Rachel Silski said...

<3 this!!!

April said...

Kristine - your hubby is hilarious! So glad our men support our blogging so much. Beans & Bullets. Cracks me up! And man, sometimes I wish I was more of a lifestyle blog doing reviews and such -- you got free dog food?!? -- but oh well... ;)

Love love love Katie. She's one of my bestest bloggy friends :) And oh boy that Chili recap was awesome!

Lisette said...

Bahahaha. Beans and bullets. I'm sure my husband would do something equally as ridiculous as that

Alex[andra] said...

I love this and I love Katie!

Totally going to ask Andrew what his blog would be like. I'm almost 100% sure he'd say, "Planes. And just planes."

Rekita Nicole | Her + Nicole said...

Lol love this!!! My husband complains about my phone too, it always ends up beside him or under him and he says I get too many emails. Whatever, player! Lol

Jackie said...

Haha love his blog names

Candice @ Just Stay Lovely said...

DYING... beans & bullets... I would follow that ;)

so happy i wasnt prepared for this great link up!

loved reading your answers! Your love is shining through your blog girl.

Jenn @ WLB said...

haha this is so fun! I don't know what dean would say about my blog! He definitely gets that I really like it, but I'm not sure what he really thinks about it haha
With Luck Blog

Samantha Ciaccio said...

My hubby complains of my blogging addiction, but knows I need it in my life!! :)

Another Clean Slate said...

I think phones are all of our downfalls! I love that he loves when you get excited about something and post- great catch :)

Sessy@NTSST said...

Thanks for linking up!!! :)

Katie Adams said...

What a fun survey! I may just have to make my hubs do it too!


Yayee its one of my fave bloggers. I'm already a fan of hers and her dogs and hubs too. she rocks my socks off. As for you too missy. :D you rock too.

Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

how sweet!

FitTravelerAJ said...

You're so lucky to have a man that supports you! I bet your sons will grow up to be exactly like him. :-)


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