Thursday, June 27, 2013

Reasons. Not to be confused with excuses!

Someday's it blows my mind that I have a 2 year old and a 12 year old. Other days I feel the work and the worry of having my two boys. Time is such a variable thing. It's all in perception. There are days that just zip by and then there are the ones that d.r.a.g on for what seems like forever. 

The last 3 years have paved a whole new course in my marriage and family. Lucas and I have been through some hell together and we've been through some miracles together. Our love is stronger than it's ever been. And by love I don't just mean what we feel towards each other but the kind of love that describes support given between two people. We've learned alot about each other in our 6 years together. The first 3 years were shared between a 15 month deployment and life in Hawaii. The last 3 years have been in our VA home. Saying goodbye to that home this week has stirred some emotions. I'm grateful that we still have the month of July to hang with family before reporting to our next duty station but it still doesn't change the fact that as a mom I am saying goodbye to a home that holds too many memories to count. Between my oldest now weeks from being a teenager and my youngest spending his first years of life here... there is a lot to think on and feel blessed with. Honestly, I haven't made much time for the gym over this last week or two. And honestly, I feel in my heart that - that's ok.

Someday's you just need to be still. Some days walking the street holding your toddlers hand is a more powerful workout than the sweaty WOD and 3 mile run. And sometimes chillin' on the couch with your "I'm too cool for you mom" kid is more rewarding than any calorie burn or number on the scale. 

I've got a plan and it is to forgive myself for skipping the gym//my regular runs.... and to commit to a new schedule for this next phase of life once the last box is put on the moving truck tomorrow.

Do you ever feel guilty about skipping a workout?
Are you ever worried that your reasons are more of an excuse?

Another mom who fights this is Shannon. Shannon has two little girls. She's committed to being healthy and working out but she's finding that spending time at home with her newborn and toddler is a little more important than getting them into daycare so she can squeeze in a workout. As with anything this kind of attitude is A-OK in moderation!! Don't you think?

Hey Heart Shaped Sweat Readers! 

This is Shannon from Smile and Write. My blog was born from the simple desire to keep myself accountable for having a positive attitude in my everyday life. You will find that I write about everything! It could be about books I am reading, family, friends, struggles or my faith but I always try to find the silver lining in every situation. I am no life expert, just a woman trying to make the best of it. 

This past week I became a mommy for the second time. I am now the mother of two beautiful girls under two. Although I don't consider myself a mommy blogger; tis the season right now! 

Throughout the last half of my second pregnancy I found myself craving a hardcore workout. The kind that leaves you beat red in the face with sweaty pits and all (beautiful mental pic I know). I found myself dreaming about the day when I could bust out a long run in the morning and go about my day as usual. I also was really sick of seeing my body change in unflattering ways for two years. I was ready to not be pregnant, to have flat abs and thighs that no longer rub together when I walk. 

Then last week as I held my baby in my arms, I was reminded of when my first daughter was this size and how it felt like yesterday. I know people always say it but; man they sure grow up fast...I was suddenly panicked with thought of rushing through the crazy newborn stage and missing moments that only happen once. 

I was reminded to slow down, breathe in the newborn smell, cherish the 3 am feedings and most importantly be thankful to my body for being able to give me the biggest blessings of my life

Yes, there will be a time when taking care of myself will include fitting a work out into my daily schedule but that time is not quite here yet. I am choosing to love my body right now as it is (as flabby as it may be) because it is amazing. 

So that is what I am doing. My running shoes are still in the back of my closet. The double jogging stroller is still folded up in the garage. You can probably find me laying on the couch snuggling with one of my ladies and I couldn't be happier. 

Come join me as I find the brighter side of life at Smile and Write.

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Isn't she so sweet?!
It's true she is always finding the silver lining in any of life's problems! Hope you'll stop by her blog and get to know her better!!

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The Pink Growl said...

If I'm on my workout grind then I feel terribly guilty about skipping a workout. I think that's an okay thing though because it will definitely not let you miss too many.

Another Clean Slate said...

I can't believe I didn't know you had a 12 year old too! You are busy, girl! Hope your move is going well!!

Lins - Domesticated Working Woman said...

I get real beat up about missing workouts, too. But you're right - there are things that are more important. Hence the reason why I didn't make the 5k you hosted. My morning sickness prevented me from participating and I felt terrible, but when you're pregnant and sick, you just can't do it.

The Grass Skirt Blog said...

Don't you worry about missing those workouts. You're dedicated, and you will get right back into it when the time feels right.

The Grass Skirt

Jen said...

You are a busy lady, it's ok!

Emma Kershaw said...

Lovely blog :)

Just popping over from Friday Chaos Blog Hop!

Emma x
Handbags To Change Bags - Mummy & Lifestyle Blog

Heather said...

Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

Your boys are SO cute!

Sparkles and Shoes

Tiffany said...

Oh goodness, I've been fighting the same excuses lately! It's summer break for me (I'm a teacher) and I'm training for my first triathlon. As much as I need to train, I'd really LOVE a lazy day! lol

Caitlin said...

omg. for the first two years that i did crossfit, i was exactly the same way! lately, i've been trying to work through those guilty feelings. sometimes we just need balance and we shouldn't feel guilty about that. (this is what i tell myself.)

good luck with the move and adjusting to life somewhere new! xoxo

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