Monday, December 3, 2012

Best Excuses are still No Good Reason

When we're trying to justify a reason (ahem, excuse), we can come up with a hundred clauses for the "why".
Then we believe it, own it, and convince others of it. I'm not digging into anything too personal, I'm simply talking about rationalizing through "excuses". Regarding exercise!

best excuses for not exercising, reasons people quit exercise

Can't...falls under Reason. Reasons are totally understandable.

I can't go to the gym my kid's sick...
My boss needs me to stay late, I can't meet up for our run tonight...
My foot has grown awful corns, I simply can't go for a run.
(Ewwww, in RL we'd be laughing and feeling really bad for that person)
I haven't shaved in a week....not a reason.

Now the word Excuse, defined as......
//an attempt to lesson the blame, attaching a fault or offense, to defend or justify.

Lets just get rid of the word excuse. It's ugly. And clearly hurtful.
Instead of excusing your way out. Turn your excuses around to the positive.

best excuses for not exercising, reasons people quit exercise

You can DVR your show and go for a run. If you have time to watch TV, you have time to workout. Watch the show later - sweaty, satisfied and with a smoothie.

You can avoid that "heavy" feeling from overeating. Eat a light & healthy lunch, snack on a granola bar while in route to the gym and then head home for dinner.

You can be out of breath and dripping sweat. Shoooot those two things are part of some awesome moments...if you really think about it.

You can wear just about anything you want when exercising. The older the better (except for shoes). In this case, like every case in Walmart, your outfit doesn't matter much. I will forever preach this. I'm a sucker for new fitness clothes and drool over some Lululemoon but in all reality, I might as well dress for mowing the grass.

You can pick a gym with a daycare and use it.

You can workout while pregnant. It's wonderful. And many gyms cater to it. Instructors will almost always ask if anyone is pregnant and offer modifications to supplement the program. Working out while pregnant is one of the best things you can do for yourself (upon Doctors approval). I am grateful for all the Hatha Yoga and cardio I did during my pregnancy, I swear it helped me through labor and recovery.

You can work out stress via a good workout verses a cry-fest, movie, and ice cream. If you make yourself try this just one time, you will forever fight stress through a good workout. I could tell you of countless times I have ran my way through every ounce of anger and anxiety towards bad situations.

You can bring your girls to the fitness class, on a run, or a Downtown walk. I have nearly peed myself in a ball class and a step class due to my friend Crystal. I will not tell you about the time this 7 month pregnant, me, tried Zumba (for the first and last time) and on the "body roll move" had to nearly excuse myself...horrific laughter, pregnant women can not roll their bodies. Or the time she faceplanted during an "inchworm" exercise. Or how about, back in 2007, Sarah proved me wrong. I could run 2 miles without stopping.

You can figure out and develop a routine that keeps you excited. Go to different parks offering trail runs, find one that keeps your mind off your aching feet. Track your mileage, as you shortcut through neighborhoods, on your way home from work, then walk/run that route. Pick gym classes with current instructors and perhaps, more importantly, current music. Stream fitness right into your home via GaiamTV. Try TRX if you're sick lifting weights. Join a CXWORX class if you can't bear the thought of another sit-up.

You can be sore for a day or two. It happens. You will manage. I have had to literally use my hands to lift my leg up and over the baby gate, for multiple nights. I have been too sore to laugh and felt as if people were torturing me with their humor. There is so much truth in the soreness phase of exercise. It is proof that you challenged yourself and is allowing of time to rest for recovery.

You can loose weight and tone up. It does not happen in one visit or in a weeks worth.
And it surely won't happen by simply reading this post. It might take a year. But it will happen for you.

It happens for everyone who sticks with it.

I'm constantly aware of my moods towards exercising. Prior to this last month there was never a doubt or hindrance on my mood towards getting in gear and to the gym. No matter who much I had to do to get there, I was getting there.

A month later, I've thought, "how in the hell, did I ever, do all this"?! We're talking -work a full day, round up two kids, feed one dinner, pack pajama's and night snack for ride home, drop one at daycare, lock the other to the beanie at Rockwall, pee and then race to my step, all within 45-60 minutes. Oh yea, and change my clothes.

Trust me, I have constructed many excuses to not make it to the gym. But I've worked through them and I am elated each time. There is no better feeling (ok, really, there are many) than finishing a routine, a run,  set of reps, a 4 minute plank, a night of training for a race, etc.

Take these positive spins on popular excuses and find your better feeling.
Limits are made by excuses. Why set limits on yourself?

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Lindsay Erin said...

I so needed to hear this. Between this post, Laura's challenge, and my own co-spiration I can feel a change coming into my life. Thanks for the push!

Hanna said...

Hi there, I'm Hanna. I found you through the Sunday Blog Hop!! I am your newest follower. I love making new friends. Your blog is lovely!!! Happy Holidays:) You can find me at

xoxoxoo Hanna

I totally feel you. When I'm not pregnant, I train and run marathons

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

That's great Lins! We all need a lil' push every now and again!
Change is good for soul :)

Ashlyn said...

This is so true. I am awful about debating reasons to not go work out. By the time I run all the reasons over in my mind, I could have been halfway through!

Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

I really needed this post! I worked out today for the first time...well, in 19 days (isn't it great how the Wii keeps track of when you last exercised!). I feel better. Not just because I worked out, but because I made a decision to do it and actually followed through!!

Kimmyyy83 said...

Love your blog, so encouraging to me, my man and I are getting on the healthy band wagon from a 10 2 liter of dr pepper addiction.

Candin said...

Hi! I am your 100th follower!!! (I have 11 so this would be really exciting for me) :) I found you through GFC link party and love the inspiration on your blog! I am determined to stay fit through the holidays and I am one of those can't find my groove exercisers ha. Thanks for the boost!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through link up. Great blog! I'm your newest follower.

Unknown said...

Hey! I popped over from ...for Lauren & Lauren and I am loving your blog! Your newest follower for sure! And yes, it is so easy to make excuses, but they are just that! I am 26 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and loved every minute of my spin class this morning. Baby #1 doesn't love the gym nursery, but you know what? Mommy needs it for her physical and emotional health so she deals with it. Life aint' always easy, kid. I taught kick boxing through 20 weeks of my first pregnancy and continued to work out after that (it just got hard to teach with all the self-modifications) and yes I believe with all my being have a fit pregnancy leads to both and easier and more comfortable pregnancy and also an easier labor. (I'm also an LD nurse...I know this to be true from my patients as well....) I also love healthy eating, and all your boys are ADORABLE by the way!
Happy to follow along!


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