Monday, December 10, 2012

Get Energy and Loose the Hangover.

Ever get in those positions when you offer advice and realize you need to apply it to your own life?
I won't lie. This is one of those times I need to take my own advice.
And believe me, I will be.

This past weekend hubby and I got out of town, we spiced up life and lived every second of our kid-free weekend. Here's me feeling like a Rockstar at 4am Sunday morning...

army ball hangover, get energy and loose the hangover

Why don't I own one of those Bubble Necklaces!? This outfit needs one!

And clearly, this girl needs to be in bed. I have no business being out this late partying with hubby and friends...because now, I don't feel so "Rockstar-ish".

What happened to the days of my 20's when I could bounce right back from a hangover
and nights of sleep adding up to only 4 hours?!
Those days are long gone but these kinds of nights are worth it. At least to us.
Our relationship gets refreshed from weekends like these. Our bodies, on the other hand, get the shit end of that stick.

I love hearing from you all, and the responses to the no more excuses post (and other fitness posts) the fact that I'm gonna need this pep talk, made it feel right to talk about energy levels, or lack of. So, whether you partied with Army boys all weekend or not...there's no doubt, energy levels are a huge factor in our attempts at exercise.

How do we increase our energy when the day's been long or we're headed into a busy week after binge drinking?!

I don't know. haha, just kidding. This isn't my first time.

You first hydrate. Obviously I'm gonna recommend water.
I'm a strong believer in drinking water all day long. When I first convinced myself that I needed to make drinking water a habit, I turned to Crystal Light. I loved the lemonade flavor packet and added it to my water bottles. This new love got me in the habit of drinking 4-5 bottles a day. Overtime I got tired of it and somehow just started guzzling plain water. For years now, I've been drinking more than just 8 glasses a day. If you haven't started this, just do it. I promise you will start to crave water. This is coming from a girl who used to start her mornings with a MrPibb.
Staying hydrated is your first defense against drops in energy levels.

Eat balanced diets. The word diet gets on my nerves.
It's thrown around as if to only say 'one is slashing certain foods'. I don't mean it in that sense. I just say "diet" because that's what it overall consumption of foods you choose. Your diet is going to dictate how you feel throughout the day. Eat crap, feel like crap. (Or drink a lot of vodka feel wicked hungover.)
If you want to improve your energy levels turn to foods that are known to increase it.
carbs. yes, carbs. you need them. I swear by them.
I love whole wheat toast & PB with sliced banana's or honey & cinnamon, I eat this a few times a week before workouts. Throughout the day I snack on pretzels to hold me over til dinner and help with the "afternoon slump". Yogurt is another great example of using good carbs to boosts energy levels. This week I bought sweet potatoes, I'm hoping to figure out a yummy way to add this to our dinners. Any ideas?
fiber. keeps things going. literally. Getting enough fiber is important, especially the older we get. I make sure to get as close to 20 grams of fiber each day. I do this with fiber rich granola bars or whole grain oatmeal each morning, and lots of veggies and fruit with lunch and dinner. I love a bowl of pineapple and watermelon and chow down on celery, carrots, and cucumbers dipped into hummus. During the week, hubby and I devour edamame's as a night time snack. Those things are addictive and packed with protein and fiber. Speaking of, avocado's are a good source of fiber too.

Caffeine. As is or in a more natural form like green tea.
I'd be totally lieing if I said I didn't turn to caffeine to help me every morning. I used to love Red Bulls, really I still do, but I understand no matter how good they taste they only lead to crashes and are filled with enough sugar to make you gain weight. So forget those. I'm not a coffee drinker, I wish I was. I can't hardly walk past a coffee shop without feeling the need to hurl, but clearly it's a go to drink for energy. I allow myself a soda at lunch if I really, really need that caffeine boost. But my fave choice for liquid energy is V8 fruit fusion/energy. I love the pomegranate/mago flavor. It's packed with vitamins and "powered" by green tea. I was doubtful this would really give me an energy boost but trust me, it does. And, I can drink more than one without any guilt or worry.

Move. Aside from actually getting sleep at night and doing the above, what I really turn to for energy is simple. As lazy as I want to be, as tired as I feel, I know the trick is to just get up and move!
It's all mind over matter. So much easier said than done. But not much is truer.
If my rump has practically become one with my desk chair and I feel like nodding off at work, it's time to get up and get moving. And, if after work, I head home and sit on the couch, forget it, I won't want to get back up. So I don't. I keep moving.
Every workout includes a "warm-up". Yes, the warm-up may focus on loosening up the muscles but it's other focus is on waking you up. Getting the blood moving. Changing that mindframe of "I'm so tired, I feel like crap" into "I feel good, I can do this".

This weekend was well deserved and more fun than expected, I'm excited to share more with you. We made it through training, nailed it at the Army Ball and danced the nights away in Oysters Point. I'm dog tired and the night is still young, our bags still unpacked and the kids need stuff ready for school tomorrow. I know I'll be wishing for my bed while at work tomorrow but I'm taking my own advice and will do my best to avoid work keep moving throughout the day so I don't feel so tired. All these tips are sure to wear off any residual hangover and keep me on track for my evening workout!

What tips do you all have for increasing your energy? Nursing a hangover?!
Ever swapped out a nap for a 20 minute walk/run and found it more energizing?
Please share!
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Unknown said...

Juicing does it for me! I almost instantly feel more energized. :) You look fab in the pic by the way!

Katie said...

glad you had a fun weekend! I you should get a bubble necklace! :)

Lindsay Erin said...

I get plenty of sleep, drink water (or Gatorade if its a hangover), and like you said - move. But, I also add in B-Complex vitamins. Just one pill a day (all natural) makes me feel so energized.

Mia Maree said...

This is a great post! I agree with you, I completely notice a change in energy from just drinking more water and eating a more balanced diet! It is tough during this crazy Holiday season...

Melissa said...

Haha, I totally understand not being able to bounce back as quickly as we did in our 20's. Oye :) Great post and I totally agree with hydrating! Glad you had a great weekend!

Ashley said...

I do the same thing...offer people advice and think, Yeah I really need this myself.

It's incredible what our bodies can do when we follow all these tips you gave!

Helene said...

goodness girl you look great at 4am!!! Love all these tips!

Unknown said...

Hey there I am visiting from the blog hop. Gosh I would look like death warmed up at 4am, I cant make it past midnight these days. And yes tea all types of tea get me through the day!

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