Monday, December 10, 2012

Oysters photo's

Photo Journel
...prompted by Erin @ Living in Yellow.
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This idea of Erin's came at a great time...just last week I shared my dress choices for Army Balls of the past, I'm saving this years event and dress for another post but def wanted in on this action of photo's "by the hour". So here's day one of Oysters Point, ATC/Army Ball....

Road trip! I love road trips, makes me a happy girl! This one landed us at Oysters Point.
Only an hour & half drive...made hubby real happy considering I sing every word of every song on long drives. Ever read plates or street signs while riding? My favorite one of the, Achievement Place.

We checked in, admired the view, wished we had rooftop access and quickly made our plan for the day.
Since this was an Army was business first. Once released from briefings, we rallied up the guys and got the night started.

After being entertained by (JJ -from Good Times) an unforgettable bartender we walked to the Toby Keith Bar/Restaurant. Ok, that place rocked. I managed to grab a pic of Lucas' complimentary "Thank You for your service" meal and from hands were occupied and my mind on living in the moment not capturing the moment.
Now the night got good. Filled with laughter and live music by a traveling band, the kind that makes you move and believe you are the best dancer ever..or was that the vodka?!

Then came the moment that happens to this Momma...the, "whaaaat, it's closing time - already?!"
Lucas and I love a night out...we don't get them enough, much less with friends like these.
The walk back through holiday lit paths brought us to a trick of a tree and a blurry picture. This tree lit up in rhythm to songs of Transiberrian Orchestra. At that moment, it was cooler than Toby Keith. And still is.

Day one was an awesome (kid-free) start to the weekend! I'm excited to share with you the rest of our Army Ball weekend. Oh, and if you have any tips on nursing a hangover or increasing energy let us know on this post!

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Kelly said...

Look like you all had a great start to the weekend!


Fly Me Away said...

I nominated you for a liebster! You can check it out on my blog :)

Laura said...

This reminds me of Serendipty! I love it. Sounds like a magical, wonderful, Christmas weekend!!! Glad you had the night out!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

New to your blog, fellow Army wife and mom of two boys! My husband and I had out first night away in a while last week and I thought I was going to die for 2 days. Getting old is no fun!

Lala said...

This is sooo nice. One thing i wish me and my husband did more before having the baby. Glad you had a great time!!1

xo lala

Wine and Summer said...

What a fun day!

New follower to your blog!

Unknown said...

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