Monday, December 17, 2012

Writing in the Morning Frost....making a difference

A message in the frost on Friday morning warmed my cold hands and my heart.
I sent a text to my husband saying "Thank you, I love you too" which he replied, "Thank you for what" ?!?
I smiled and texted for the "I love you" written in the mornings frost.

It wasn't a message from him, it wasn't from a secret admirer, it was from my oldest son.
That morning he had one more thing to do before getting on the school bus.

I shared it on Twitter. I posted it to Facebook.
I loved the thoughtfulness and randomness of it.
I went about my Friday with a brighter smile and thought how sweet it was of him to stop and write
- I love you - to his mom before getting on the bus that day.

I anxiously waited for the workday to end, to get home and hug him. To thank him for his sweetness and thoughtfulness. To tell him just how special that message was to me and how it changed my entire day.

On that same morning many, many, too many parents had their entire lives changed.
Sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and grandparents, bestfriends and cousins, too.

balloons released, balloons floating, hope

The "typing away" ceases. My fingers stop. My thoughts jumble.

What do you say to those families affected by the horrific, unimaginable tragedy on that day, in Newtown?
How do you speak of Heroes who gave their lives in a selfless, willful effort to protect others?!

No words can heal a heart defeated by the loss of life. Time doesn't even stand a chance in closing the emptiness now hugely present in their souls.

It's unimaginable, it's surreal that life has twists like these. It earthshaking and bone chilling that hatred exists at this level.

It's unfathomable.
Tragedies like this are heart shattering. Paralyzing.

This is a time to refocus on what the heart holds dear and outreach.  
One blogger (of many, I'm sure) has committed to donate per tweet, to help and honor those affected.
HopeMob knows the drill, they are longstanding in their efforts to collect for those in need. And the Memorial Fund is set and ready to accept for the short and long term. 

It's also a time to think through rights & laws, and of utmost importance...mental illness. A post written by Jessica includes a link to a mother who shares her story with open heart and tongue. She points to the importance and the neglect of mental illness. It's well worth reading - a must share, filled with pleas, despair and hope.

This is a time to forgive, hope, love, and work together. Each one of us can make a difference in the effort to change time from ever repeating any horrible events like these. We can share stories for as long as the day allows, donate as much money as our accounts can give but unless we intentionally make a difference to lead better lives, to outreach those troubled and be patient with ones of unexplained behavior, then the fear of this kind of day will prove real again.

feather image, feather floating, hope, sandy hook support,

A child's laugh is the sweetest of serenades. With so many taken away that day, we cry with those families.
We take their stories to our own lives and shake in the fear of "what if".

You will never know all of a persons heartaches, trials and challenges.

You may never really know the "reach" of your kindness and the "power" in gifting patience.

You never know just how your day will start and end.

Our family joins you in sending prayers and thoughts to any and all affected by this explainable shooting. I'm immensely grateful that I was able to return home that day to my son and thank him for his sweet message.

I want to be dedicated to finding ways, small or big, to show support. I hope you are too.
Change starts with each one of us.

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Covered in Grace

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Unknown said...

A beautiful message and I hope my son grows to be as loving and thoughtful as your son.

Jen said...

How absolutely sweet! :)

Annie said...

Kristine, this is so beautiful! What a wonderful post--and what an amazing son. He's pretty lucky too to have such an awesome mamma :)

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

awe :)

Shellsea said...

How sweet of your son. And what a great post- it is the time to think of forgiveness of all and realize everyone's plea. I thought that mother's article was very thought provoking.

Pamela said...

How sweet!!

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