Friday, December 21, 2012

High Five for FRIDAY

Last weekend before Christmas and in other big news the world did not end today. womp.womp.womp.
Two news flashes, I'm sure you wanted to read again?!

I'm keeping with the High Five for Friday posts hosted by Lauren because I love them and can't resist being nosy and reading up on all of your High Fives! This week's is probably riding on the edge of obnoxious since it's entirely Christmas themed. Can't help it. It's taken over our life this week. Strange.


1// Oh, no the bad before the good photo's are still rolling in. Here's the most unexpected of Santa pictures and definite proof of our healthy holidays. After waiting way too long 3 hours at Bass Pro Shop we surrendered the idea of seeing Santa that day. Our only other option to see Santa was one weeknight after the gym, Lucas rushing to meet us from work. Now, Landon was not at all in agreement with being dropped off on some velour infused strange man's lap so we gained yet another funny, one of a kind Christmas photo.

2// spreading cheer via USPS! You know the "gift hunt" you enjoyed most and the box you wrapped so precisely? That's this in a box. My package of love. I send these year round to my niece and nephew and honestly, I don't know which "end" has more fun.

3// Dinner with the hubs at....the Masonic Lodge. It was a first for us. I'm not nearly educated enough on the Masonary Organization to yet form a genuine opinion but I can say the apple pie was good, so good that I had seconds. (opps!) I can also say that one song of the night resounded with me, I loved the lyric "Be still, I will fight this battle for you".

4// The debates still out on if these are  pumpkin cupcakes or pumpkin muffins either way, I'll be making more of them for all of next weeks gatherings....hmmm,mmmm,good!

5// WOD time! Thanks to my Elf4Health buddy Erin...I found out about Sophie.
She's an inspiration to thousands sharing daily WODS that pack results and once you get over the "I'm dieing" feel incredible and ready for the next one.

Take a moment to reflect on the big and small things that make your week more beautiful.


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Unknown said...

Looks like you had a great week! I wish it felt more like Christmas :( Wahh!

Annie said...

I'm so glad you guys finally caught up with Old Saint Nick! What a cute family picture :) Have a great weekend, girl!

Beth said...

Hi Kristine! Look like you had a fun week! I think I am going to try your Elf 4 Health workout- I need something new to change up my workout routine. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Your family is so adorable!! Merry Christmas to you all!

Melissa said...

Your blog is usually the first one I read each morning and always look forward to it!! You always have such insightful things to say :) AND I love the Santa picture, your family is so cute! p.s. Thanks for the kind words you wrote on my blog :)) It made my day!!

Katie said...

number 4- yum!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Virginia Tech t-shirt! I'm a Hokie myself! Found your blog from Lauren's link up and i'm inspired by your healthy holidays!

Alyssa said...

Those pumpkin cupcake/muffins look so good! I say without frosting they are muffins and with they are cupcakes! (:
Found you from H5FF! You can find me here:

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

love that pic! :) I can't believe it took 3 hours though..

henning love said...

whether cupcakes or muffins they looks super yummy to me!!

Lynette Marie said...

I just went through your blog a bit, looking a lot at the fitness posts, and I love them! You look GORGEOUS! I've just been getting into fitness the last year or so, and have dropped about 25 pounds in the last year. I'm looking to drop about ten more and to tone up, and your blog has motivated me even further! I'd kill to look like you now, let alone after two babies! Lookin' good, lady. Hello from your newest follower :)

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

Thank you Lynette! I have a perma-grin now! I'm so glad you took time to poke around older posts, that means so much :)
I just did the same on your blog...and to call you gorgeous is an look fantastic, I love your fashion posts and your fitness story is so motivating. You're proof that dedication pays off and if you want it, you can get it! Keep up the good work!!!

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

mmmmm, they are so yummy! It's hard to only eat one!

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

I like your thinking! Someone else told me to call them muffins then you won't feel so guilty about eating more than one!

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

Seriously! We couldn't believe it either. I kept thinking there's got to be a way to have two Santa's and keep it secret from the kiddos! 3 hours is ridiculous...

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

Merry Christmas to you Kaity!!

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

Go Hokies! We're so excited for the game this week!

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

Do it! It's been lots of fun! I've learned so much through it and met lots of great people :)
Merry Christmas to you too!

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