Saturday, February 2, 2013

I want to talk to you! No-Reply Blogger FIX!!!

no reply blogger fix, how to change no reply blogger setting

You know what makes me happy? ALL you new readers! You know what makes me sad?
no-reply bloggers!!!

I was a no-reply blogger for the longest time until a sweet blogger sent me a link to correct the problem-o! I want to do that for each one of you but some of you don't list your email on your blogs, or your connected to Google+ with no information available on the profile, or your blogger profile  is not set up to show your blog. Insert big, really big sad face.

I love to interact with each of you and it's a total bummer to see <>
AKA the blackhole. You peeps will never see my reply to your sweet comments and most likely feel that no one is taking the time to talk back with you. Blogging is fun, no doubt, but what makes it successful, rewarding and really worthwhile are the relationships developed here. I want to talk back and forth with you but if you are set as a no-reply blogger it becomes difficult.

How to correct the no-reply blogger issue...

*start in your blogger dashboard

it's easy! Takes one minute and makes all the difference! While your in this screen of "edit blogger profile" you can poke around and update your profile picture, link your blogs URL, show multiple blogs or select to show only your active ones, as well as choose to show a list of blogs you follow or hide it!

Oh, and one more thing...if you've linked your blog to Google+ you will need to unlink. You must do this first in order to access your blogger profile. Need help with that? No worries, got you covered!

Start in your blogger dashboard. Click on the settings icon wheel, it's next to the language options at top of screen. From there you have the option to "connect to Google+" // "disconnect from Google+" select this and follow prompts. I was connected to Google+, I actually like Google+ and use it almost daily. Do you? If you're not using Google+ as a media outlet then there isn't much reason to link blog profile to it. More so, if you haven't updated your Google+ profile to show your email address, blog link, and other social media links there is no real reason to link blogger to it, this only creates a dead end for those who want to communicate with you.

Back to the real subject of no-reply've gotta unlink Google+ go back and follow steps above to open the doors of communication :) after a few days have passed you can re-link to Google+ and your blogger settings should stay the same. Even though I like Google+ I have chosen not to re-link my profile. I've left it as the standard blogger profile and upload my post URL's into my google+ feed since I'm no longer prompted to share with Google+ after each publish.

Hope this helps!!!
I'm excited to be able to reply to your comments!!

*I used the clipping tool available on Vista for these screenshots, I realize it is not the best quality but it still serves the purpose. If you need any help with these steps send an email...

**don't forget all ad spaces half off  w/ code 50NOW...super cheap, super fun!

ONE MORE THING...if you worry about how to turn off captcha check out this post!!!

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Lisa said...

omg i know how you feel! I hate when i can't respond to someone!

Inge Lakawa said...

xD glad you can

visit my blog ^^

Jen said...

Not being able to reply to someone makes me very sad!!

Julie Lynn said...

Thanks for the post! There is so much to learn with being a new blogger. Love your blog! Hope you enjoy your weekend!!!

Emma said...

do you know how to add your blog link to the profile that shows up when you click on your picture under someone's follower list? (that may have made no sense... but when i click on some of my followers their link shows before "sites i follow" and for some it doesn't)


Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

I tried what you just described and if I followed you then I think I know what you mean....clicking on a follower opens Google Friends Connect that shows pic, name, blog URL link, and the list of blogs that person follows. It matches everything the blogger has configured her blogger profile to show. So if a blogger chooses -not to- edit profile (selecting to share profile, show blogs they've created, show blogs they follow, show email address, etc.) then their GFC square profile will offer you no way to contact them. Total Bummer!!

Lynette Marie said...

Here was something I always wondered.. how come when I reply to my own comments on my blog, I can respond right there in the comments, but when you or a few others respond to my comments in your own blogs, it doesn't show up on your actual post but it goes straight to my e-mail? I don't mind either way, it's just a setting I haven't found or been able to finagle one way or another!

Summer Martin said...

Hmmm.. for me it goes to my Google + account I can't figure out how to get to my blogger profile!!

Summer x

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

I responded to this comment first through my email account.
Blogger sends any comments to my email. From there I read and respond, this way I am SURE that Lynette (a super awesome bloggy friend, check her out) gets my response to her comment. But 'you all' have no clue what I actually wrote back to her because my response no longer shows up on the blog. And GET THIS...Lynette has no idea about 'this comment' unless she decides to check back on this post later in her day. (b/c it sends her no notification)!! Can you believe that? So if this is your only way of replying to your comments--->then most likely your comment is not being seen :(

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

At the top, right side of dashboard page is the little wheel thingy for settings. there you'll find the option to "revert back to old blogger". Select that and save!

Beth Boone said...

I believe that I fixed mine!! Thank you so much for the heads up! Someone else had mentioned it before but I had no clue how to fix it! You're awesome!! Xo

Janine said...

Thanks for sharing this and the tip about how to reply to the person's email too! I have been replying on my blog and I bet a lot of people haven't been getting my replies! :)

Janine xx
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Kimberly said...

so important! I get discouraged also when there is a no reply comment blogger. I always respond to every comment.

Katherine Newsom said...

I saw someone else's comment on my blog the other day about my profile being a "no reply blogger" so I was really glad to see this today! Thanks so much!

Katrina said...

Awesome information for those using blogger! Very simple and easy to follow. Keep up the great post! look forward to seeing more. Oh and I followed a twitter hashtag to find you. #bloghelp
Yours in Gratitude,

L.A. said...

Thanks so much! I think I fixed mine! As a new blogger, I am so thankful for all the helpful hints that I an get! I am having fun experimenting, but it is so refreshing when experienced, successful bloggers like you share advice! Thank you! Thank you!
LA :)
I am a new follower...stop by and visit

Jen said...

Yes! I don't like no reply bloggers either and what I HATE even more is proving I'm not a robot. I swear robots must be smarter than me because I can never read that stuff!

The Places I Grow said...

Thank you so much for always helping me! You are making my new blog easier each day!!

Mary Sauer said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I'm a new follower after clicking over from the GFC blog hop!

Brittany GraceAnn said...

Great tips! I'm your newest follower :-) Glad we found each other!! XO

Amber Dionisio said...

I hate, hate, hate No Reply Bloggers too. Every time someone posts that is a no reply blogger I try to reach out and help them. You know, saving the blogging world 1 no reply blogger at a time.

Found you through the GFC Blog Hop.

xoxo Amber
Obviously Obsessed

Mionna H. said...

WHAT A LIFESAVER!! I just read about no-reply bloggers two seconds ago on another blog and was wondering if that was me. Thanks to you, I figured it IT WAS!! (Was because you helped me fix it!!) I'm a new blogger so every little bit of information helps!! Thanks so much for your information. Now I can interact with others like I'm supposed to be interacting.

Laney said...

then I feel like the biggest idiot and like a dumb blonde b/c I'm connected to google plus and even by what you say i still dont understand. i know self explanatory right. I make things harder than they have to be.

Laney said...

I'm a new blogger too and all this junk confuses the heck out of me.

Laney said...

WOW!!!! Finally...after being patient and just looking around and paying attention I got it. now updating my profile. and then will hit save and I hope I'm then able to hear back from you sweetie.

p.s. what may be simple to some, isnt always simple to others. esp if they make things harder than they have to be.

Julie-Becoming A Navy Wife said...

Kristine! I finally figured it out! (I think) I guess I skimmed passed the last section of your post thinking that I had fixed it through your initial instruction, but realized that I was linked to the Google+ account. I was wondering why my screen didn't appear as yours did in the photos you have...(blonde moment). Thanks for the heads up! I hope it works this time!!!

Caravan Sonnet said...

Kristine! :) I just mentioned you on Emily's website {Newlywed Moments} about this! :) Hahaha Here is what I commented on her recent post about being a no reply blogger:

Haha I thought I HAD fixed this and kept reading some great posts on how to fix this and was shaking my head thinking "why aren't people doing this?" hehehe... BUT then my AMAZING "big" Kristine from emailed me and told me I wasn't! hahaha SO thankful that there are great posts like this to help us along this blogging journey!
{AND for the BIGS & littles blogging network!}

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the tip and letting me know I had this problem. I had no idea! Very helpful. I hope/think I fixed this?! I don't understand Google+ at all. I have it on my cell phone so that I can upload cell phone images to my blog. But outside of that I don't really get it. The problem I always have is that I can't associate my gmail account with my blogger account (why they don't let you is BEYOND me) on login. But then I can upload photos from my phone which is associated with my gmail account. I never connected the two so how is Blogger able to grab the images from my phone. I'm beyond confused with it all! My wish would be to have my email (gmail) account tied to Blogger and Google +. You'd think this is possible, right? :)
Anyway....thank you so much again! Maybe I'll get some followers now! :)

Cindy Jade said...

I hope it works now! Thanks for the tip!!

oruade maxwell said...

great work man,

nashwa nabil said...

Hope to see our faculty site, thanks in advance

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