Monday, February 25, 2013

Let's Celebrate! With a $250 GIVEAWAY!!!

giveaway, VISA giveaway, blogger giveaway, heartshapedsweat

How many ways can you spend 250 free dollars??? 
I'll give you a crazy number of ways to win the $250 VISA and you figure all the ways to spend it!

Heart Shaped Sweat has grown so much over the last few months! It's amazing to see all that has happened here and I'm excited for all that's to come. I couldn't have made it this far without the support from each of you! I'm so thankful for you little loves of mine :)

Helping me celebrate are 24 beautiful ladies...we're giving away a $250 VISA to one lucky reader! The options and entries are endless. With so many wonderful ladies and all the ways to get to know each one of them, I wouldn't dare limit your options!

Sooooooo get to clicking, making friends, and crossing fingers for the winnings!
giveaway, VISA giveaway, blogger giveaway, heartshapedsweat
aMileInHerBoots, TheDomesticGeek, GraceForGayle, TheDomesticatedWorkingWoman, AnnieOneCanCook

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All entries will be verified, please be honest. 
Winner is chosen by and will be contacted via email. 
Winner has 48 hours to respond before another is selected.

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Jaime said...

I would probably use it to get my boyfriend a new Iphone since he is getting close to being eligible for his birthday and because he never asks for anything. :)

Lauren | My Polished Side Blog said...

I would use it to most likely go on a shopping spree!

Stephanie said...

Shopping online probably. Fabulous giveaway! Stopping by from SITS :) Have a great week!!!

Diary of a Debutante

Ashlee :) said...

I would probably buy myself and my fiance some things for our honeymoon :)

Jill said...

I would save it to spend on Vacation this summer!

Meggan Morehead said...

I'm going to Miami at the end of March and would definitely be spending it on clothes and accessories for the trip!


justme5686 said...

I'd probably buy diapers and baby clothes. We're a little skint these days.

Niki Caron said...

I would put the money towards some furniture or decor for our new house!

Kelly said...

I would put the money toward taking a little weekend getaway :)

Jen said...

Wonderful giveaway! :)

Mags Pomichowski said...

Just started following you and your blog looks great! I'd put the money towards an ipad so I could blog more easily.


Beth Boone said...

Clothes shopping, duh! :)

Breanna said...

I would probably save it or maybe put it towards a vacation sometime :)

Rena m said...

I would probably buy all my sisters something and then save it towards something important. =)

Deidre said...

aw, what a great giveaway!

Heather Paulding said...

I am itching fot a new breakfast nook;)

Emmy Barnes said...

I would use the money to send my parents on their special 30th anniversary surprise trip. They have done a lot for me and I would love to surprise them.


Alycia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alycia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lex said...

Home decor :)

Alycia said...

This giveaway is brilliant! Being relatively new to the blogosphere, I'm excited to connect and see what you all have to share. Hmmm...what to do with extra cash? This girl is in need of some pampering, massage time!

Kim said...

Such a great giveaway! Would use it to redo a room in my house, little things but much needed.

kateprs said...

Even though I have never won a giveaway, I am following you now via GFC in hopes of it. I'd spend the money on fixing the brakes on my car. Jk.. but maybe. I'd love to win it so I can get birthday gifts for all my family members this year (along with a denim and/or military jacket for myself). Anyway, thanks for the opportunity!!

Kate @ A Journey in Style

Blush and Barbells said...

Thanks for this giveaway! Hmm, how would I spend this money...maybe on hiking gear!

Janna Renee said...

Woohoo! Definitely seeing new faces on my blog between this giveaway and Kelly's! Great job, beautiful ;)

Emily B said...

I would put it toward our anniversary trip to NY this summer.

Amanda said...

I would put it towards a getaway with my husband!

Bekah Walsh said...

Awesome! Looking forward to checking out some new blogs. Our laptop is dying at a pretty rapid pace, so it would probably go towards a new one so I can keep blogging. :)

Lacey_Renea said...

I'd probably use it for a couple of conferences I'm hoping to attend!

Denise Curtis said...

I would put it in my "I'm Moving to LA Fund!"

Unknown said...

shopping spree? iphone? I don't even know!!

Christina Kelly said...

Sprucing up my master bedroom for sure!

Katie Contests said...

Chasing Texas: GFC widget on her website is broken.
Kimberly's Korner: Website is listed as private. Cannot view.

Laura @ Chaotic Domestic said...

My parents anniversary is coming up... so I'd get them something nice!

Sara Hinton said...

I LOVE your blog! So glad I found it through the GFC Hop today. I'm always looking for new, motivational blogs to read and I love your attitude about living a fit lifestyle. :)
-Sara @ The Hinton Hook-Up

Anonymous said...

Giveaways are a great way to celebrate! Hmm I think I would have to put the $250 towards wedding planning :)

sleepy headed mom said...

We just bought a house so I would spend it towards fixing it up or decorating.

Karlee said...

I would use it towards a new stove and microwave! Is it lame that new appliances excite me!??!? Haha! Love your blog - you are an inspiration!!

Halie Renee said...

Paying for stuff for my wedding!!!

ChrissyBernal said...

I would put it towards my daughter's EP! :)

Elena Vo said...

I'd put it towards textbooks for the summer semester!

Tempie said...

I would probably use it to buy some new workout gear and use part of it to pay for a half-marathon race entry fee.

I accidentally entered the wrong name on the RSS follow : it should be The Texas Peach. I thought it meant Twitter name, which is thetxpeach. Just wanted to clarify that.

Anonymous said...

baby on the way!

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