Friday, February 22, 2013

Love me a FRIDAY!

I had said an extra prayer for the snow to come our way but apparently my prayer wasn't heard!
We would have loved a snow day at home! We're hoping to take our youngest to the circus this weekend. Anyone have experience with taking a 2 year old to the circus? We know he'll love seeing the animals, we're just a little worried he won't agree to "taking a seat" for the show! My bestie is coming in town, I couldn't be more excited about spending the weekend with her! Hubs and I are looking forward to getting our butts in the gym tomorrow morning. It's been a week  -jam packed-  with all things work, we've missed our workouts some kind of bad!!! Let's get through this workday and on to the weekend!


1// He doesn't like the way he looks in this picture....opps! I love it and so it makes an appearance. We celebrated our anniversary this past week. More on that fun here.

2// a long run would have been a great fix for the week I've had but food, wine, and an old friend was even better.

3// can you even see the necklace? It's a nesting doll, totally kitchy and I love it. I wanted 10 of them.

4// my boys and I just before bedtime. pretty much the best part of our weeknights.

5// to be extra sure that everyone's week gets off to the right start.....
I'm hosting a HUGE giveaway on Monday!!! There are 20+ beautiful, incredible ladies joining me!
So, come back ---------> Monday! meanwhile, go enter this one...lots of ad space and giftcards!

Take a moment to reflect.....
on the big and small things that make your week more beautiful.

Any big plans for your weekend? 
Are you snowed in? Loving it or hating it?

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Kimberly said...

I love the picture of you and your boys! This weekend we are suppose to have some snow. I could send some your way? Actually I LOVE when it snows. I am sooooooo looking forward to your big giveaway!!!

Katie said...

i love picture 1 - so cute! i was really hoping for a snow day today too - we did get snow but I guess not enough! ready for the work day to be over too!!

Beth said...

Good Morning! Our "blizzard" here in Iowa was a disappointment, I kind of like the feeling of being snowed in. Great pics this week and definitely looking forward to the giveaway on Monday!

Laura said...

Happy anniversary! Love that pic of you and your husband!
Sorry you didn't get snow this week... you could've gladly had ours! :) We had snow but no snow day.
Happy Friday! Great giveaway at Domestic Geek... and can't wait to see what's in store next week!

Rachel said...

Love that pic of u 2! We also have no snow here in Cville! But all the schools are cancelled...

jackie jade said...

fun week for you - have fun at the circus too. that necklace is too cute. new follower from the friday blog hop!

Jen said...

Have fun at the Circus I'm sure your 2 year old will be just fine. :) Have a great weekend.

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

I am not snowed in - I don't even know how I'm not! Crazy. I think your hubby looks great in that photo - you both do! My husband hates every photo I take and then gets mad at me for putting them on my blog. Oops. Oh well :)

Have a great weekend!!!

Annie said...

Aww what a fab week!! I really love the picture of you and the hubs. We got 17" of snow in KS (gag) so if you're looking for a snowy getaway, look no further, ha.

Bev said...

such a cute pic of you and your man!! i think you both look great!

you have a gorg family girlie!

Found you through the H54F linkup! xo, Bev

Dash Interiors said...

Awww I love the picture of y ou two! YOur darling
FOllowing you!

Have a GREAT weekend

Julie-Becoming A Navy Wife said...

No snow in PA either! We are hoping for some as well. We have great hills near my home and love us some sled riding! It's the best! I hope you all have fun at the circus…love the pictures as usual!!! Happy Friday my friend

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

Happy Friday! Hope you had a great one and hope your weekend is even greater. I like the pic of you and your hubby. are those boots you're wearing? from what i can see. they look cute.

snow...haha...we rarely get snow in southwest GA. when we do it's every blue moon or every 6 to 9 yrs. 2 yrs from now we got snow. But what we are seeing though and will til wednesday is....RAIN.

soon we'll need a boat like noah had during the flood.

Unknown said...

I will gladly box up some of our snow and send it to you. I am so over the white stuff, its driving me crazy! We are looking at another storm this weekend. Not so happy about that! Have a blast at the circus!

Unknown said...

Sadly it will never snow where I am. Hot freaking Texas! Can't even bring out a cashmere sweater without getting a heat stroke, lol.

Oh I can't wait until #5! So excited!!!!!


~Anchored In Christ~ said...

# 5 sounds interesting although I dont have any luck. if I didnt have bad luck I'd have no luck at all.

Lindsay Erin said...

I love that picture of you and your hubby! (I registered to win with Domestic Goddess - thanks for the direction)

L.A. said...

Hi Kristine...we can't get rid of our snow here! (I do love it, though!) I finished my sister's scarf...and in the same post ('m reminded of those "small things and big things" that make life more beautiful!

I really admire the positive attitude that you portray on your blog! :)
LA :)

Unknown said...

you and your hubs are so cute!!! we got the snow- but here in Chicago it takes a lot to get us "snowed in"... but i wish!!! SO EXCITED for the giveaway coming up on Monday!!!! XO

Unknown said...

Hope you have fun at the circus and your little one sits down :) Have fun with your friend too and I hope you find some time at the with the hubs!

Laila said...

I wish the snow came back for us! Found you through the blog hop:)

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