Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How Do You Search for New Friends?

What to do when your're procrastinating?
When you should be doing more productive things than just staring at your computer screen?
Check the search terms that lead people to your blog....

hot military girl in dress (ah, now I know why that's a number one viewed post)
image of people quitting exercise (what?! you'd never find that here!)
mommy fitness blog (yay!!)
what does a woman wear to military ball (I really hoped they liked my dresses!)
heart shaped asses (I laugh! I think some also call that an "onion butt")
healthy snacks (score! I need to do more post like this, yes?)
aquaphlor (this tickles me pink, I carry it more than my cell phone)
encouraging words for reaching goals (by far, my favorite!)

Obviously these lookers weren't out to find new blogs to follow but if they were I'd hope they'd stumble upon me today. I'm introducing you to 3 beautiful ladies, each unique and simply awesome in all bloggy ways. Take some time to hop over and say Hi! it's great to find new friends! And, since it's almost Valentine's Day...I did a little digging of my own and made sure to link in their love stories! You know, for all of you romantic peeps that can't pass up a once upon a time, how it all began love story...

Meet Kimberly!
Kimberlys Korner featured at Heart Shaped Sweat
She's been blogging since 2009, hanging with the best of them! She's a giver, the sentimental kind. Kimberly has a huge heart and has shown her support for many causes like this and this. When she's not spoiling her children and her pup Tucker, you might find her in the city watching a Broadway Show, taking in the beauty of Paterson Fallstouring the Cowboys Stadium or cheering for the Yankees. She's a Jersey girl and fittingly shares beautiful and saddening pictures of the Jersey Shore. A shortcut to getting to know Kimberly is here in her 10 things about me and I recommend you keep up with her weekly Everyday Advice Series! She has a strong, loyal readership in which she offers advice to and gains from. We all love advice from a pro, right? Here's a sweet message to long lasting marriages and what I bet is the best promise he ever kept with her!

Be sure to get by Kimberly's Korner and say Hello!!! I'm know you'll enjoy her blog, as much as I do!

And now meet Emma!
Chasing Texas featured at Heart Shaped Sweat
She may have started her blog with intentions of posting all things "weddings" but you'll only find one post on that subject unless you count this one, then it's two. Emma has a funny bone and shows it in post like how to become someone else and her weekly recaps of the Bachelor, she even inserts humor on serious subjects like being radioactive for the weekend. I mean, who else can say dinosaurs had a lot to do with meeting their fiance? Read about that and her incredibly sweet surprise engagement story here.  Chat over coffee or take this shortcut to get to know her better in her facts of me post.

Whatever, whichever way you click, be sure to head over to Chasing Texas and say Hello!!!

And....Meet Jen!
Team Bowen featured at Heart Shaped Sweat
She's a stroller striding momma who can make a regular maxi dress look bombshell even at 30+ weeks pregnant. She's not scared of a drill or hand sander, has an insane mason jar collection, and has mastered many pins like these dispensers, organization, and holiday decor. If you ever wondered how your great grandmother made bread or how to squeeze in more veggies and fruits by juicing, she's got you covered. Thai Curry Stir Fry anyone? Oh, rather a cheesey dish? Should we skip dinner and go straight for dessert? Eat on-the-go kind of gal? Try homemade granola bars. And because we're all a bunch of saps, here's a pastor's wife love story.

Take your pick and hop over to Team Bowen, go say Hello!

So there's a ton of search terms and links to their blogs!
Get to clicking!!! I know you'll enjoy getting to know them as much as I have!

Don't be shy, go say Hi :)

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Kimberly said...

Thanks so much!

noel bressler said...

Hilarious search words!! I've had some pretty random phrases myself! What a great idea for a post, I'll def be hopping over to check out the two whose blog I don't already follow!

Unknown said...

hot military girl in dress! you go girl! I like the new intro. I will hop on over to visit Kimberly and Emma later today!

Rachel said...

I love seeing the search terms that lead to my blog! They crack me up!

Annie said...

I love the search terms (especially 'hot military girl in dress'--so true!)!! You are an inspiration to so many--glad to see that more and more people are discovering that!!

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