Friday, February 15, 2013

Love me a FRIDAY

Ever feel like saying that when you answer the phone? I do. All the time.
I must answer some 300,586,894,345 phone calls a day.
Hello is so old now...I would rather say YELLOW!
Silly, I know. Cheesy and dorky? only if you say so but I like it and it throws people off and other times like when it's my husband or friends they name a color. Yes. It is silly. But silly is good, right?! Silly makes boring things better. Silly brightens the day, ahhhh just like the color yellow.


1// sweet valentines from my boys.

2// these were a little hard to give away. and a little hard to make. I loved Beth's idea to do chocolate on chocolate. who can resist that treat? but I didn't think this through. I overfilled the bowls with cake batter, which of course caused a disaster in my oven, which I still haven't cleaned. YELLOW!

3// more valentine fun! He bought us tickets to Carrie Underwood. ah!!! I can hardly wait, beyond excited for this!! He knew I, so badly, wanted to go to this concert but tickets were sold out within the first week, well except for random seats at ends of rows. who wants those?! I heart this gift big time. I gave him beacoup time at the shooting range. Man's army, man owns gun, man needs to get in the shooting range and fire off a few!

4// this is a time that you're happy to see things "half empty" Landon got his hands on an 800 count box of toothpicks and of course had to test gravity.

5// watch out Justin Beiber. Lance now knows how to use PicMonkey. I noticed it on his laptop and
got all kinds of excited. What blogging mom wouldn't?! He said he had seen it on my PC but didn't understand how to use it. This is his first creation! We then moved on to creating a gmail account for him. Took fooooorever to decide the perfect email address. He's been begging for a Facebook account...what do you all think? He's turning 13 this summer, I feel like it might be time?! When do kids get a FB account?

Take a moment to reflect.....
on the big and small things that make your week more beautiful.

P.S. There are still no-reply commenters....and it's poopie! I'd love to write back and carry on talking with you but it's sticky tricky when you're a no-reply blogger. Pretty please see this post and fix it! AND....
I loved everyone's input from last weeks giveaway questions!! Thank you! I hope to work on it this weekend, let me know if you want to be added to the email list! I'd love to have you join us!!

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Kimberly said...

How exciting your going to see Carrie Underwood! looks like you had a nice Valentine's day.

Jaime said...

Hahaha, I love that Justin Bieber picture! And Carrie Underwood will be a blast! I love see her in concert!

Stopping by from the linkup :)


Jen said...

I am so excited that you get to see Carrie Underwood she is soooooo amazing live. :)

Lacey at Sunny + Turquoise said...

I'm popping in after seeing you linked up to H54F :) That chocolate looks heavenly eeek, I think I'll have to try that! Lucky for the Carrie Underwood tickets too!!


Bev said...

OMG I always pick up saying YELLOW and I get crap from my dad telling me that I answer the phone like my grandpa used to LOL

I love your heart shaped chocolate on chocolate!! Looks scrummy and super duper sweet!

And I hateeee when I spill toothpicks!! I always find them later down the weeks and months under here and there :/

Found you through the H54F linkup!! xo, Bev

Caravan Sonnet said...

hahaha I love the idea of saying "yellow"! ANYTHING to make it a little different and just have some good laughs! :) Great question about what age to allow kids to have a facebook account! I'm not a mom yet but I still think about these things! My brother and sis-in-law allowed their kids to get fb accounts when they were teenagers but I am curious about what other people do!

Lynette Marie said...

Bahahahha that pic of Justin Bieber... so amazing.
And I don't know what that chocolate concoction in the corner is, but it's haunting me and egging me on to leave my sick bed and find some chocolate somewhere!

Lindsay @ Pursuit of Pink said...

I'm so jealous of your Carrie Underwood tickets! Enjoy it, she's so fab. What an awesome present.

Beth said...

Ahhhh! Carrie Underwood - SO Jealous! Have a fantastic time! LOVE the heart cakes, they are gorgeous, sorry they were such a hassle... It's amazing what seems like a good idea until you actually get into it! Have a great weekend Friend!

Melissa said...

I'm not a mom so i feel like i probably can't comment on this... but if i were i would try to avoid a facebook account for as long as you can because there is no taking it back! :) Have a great weekend!

Julie-Becoming A Navy Wife said...

I say "Yellllow" all the time!!! Great word! lol. As for Facebook, I'm with Melissa...once you get one there is no going back...It's a great question though! Maybe let him have it, but you have to have the password or have to be "friends" with him so you can check in from time to time. Good luck and happy Friday!

Ami @ a champagne dream said...

Hi, I'm a new follower. I love your blog, and I especially love the gift your boys made for you. Aren't those kinds of gifts the best gifts? :)

a champagne dream

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Okay I love you, dying over the YELLOW comment! I LOVE answering the phone like that! Loved you wrote after saying you hadn't cleaned your oven yet, ha! Okay, I WANT ONE OF THOSE CAKES! Did you seriously give those away for V day??? SO SO CUTE!

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

I'm with ya on the hello part and you wanna say yellow. But sometimes I just have the notion to go YELLOW, GREEN, RED. LOL I love answering the phone here when a telemarketer calls and just pinch my nose and talk thru my nose and act like I cant understand them or tell them they have the wrong number and the person they want no longer lives here. its always funny to me.

as for the concert tickets. I know you're gonna have a blast. Carrie Underwood rocks. She rocked it at the music awards here lately. I love her performance. I always do.

as for the facebook thing.....I cant give my input b/c i dont have any kids of my own. but i was with a guy who had a child. i was with him for 7 yrs. his daughter had a fb but he controlled it. all stuff came to his email and all. like friend approvals and all. so he had to accept them

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

those cakes did look delicious and were very cute. :D

Anonymous said...

Im ur new follower from the blog hop :)

Janna Renee said...

That Just Beiber picture is HILARIOUS. My husband still doesn't know what Picmonkey is, so I would be excited too ;)

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