Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Simply Lilac

Wear any sport brand dry-fit lycra for days in a row then change it up with a silk peasant tunic, pale skinnies and shiny flats. Take time to curl your hair, add a necklace and switch out your Baby G-Shock for stacked bracelets. Then count the compliments as they come rolling in.

And remind yourself you should do this more often.

What do they call this look? It takes little to no thought, follows the rules of skinnies and flats yet defies the JCrew half front tuck? I'm calling it my I said no to scrubs, Tuesday work look. easy and comfortable. professional enough and still casual. I do fret a little over the skinnies and flats since I'm 5'8 and can rarely find a pair of skinnies long enough to really "skim" the ankle. But whatever, it felt good to be "dressed" with my hair did. It's been a little too long.

Working less days and having the option to wear scurbs on days I do go in... makes it really easy to choose ceil blue Greys Anatomy scrubs. Girls, agree these things feel just like pajama's? Flipping closets and dressers for the change of seasons and figuring consignment, goodwill, or movers section are other good reason to just skip the whole I tried to get dressed today look. Plus workout clothes? Don't get me started.  I've def been slacking here and it's time I square things away so I can piece together outfits that don't have Nike on the chest or Livestrong across the back. ahem, this will be part of my Be All The Way Strong.

Here's a blooper for your enjoyment....
ps. all clothes and jewelry are NY&Co.

Why the jewelry?

My friend Lindsay over at Pursuit of Pink along with Emily are hosting a link up on Thursday called
What's Your Favorite Accessory. My wedding ring of course is my absolute favorite accessory and if you've been around awhile then you might know what I really think is the best accessory. These two pieces are of no real monetary value, bear no designer name but are still of my "favorites". My oldest and I were out shopping, I was 8 months pregnant and having absolutely no fun with anything clothes, shoes or jewelry related shopping. My baby shower was that same weekend. Lance being the sweetie he is, helped me pick out this necklace and the thank you for stacking my bracelets set. Anytime I wear these pieces I think of that day and my baby shower. kinda sweet like that :)

Have a favorite piece of jewelry? Be sure to link up with them tomorrow and/or check in for fun inspiration!

Another new and fun fashion/style link up Trending Pretty. Hosted by Adrienne over at Black White Color. Be sure to check it out and join the fun. It's her little baby, just debuted last week!

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Jennifer said...

I love this look and this post. The outfit is gorgeous on you.

Unknown said...

I love NY&Co! Especially their coupons! Such a super cute outfit =) Love reading my Friend!

Samantha said...

Pretty lady! I have the same problem with skinnies, too, ugh. I have finally found a style at the Limited though that seem to be long enough for my long legs!

Katie said...

i love the color of your top - so pretty! and that jewelry is perfect with it!

Cereal with Chopsticks said...

Your top is a great colour!

Lindsay @ Pursuit of Pink said...

You look great, I love your hair like that!
And thanks for the shoutout about the link up.

Unknown said...

that first pic of you is so pretty! so natural!!!

Happy hump day!

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

What gorgeous photos! Lilac is so great for spring. And where can I get your backside? :) Wow, girl!

Mrs C said...

The black pumps just popped against the light colored ensemble.. brilliant!


Laura said...

Lilac looks great on you! And great accessories! Love the wavy hair too!

Hailey Stoner said...

Skinny Jeans are just amazing! I LOVE them and have to make myself show love to others in my closet. They will be put away when it's 100 degrees here in ATL this summer, but not forgotten. :)
Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

Jenn @ WLB said...

You look so pretty! and do you think if I do enough squats and lunges I can make my butt look like that in skinnies?! hhaa
With Luck Blog

Unknown said...

Love the necklace! Its a great piece!

Jen said...

That color is gorgeous on you!!! :)

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

Rockin' that camera doll! You look gorgeous as ALWAYS. :D

Dash Interiors said...

Sooooo cute girl! I totally did a fashion post today too! Yours is cuter tho ;)

Amy said...

Love this outfit!! And the colors!

Melissa said...

Hey girl! You look so cute! This color looks great on you! Hope all is well!

Maxine said...

Love it ;-)... the outfit that is! and ps- we're both tall. So I totally understand the short skinny problems!

Unknown said...

You make fashion look effortless and chic. Love it! Esther Norine Designs

Unknown said...

I love this look, it's casual yet very put together!

Helene said...

I LOVE this color on you! so pretty!

FitTravelerAJ said...

You look SO pretty in this outfit! Perfect for spring. I'm sure its super nice to live in workout clothes, but it makes it even better to put on nice clothes and get complimented!


Anonymous said...

You are adorable :) You're hair is gorgeous and you look effortless! I'm so jealous of this look!

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