Monday, December 17, 2012

"Healthy" Holiday Tips & a GIVEAWAY

I know, I know it's not even Christmas yet and we're already talking New Years?!
But just like Christmas, the New Year will be here before you know it.
I've teamed up with a bloggy friend to offer you a few special treats to stay Beautiful in the New Year!

Before you get all "click happy" take a minute and check out these tips to help you have healthy holidays!
In case you missed my Healthy Holiday Tips shared on Laura's blog, I'm sharing a quick recap!

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Definitely give yourself "calories burned points" for cleaning. It can seriously work up a sweat!
I turn to healthy dishes like veggie pizza's, bruschetta, pumpkin dips, fun fruits like cranberries, and bites instead of cakes to be sure of good eats while at a holiday party. The more color, the better the food choices for your body. And choosing these healthier foods will eliminate the "portion control" worries.

Stay active, people! There's nothing worse than feeling tired after having done nothing! That happens after sitting around chatting, eating and sipping. We'd be much happier if we were tired from a day of mingling, dancing, and oh, say, snow sledding! So if possible, take a cue from the kids and get the party outside and active!

Always, always allow time for yourself. It's so easy to neglect ourselves during this busy time of the year and it's sure to backfire. Allow some time for yourself each day, whether that time is spent working out, reading, painting your nails, whatever you do in your "you time" make the time for it!

And you know, I'd mention water! Never leave home without it.

Now for the GIVEAWAY!!!

We all know that beauty comes from within but a little shimmer and sparkle never hurts!
Annie from Annie One Can Cook came up with the idea of a Beautiful New Year Giveaway. I was more than happy to contribute items and co-host for a beautiful you, beautiful New Year Giyveaway. Tricia also threw in a pair of her beautifully made, edgy owl earrings. Be sure to check her Etsy shop for more unique jewelry pieces!

Enter below and cross your fingers!

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Unknown said...

Great Healthy Holiday tips! Let's see if I can keep them up with all the yummy food hanging


Nike O.

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

These are great tips! I need to pin this. Seriously - especially having a treat, eating it slowly and enjoying it. I always thought taking one bite of something, realizing I love it, and then shoving four in my face was the way to do go. Aaaaand that's why I feel gross right now. :)

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

You can do it!!!
Happy Holidays to you and yours :)

Ashlyn said...

I love the part about eating "A" treat haha...something for me to remember ;)

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

I've been guilty of that too!
But if we remember the "gross" feeling instead of the "yumminess" we'll be less likely to pig out again!

Pin away, Niki! It's fun to share quick helpful tips like these :)

Melissa said...

Great post with some great tips!! I've actually been looking into some holiday races :)

Ashley said...

I've been trying to get healthier over the holidays... no easy task! New follower to your blog! Can't wait to read on.

Kerry said...

Favorite Beauty tip:
Drink Water
White eyeshadow on inner corner of your eyes, makes you look awake.
Apply undereye concealer with ring finger.

Jordan said...

Favorite beauty tip: stay hydrated and moisturize!

Jill said...

Wash your makeup off every night.

Lynette Marie said...

My favorite beauty tip is to protect your eye area: it's the first to show age or make your makeup look cakey!

Anonymous said...

My favorite beauty tip that I learned the hard way is: to look younger, don't overpluck your eyebrows!

Alaine88 said...

Wash and moisturize everyday!!

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