Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gathered Answers and a Few Suggestions...

I've had bad blogger manners. 4 of these bad boys have come way. And I never acted on any of them until now! And's a little late, according to the rules. So, I figured it would still be fair and lots of fun to play with the idea behind it. You've got questions. I've got answers. I dug back into some archives and grabbed a few questions from each blogger that so thoughtfully sent it my way...

I sincerely appreciated each one and loved that someone had me on their mind and gave a shout out. I genuinely care about the interaction here in this little corner. I started this journey completely clueless. Literally. The last time I fooled with HTML was MySpace. And how many years ago was that?! While learning codes, my writing style, my passion for this blog, realizing I should start using twitter again, balancing this crazy new 'obsession' to check emails, write posts, edit photo's and learn more....I've gotten to know some wonderful ladies and gained a better understanding to what it means when someone says 'the blogging community is close knit and one of a kind'.

So, this week, when the Liebster Award (yes, that's the bases of all of this) showed itself again, I realized what an ass I had been for not going through it with it...technically it's for blogs of 200 or less, so I'm putting my own little spin on it, no award here and no award passed along. I now see it as a chance to share a little about me and as a chance to direct a reader to another open door of.... hello, friend! And a real time to.......

If you're upset or offended by me at this point...I understand but say, don't be. Pretty please?!

random tidbits
1. I envy my dog, she has it made
2. I like to clean and fold laundry but hate to put it away
3. I'm not keen on waterparks much prefer poolside or oceanfront
4. I can fold my tongue into a 3 leaf clover
5. I have 1,000 too many seashells
6. I'm clumsy. like stub my toe, hit head into cabinet door clumsy
7. I love days with open sun roofs and/or endless roads to run
8. My husband and my boys mean the world to me
9. I straighten my already stick straight hair
10. My first bike was green, complete with bears, banana seat, streamers and spoke beads
11. I will always drop my 5th glass of vodka//ginger. always.

their questions no particular order, grabbed 3 from each
Beth - Q1 - What's one thing you couldn't live without?
easy. my aquaphlor. Had a serious chapstick addiction throughout highschool that advanced to an aquaphlor addiction in my 20's, holding strong in my 30's.

Beth - Q2 - What is your color crush right now?
Love seeing coral, mint, and grey together. Die for camel colored leather. Hubs loves pink so I kind of have to like it too.

Beth - Q3 - Where do you like to travel?
I've always wanted to see Australia  While living in Hawaii, my bestie flew out to stay with me for 2 weeks, I took her all around the island beaches, bars, tourists spots and local loves. Then she flew to Australia for two weeks, when she came back it was obvious that Australia was better than Oahu...making it a top spot on places I must see!

Melissa - Q4 - What is always on your DVR?
I hardly ever watch TV. I've tried to change but default back to getting off  the couch and engrossed in something. I'm obnoxious like that. Anways, I marathon through Happy Endings, Chelsea Lately, New Girl, True Blood, and I'll admit....Army Wives.

Melissa - Q5 - Where can you be found during the weekends?
Most weekends are filled with backyard fun dodging piles of dog poo or a local park/playground. Family is the center of our weekends. But hubs and I like to also drink ourselves silly....once or twice a month you'll find us with drinks at our mouths or up in the air as we dance like we're 21 again.

Melissa - Q6 - Favorite thing about blogging?
I have sooooo many favorites about blogging! I love reading everyone's stories and pieces of advice, I find some serious humor, inspirationknowledge, and comfort in this blogging world. I love that it's endless. It's always evolving. I love the outlet and feeling like I may be helping someone. Each and every comment or conversation through email means so much to me, blogging adds to the happiness in each of my days.

Brooke - Q6- Surefire way to snap out of a bad mood?
A good sweat session or singing my heart out are surefire ways for me to beat any bad mood. There was once a time I prayed that God would help me memorize school studies the way I could memorize lyrics. And, you know me well enough to believe me saying a sweat session is the answer to any bad mood.

Brooke - Q7 - Favorite Movie?
I'm terrible, I mean horrible at remembering movie titles and even the content! Really, we should be asking my husband this question, he'd know better than me. But, the ones that have stuck in the memory box -range from Iron Jawed Angels, Taken to We Bought a Zoo.

Brooke - Q8 - What will 2013 hold for you?
This year is full of changes. Being a military family requires us to move every few years and this is that year. I'll stop working sometime in May or June when our 'house' is packed and shipped away. We'll bum around, vacation and live with my sisters family for the remainder of our summer. I'll cry. alot. And we'll settle into Colorado early August. We'll get back to the 'regular' ways of the Army.

Candin - Q9 - Why did you start blogging?
In all honesty, Pinterest lead me to blogging. Each pin lead to amazing blogs, I started telling my husband...hey, I want to do that! If it weren't for his encouragement I would probably still be saying that.

Candin - Q10 - Early to bed or early to rise?
Neither. I seriously suck at getting up early in the mornings. And I nearly have a panic attack if I even walk the hall, down to my room before 10pm...

Candin - Q11 - What do you do to relax?
This requires taking my shoes off. I'm known to wear my shoes until the last minute of every day. Hubs will tell me to sit down and he'll take my shoes off, he knows it's a mental game for me. If my shoes are on, I'm busy. But...girly things, sunbathing, watching my boys, reading, neighborhood walks, and silence.

Typically, this is the point you nominate 11 bloggers and throw out 11 questions. I haven't followed the rules yet, so instead, choose to point you in the direction of some awesome readers of Heart Shaped Sweat....
(Liebster Award recognizes up and coming bloggers of 200 or less followers....At least I stuck to that rule below!)

Other than the chics hanging to the right and my fave blog designer hanging to the left here are some chica's who deserve a look, a read, a cheers, a friend, encouragement, a pass through...see for yourself.

{of no order}
Design Your Dwelling
Lynette Marie
Annie One Can Cook
True Colours Blog
The Pin Junkie
Domesticated Working Woman
A Little Bolt of Life
The Adventures of our Army Life
Bits of Brooke
Humble Haro Adobe
Team Bowen

That list could have gone on and on!! I'm beyond grateful for all the relationships that have developed here. I'm forever blown away by the number of people that comment and interact with me and the same for those that quietly read along. Huge Thank YOU's to Melissa, Beth, Brooke and Candin for growing with me and sending the Liebster Award my way. (Thanks for letting me play this out, my way. It was fun!!)

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Jen said...

So excited for your new adventure this year. I'm sure you will love Colorado. :) Thank you so much for the shout out at the end! :) Have a great day sweet friend.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love reading your blog. Your stories are so inspirational to me and I appreciate everything you share! Also, I am sure Colorado is going to hold some new and exciting memories. I have been told it is one of the best places to live and raise a family. I am terrible with change but my dad (who is very good with adjusting to change) always tells me, "each change is a new opportunity, embrace each opportunity because you never know where it will lead you." I hope you and your family have a wonderful, fun weekend.

Katherine said...

<3 your picture!

~Mom Wife Boss Life~ said...

Thanks for taking the time to do this! I feel bad because I skipped a liebster award awhile back cause I just didn't have time! I'll be checking out some of those blogs for sure!

xx Kelly

Lynette Marie said...

Aw, thanks for mentioning me! I come to your blog almost daily to see what you're up to! And when I'm feeling unmotivated to work out LOL. You've got the body I'm working hard for, girl! :)

Kimberly said...

Nice to learn a bit more about you. I take my shoes off as soon as come home - I am a slipper girl. I went to Colorado once and it was one of my favorite places. It beautiful there.

Annie said...

Thanks for the shout out, Miss Kristine! Loved learning more about you--you're an amazing lady, mamma, and blogger! I liked your comment about family weekends and boozing nights--I don't drink very often but we're celebrating my mamma-in-laws 50th birthday party tonight and I bought 3 bottles of Moscato to celebrate.. I have a feeling this night isn't going to end well for anyone.. :)

Unknown said...

Omg I absolutely loved the honesty in your post!! LOVED it! And thank you so much for the shout out! Seriously made my day... or month! haha! I love that you straighten your already straight hair! made me giggle!

Unknown said...

I found your blog on the blog hop and now I am now your newest follower, would you please due the same for me?

ALLIE NYC said...

Congratulations! Yes blogging can be very rewarding, it is A LOT of work but worth it! Following on bloglovin.

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