Monday, January 21, 2013

Get it Done with Planks + a Vlog for YOU!

Muscle. Fat. Do you believe the fact - muscle burns more calories than fat?
The more strength in our bodies the more calories we burn. Even when doing nothing.

Working out is hard. But, hey, blogging is hard work too and we're doing that :) It takes time and commitment to see the changes we're hoping for. It takes serious persistence to meet our goals. We all have it within us. We just have to channel it. For some it's as easy as posting a fit pic on our fridge. Others have it good by simply lacing up. Some of us need a shopping spree at Dicks to get us moving. And a few of us need facts, truth and matching fitness routines.

Where do you fall? What have I left out? I'm a little of everything listed above. Primarily though...I need facts, I need truth and a manageable routine. Aside from the gym 3x's a week, I try to plank each day, stretch each day and when weather permits I throw the kid in the stroller and head out for a run. Biggest motivation ??? is the simple fact, - muscle burns more calories than fat.

Some of us workout with the hopes to live longer lives. But my guess is that most of us work out to loose weight and maintain weight. Being aware of the calories burned each day will help assure this happens. Good for you, like major kuddo's, if you track and journal your daily food consumption. I don't think I could handle another to-do, instead I mentally track my activity level. I like food. I love salads, meats, pastas and yes, the occasional fast food meal. Too track all of that would be insane for me. What comes easy for me is being aware of my activity levels each day. This tells me if I've put out what I've taken in.

Lifting weights is the fastest way to build muscle. It's pretty obvious this will build dense muscle, creating fires for our consumed calories. But how many of us have weights laying around? I have 6 dumb bells and 1 kettle bell and a 30 pound toddler. Know what I pick up the most? The 30 pound load of cuteness. But, I know I'm still toning on my off days from the gym because I plank. Yes, we're totally going to "talk" about planking.

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Everyone should try planking. Planks engage almost every muscle in the body, simultaneously  How's that for an all in one workout? Lovely. I try to plank everyday. Once you get it you'll see it's actually, meditative. I joined the plank a day challenge a few months back and after 30 days was holding a half plank for 4:15. To do this I did many, many variations of the standard plank.

I worked up the nerve to do a vlog - showing a few of my favorite variations of the plank!
Hubby recorded, geez was I nervous and damn did he chew gum and sniffle the whole time, excuse us!

Have a look!!!

Pick one, pick two, pick all. Start with 10 seconds holds, increase to 30 seconds, wow yourself by combining and alternating the plank positions. Just try it. I promise you, you feel amazing.

Planks strengthen core muscles which in turn strengthens back muscles. Perfect combination for good posture. Arms, shoulders, back, glutes, quads and hamstrings 'all' burn during the hold and alternation of planks. Planks will maximize your balance and stability. Planks are no joke. I can't say enough about them.

Remember, your knees are always the resting point. Keep your head in line with your spine, tuck the tailbone. And, breathe through the holds. Try using a timer and aim to increase your time by just a few seconds each day. Always listen to your body. Keep in mind, I am just another girl working on her fitness!
And hoping to build muscle and burn a few calories, even while sleeping.

So tell me.... how are you feeling about planks right now? how was that for a first time vlog?
The floor's all yours :)

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Kotryna Bass said...

you just reminded, I haven't done my work-out today.bad me, well done to u.

Ashley said...

You better work with those planks :-) !!!!! Those are seriously the best workout because it works your entire body!!

Beth said...

You're a rockstar! Nice work on the vlog!!

Lindsay Erin said...

You did a great vlog!! Great examples!

Melissa said...

This such a great post!!! I love the vlog and all the tips!! You make planks almost seem fun :)

Lynette Marie said...

I'm gonna need to try these for sure. I usually shy away from planks (because they hurt like murder, duh) but I'm trying to find more workouts that tone me all over, and tone my butt, because bathing suit season is right around the corner, and I ain't tryna look gross. :)

The HOME GIRL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The HOME GIRL said...

Hey Kristine! Thanks so much for sharing this! Along with all my home makeovers I'm in the process of doing, I'm also trying to makeover my body! There are some great tips, and there's no cost! I especially loved that you said "Working out is hard. But, hey, blogging is hard work too and we're doing that!" A good reminder that we do take the time for what's important to us! Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog! I'll be following yours as well! Have a great day! =D

Lauren said...

Seriously love your blog- wonderful reminders of why we do the things we force ourselves to do everyday!! Also, great first video!!

Jamie said...

I should try these pregnant. I wonder if I would even be able to hold my weight at all.

Unknown said...

Love this post!!! Planks are very important :) I followed you from the blog hop so hopefully you could follow me back and suggest some excercises for me :) :) Thanks for the great info!!

Helene said...

this is awesome!! plants are so great. i need to do some of those right about now!

Laura said...

You are so awesome!! Planks are so good for the core. Great post & love the vblog. you gotta do those more! xo, Laura

Unknown said...

Dang! 4+ minutes in a plank?!? I'm impressed! I do like planks and know that isotonic exercises can produce some amazing results.

Katie said...

you are impressive! I miss working out and doing planks and weights and all that! I'll be excited to get back in shape after a baby!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for this, I can't believe it is your first vlog, you look like you have done this a hundred times before. I might try do that plank challenge you mentioned (just for me) and do a plank a day for a month.

Janine xx

Jana said...

I just found your blog from Hooah and Hiccups and I'm so glad I did! I had my little man 4 months ago and I just got back to the gym for the first time last week. So I'm on the journey of losing my baby weight and getting my body back. :) Thanks for all of the plank ideas--I'll for sure be using them to tighten my abs. :)

Jana @ life could be a dream

Desirae said...

Love the vlog! Thanks for co-hosting with me this week! You've inspired me to do planks this week!

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