Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I will style you 'til Spring...eShakti!

We've had days of rain and one solitary day of snow. Know what that's left us with? Swamp land.
Dirt tracked through the house, heels sinking 3 inches deep and the smelliest of dogs. What is it about a wet dog that repels me so much? I can happily say the rain has finally moved out and the snow has melted. The sun is shining and the dog has had a bath.

While they couldn't predict the weather in my hometown or the photographer of the day.....
they could predict the fit of this dress. When eShakti offered me this dress, finding the perfect fit was easy. I sent off a few measurements and within days this custom styled dress was at my doorstep. 

eshakti, blogger product review, denim dress,
I was thrilled to slip into this dress and happy to find it zipped to a 'perfect fit'. The length is of most appropriate, the neckline flirty, cap sleeves so sweet, and each dart & stitch delicately done. eShakti delivered as they promised. Considering it's still brrrrrr-y winter, I'll be waiting a few months to wear this dress as is. In the 'meanwhile' layering will do. I grabbed a few pieces from the closet and created three looks that should carry this dress until warmer weather. I don't normally layer over a dress but when it's made to fit your body, layering was easy and comfortable. Not once did I have that feeling of puffiness, you know - the kind that makes you want to instantly rip your scarf and coat off? The dress felt like a slip underneath the layers....

eshakti, blogger product review, denim dress,

I promise you, one look at their site and your wallet will appear to your left. ok, maybe your right. They give what they promise, a perfectly created piece, just your size, catering from 0-36. They're site is growing and evolving to fit trends of every women's needs. You'll find pieces from vintage to nautical, A-line to pencil, even bridesmaids dresses. Have a look for yourself.

*obv's this was a product review. opinions are all my own.

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Alisa Marie said...

Love how you layered over the dress! I never would have thought about doing that! I would have though it would be too bulky, but it's not at all! What a fantastic and versatile dress!

Janna Renee said...

Look at you Miss Model! You look amazing and wear the clothes so well!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Cute! I love all of the ways you styled it.

Stopping by via Shanna's link up :)

Lauren @ Style Elixir said...

oh my gosh - Kristine, I LOVE how you layered in the first photo - the pink sweater, white shirt and belt look amazing!! And that dress is perfect on you, I love when you try things on and they just work! It's super cute with the boots too - love how you've completely changed the look by adding a couple of different pieces... so talented! :)

Thanks so much again for linking up with Style Sessions this week - it was lovely to have you! I look forward to seeing you next Tuesday afternoon!

Lauren x

Unknown said...

What a perfect fit. I keep hearing about this website and seeing some beautiful clothes they have sent to bloggers, I really need to look at buying myself a dress from their website soon (I am petite with a very athletic figure but with some curves so I struggle to get a perfect fit!) I came over from the random Wednesday linkup to say hello and really like your blog (I have been reading through) so am now following :)

Janine xx

Hailey Stoner said...

I love that dress! So cute and layered over, amazing. My eShakti dress was almost delivered yesterday! I left my signature to make sure they left it today. I will really have to take outfit pics now.
Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

Suzanne said...

That dress fits you perfectly! It is gorgeous. Plus all the outfits you made with it are stunning! Just found you via the blog hop. Glad I did!


Mia Maree said...

I love the cut of that dress! And what a great way for your readers to get different ideas how to wear it!


Lindsay Erin said...

I'm sharing my dress tomorrow! I love the site! You look fab in the dress - love how you layered it.

Because Shanna Said So said...

High five!!! Love all the looks!! That dress you got is killer!!! They do have some crazy amazing things!! You are just straight up gorg!! Thanks a million for linking up!! Xoxo

Annie said...

I think I said this on IG, but I have total shoe envy for your boots! LOVE them! You are adorable--love all the outfits!

Unknown said...

That dress looks amazing on you!


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