Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Where in the Blogging World is She?!?

I have other whereabouts than today's a wanna be fashion post!! Betchya can't guess the where/what/why?!

Find me with

My bloggy friend, Lindsay @ Pursuit of Pink invited me to guest post! Suggesting something fitness related.
I figured with the buzz of New Years Resolutions...I would offer some of my best writing and focus on encouragement for making your fitness and health goals work for life, not just a year!
I'm thrilled to spend the day with her and her readers :)

You can stop reading this....made-up, self gratifying post and check out the real tips, time now!
And anyways...Lindsay's blog is packed with makeup tips, fashion fun, and other real life lessons, I'm betting you may also find a new blog to follow :)

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