Thursday, May 16, 2013

30 miles in 30 days update!

belles isle running trails, rva running trails

I'm excited to finally be linking up with Nikki for 30 miles in 30 days!
I've been doing my best to log miles for the month. I had some knee trouble this month and still kinda do but I'm working on with it. Resting my knee and doing less impact sports made a huge difference. It was hard to be told not to run but listening to that advice, paid off. Rekita even told me "let those knees rest". You were all right! And really, this too is a part of "Being All The Way Strong".

Last weeks recap is here, it explains how I got miles even though I wasn't running that week. Then Saturday finally came. Saturday was a 5K race that I had signed up to do with my friend. It would be her first ever race and my first run in almost 2 weeks. I panicked and was a nervous wreck for at least an hour before the race. But to my relief, all went well. I even PR'ed that night! Then today, I met up with her again and we took on more of a scenic, terrain route. It was alot of fun and being more adventerous like that made the running seem easier and the time faster. But let me be honest.... the trail was b.r.u.t.a.l. Temps were in the 90's, rocks, roots, fallen trees, railroads, bridges, bikers, sunbathers, and probably a group or two of tokers were along the 3.5 mile trek. It was incredibly fun despite the hard work and we decided that's our new thing each Wednesday! We will master that trail and improve!
If you notice I started my Runkeeper late and stopped it early?! My friend did hers right, that's how we know the total distance!

Thanks to a lot of KT Tape, rest, and a knee strap I feel like I'm back. I feel strong enough to run again and am doing it with very little pain afterwards! Good thing because hubs and I are signed up for a filthy muddy 5K this Friday night... you bet there are obstacles and mud pits and a cold beer or two involved!

This week's mileage:
Saturdays Neon Glow Run 5K = 3 miles
Wednesdays River Trail Run = 3.5 miles

Total so far for May:
22 miles!!!!

I want to know how you are doing this month!

If you signed up for the Summer Kickoff Virtual 5K....
welcome emails went out yesterday!!!

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Amanda aka Manda said...

You're doing awesome! 22 miles already even with your knee! You are such an inspiration! And I'm loving being all the way strong. (Although my computer is being silly and won't let me get the button! I wanted to add it to my post for tomorrow!)

Unknown said...

That is awesome lady!! Great job!

The Pink Growl said...

Killin it! You are such an inspiration!

Wine and Summer said...

This is awesome! You're doing so well.

Kaylin said...

like this challenge, I think I am going to join!!!

Little Miss Kimberly Ann said...

Get it girl! I wish I would've seen this link up earlier in the month, because I totally would've hopped on. Keep it up!

Lindsay @ Pursuit of Pink said...

Go girl! You are killing those miles.

Jessica said...

Do you like your patella band? I think I need one. Where did you get it/what size is it? I cant seem to find one that stays up! I hear they are good for plyometrics also. I'm afraid plyo is what is going to tear my knees up...

Unknown said...

Great job on your run! Sounds awesome! Glad to hear you are keeping up with your 30 miles in 30 days even with a hurt knee!


Helene said...

you are so tiny and cute and inspirational!

Unknown said...

Wow, you can really be proud of yourself! Awesome achievement!

Unknown said...

Way to go!!! I have like 22-23 miles in for my 31milesin31days! I had no idea there was a link up!! LOL! This is also apart of my #allthewaystrong for May!! :)

Katherine said...

great job girlie!

Nicole said...

Great job! Keep it up!

CocoinMagnolia said...

Man you rock. Such an inspiration you are. I will do cardio today and the day after and the after after looking at your rockin bod!

Janna Renee said...

Since I haven't been able to run, I have been killing it on the elliptical. Itching to run, though :)

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Darren Demers said...

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