Thursday, April 25, 2013

Island Green Smoothie

Island Green Smoothie

Blend these ingredients first...
handful of finely chopped Kale
handful of chopped spinach
1/4 c. coconut milk
1/2 c. mango Greek yogurt
1/2 c. traditional oats

Then add...
chopped mango
chopped kiwi
cup of pineapple cubes
handful green grapes
sliced banana
Blend and enjoy!
*if none of the above are frozen then add your spinach ice cubes! 

I must admit I was scared to try kale as my "green" in today's smoothie. Kale is known to have a bitter taste. It's also known to hold high amounts of vitamins, antioxidants and fiber even some protein, all the stuff that's good for you! So it was well worth the try. And guess what? I really liked this smoothie!

Last week, Lucas and I took our lunch breaks together, we ordered smoothies and sandwiches. I took notes of what was in the Island Green Smoothie I had ordered and did my best to recreate it. I think I nailed it! I highly recommend you give this one a try. Super nutritious and super delicious!

What's been your favorite smoothie so far?
Have you tried Kale in your smoothie before?
We tried Kale chips again tonight and are starting to really like them. Have you had those before?

Katherine, Ashlee, SallyJezz, and Hope have been posting green smoothie recipes all week.
Be sure to check out their posts, lots of green going on there and the Sun Warrior Giveaway is live through tonight, enter there for Raw Vegan Superfoods :) Also, I've got a fab giveaway here for you too!

Tomorrow is another Green Smoothie Link up!
check here for other green smoothies of this week!

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Jen said...

This looks really good! :)

Kaitlyn (Keeping up with Kaitlyn) said...


Anonymous said...

All that fruit looks soooo delish... I might have to make this one tomorrow!

Unknown said...

i really like kale chips, but the husband hates no dice. He will (reluctantly) drink the juice I make with kale in it though. I use kale, apples, lemon, cucumber, a bit of ginger...I think thats it. There might be one other thing but I'm blanking right now. Love the green :)

Unknown said...

Oh and I'm kind of craving a kiwi now. Been awhile since I've had one and your picture makes it look so yummy!

katie ridings said...

When I saw your first post I started doing one on Monday, loving them. I'm not following a specific recipe just throwing the goods in, but they aren't bad & it makes me feel better knowing i'm getting lots of nutrients.

Cindy said...

I'm trying this one tomorrow!!

Shauna Quintero said...


I started adding spinach to my smoothies and it's true! You can't taste it at all! I can't wait for more summer fruit but I'm thinking of trying to find these ingredients anyway. I'm a smoothie addict.

Unknown said...

This looks awesome! The fruits really are a dream!!! A special "yum" for the delish looking banana!! Actually I didn't know about the bitter taste of kale so I tried it without thinking about it in my very first smoothie :) (Day 1). But there are different kinds of kale with different grades of bitterness, so I really didn't taste any in mine!

Cheers, Elle A.

Ashley said...

Yay I knew that you would love the kale. I had an Island Green yesterday from Tropical Cafe and will defiantly be recreating it this weekend maybe adding coconut. Hope you have a great weekend!

Pree said...

I was hooked from the first picture alone!!
I have use Kale in my smoothies!
It is an acquired taste and you have to balance
it out perfectly to not get that bitter taste!
My favorite smoothie I think - eh can't pick one
all yummy in their own ways lol
I have tried making kale chips twice.
Both times = fail!

Kelly said...

I loveee mango in my smoothies :) I always buy the frozen, pre-cut kind from Trader Joes. It makes my life so much easier!

The Grass Skirt Blog said...

This sounds so yummy! I feel like I've made millions of green smoothies, but I have never added grapes to any of them. I need to try it!

Katherine said...

yeah for kale! looks delicious, Kristine!

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Teresa Halminton said...

The smothie looks so great. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

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