Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Making of a Green Smoothie

Tomorrow starts the Green Smoothie Challenge!
It's really easy, just add one green smoothie to your day for 7 days :) 

How to make a Green Smoothie
pour your chosen liquid into blender first (I use almond milk)
add handfuls of chopped green (spinach, kale, parsley, collard, etc)
add chopped fruit (be creative, use your favorites)
add ice (or spinach ice cubes)
blend and enjoy!

It really is that easy and a green smoothie hardly taste any different than a regular smoothie.

Guarantee the right texture
you need something frozen in your recipe!
make spinach ice cubes
freeze chopped fruit
freeze yogurt
chop greens by hand or knife before adding to blender
pretty much always add a banana

So, why add a green smoothie to your day?
It's what the cool kids are doing! And, it's an easy and yummy way to add nutrition to your every day!
Your smoothie is completely custom to your liking. For example, if it's post workout - I add protein powder and a spoonful of L-glutamine powder. If I'm rushed for work I use milk, spinach icecubes, pineapple, strawberry and banana. If you want more of a detox kind use dandelion leaves, if you feel sick add ginger, honey, orange juice. It's whatever you're in the mood for or whatever you think your body needs.

Katherine who created this challenge for us has done it before, her blog is packed with info and recipes, not to mention some gorgeous photo's! And of course you can count on me to post recipes throughout the week and you should absolutely check out these girls for more!

Katherine - The Real Food Runner
Hope - All Smoothie Recipes
Ashlee - ABpetite
Sally - Forward From the Heart
Jezz - Jezz Dallas Makeup

Over 60 people have signed up for the challenge with us, please join if you haven't yet! Be sure to visit this post and add your name

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Heather May said...

Perfect Timing!! My husband and I were just looking up some green smoothie recipes and I decided to check your site! Count 2 more in!

Blush and Barbells said...

Nice post! I had a green smoothie this morning - 3 carrots, 3 cups of chopped kale, some water, and zipped it up in my Nutribullet. Great start to the day!

Night Owler said...

I eat enough green stuff as it is. LOL I use to have a smoothy maker but sadly left and I'm not going back now to get it. Not worth the hassle or trouble.

Night Owler said...

P.s. Thanked you on my blog hun. :D

Grass Skirt said...

I always start each day with a green smoothie! I think that my body might actually be addicted to them. :) I blog about them constantly!

Emmy @ County Girl In High Heels said...

Definitely going to have to try this! I make smoothies quite often, but have always been a little afraid of adding the "greens" to it for fear it would alter the taste. Thanks for sharing!

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