Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Weekend that Wore Me Out

Japanese Gardens at Maymont

Italian gardens at Maymont

You would think running a race and throwing a birthday party in one weekend (like last weekend) would wear me out, but no this was the weekend that wore me out! It all started Friday with a walk around Richmond's historic 100 acre park. Sweet Landon had the best time exploring and making new friends with the animals. Meanwhile my hip was his sweet spot since seeing everything at the park required 2 hours of walking. This place holds so much beauty, it deserves it's own little post. one day soon I'll get to that!

Moving on to Saturday I devoted an hour and half to weights/strength training. I scored big time by sliding into one of my favorite instructors classes. She always starts with 88 weighted lunges per leg. 88 people. 88. And that's just a mere 5 minutes of her 60 minute class. Afterwards I spent time foam rolling. I've had the weirdest knee issue since last weekends race, each time I run it acts up. Stretching has helped but I feel that adding on foam rolling is also helpful. Too bad, I may have applied to much pressure. Between the park, class and foam rolling I feel like I've been whacked with hammers. no bueno. But Saturday night may also be contributing to this feeling....

chili cookoff 2013 pictures

With little one at grandma's and my oldest at his dads I had the house to myself. Lucas had been at work since 7ish that morning so I cranked up the music and took my sweet time getting ready for a night out. The Army needs their face time and the events they choose to work are sometimes fun ones. Saturdays event was no exception. 8 bands in the line up, chili tasting at every other tent, and a lawn filled with party go-ers was the place the Army chose to recruit. While I'm almost positive they didn't get a single lead they did receive tons of support and gratitude and I'm sure left lasting impressions on curious minds. Once they finished their "job" hubby changed clothes and we finished the night with friends and dancing. Seriously, a good time. Can we all just note that Lucas is actually SMILING in the above pic?!!

I immediately made a green smoothie Sunday morning in an attempt to feel better. I guess you could say it helped. Those shakes are packed with nutrition and hydration. I'm jokingly calling this one the hangover cure. Green smoothies are where it's at...

hangover cure, green smoothie for hangovers

Hope everyone had a FAB weekend and is off to a HAPPY MONDAY!

I hope you're on board for the green smoothie challenge :)
There's a $70 giveaway running in today's kickoff post!

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Jen said...

That is definitely an exhausting weekend, but it sounded great! :) Love the picture of you and your husband.

Mrs. H said...

I will have to check out that park next time we're up in Richmond. Sounds fabulous. Hope your knee starts feeling better.

Dani said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Green smoothie looks good too, can't wait for the challenge!!!

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

Wow...I love the pic of you and your baby with what I think looks like tulips. Is that right. sounds like you need to slow down ma'am. Dont be on the go all the time. Take a breather. Relax. Wow sounds like you had a great weekend. Eventful too and keeps you on your toes. No wonder you are a knock out for your hubby. Hope you have a great Monday and a great rest of the week too. Would love to hear from you.

Unknown said...

You look great! I love your baby man's curly locks!
Sounds like a great/busy weekend!

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

I really like your yellow shorts!

Adrienne @ The Art of Being Black and White said...

I wonder if you will eventually get tired of me telling you how jealous I am of your body?! Hopefully that time isn't now bc I WANT YOUR BODY!!!!!!! I mean do your legs really look like that and is your stomach that flat?!?! Post pregnancy at that! Ugh! Ok I'm done :-)...for now...
My weekend wasn't half as cool as that but I would imagine that your army hubs get to do some pretty cool stuff! Maybe if I win the lotto I could pay you to write me a weekly fitness/food plan?!?! (Woopsy, I said I was done but not really :-))

Jennie said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Mine wore me out also! Even though I did not have a work out like yours on saturday morning!
Happy Monday! Stopping my from weekend shenanigans :)

Brittany Kyte said...

That sounds like such a great time! I just love dancing :)

Sami said...

88 weighted lunges per leg? My leg would fall off haha. I'm so much better at arm strength training then legs and I have my leg day this afternoon. I'll definitely be foam rolling when it's over :)

Janna Renee said...

I LOVE those gardens! That's where we got our engagement photos done!

Samantha said...

Looks like fun! Those flowers are so pretty! What fun time with your hubby :) I wish it was warm enough here for shorts!

Sam said...

Just freaked out when I looked at this post....I was at Maymont Estate on Sunday!! It was my first time there and I was totally obsessed...especially with the gorgeous tulips!! I am currently stalking all of your old posts and getting caught up on your military love story (My husband is the the Marine Corps!)

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