Monday, April 29, 2013

That's the end?

Bummer. Another weekend is done and over. Really it is a bummer.
There's always so much more I want to do before Monday rolls around but oza well.

That guy would be one of those things. I miss him during the week. Mr. Workaholic if you're reading - come home for lunch! Better yet, just call out sick for the rest of your workday. thanks.

Our weekend as per the usual had some workouts and fun fitness.
heartshapedsweat fitness

We had all intentions of just laying around on Saturday but that didn't happen until way after dinner. We started the day with the gym. Good workout never hurt anyone. Moved on to lunch. Could you stuff a few more sprouts in there please? And then walked over to Pigtails and Curls for Landon's first haircut. Excuse me while I go cry. AGAIN. I'm still not over the loss of his long curls. Moving on.... dog walks and a car wash in the driveway. This is serious fun people. At least for a 2 year old.

toddler car wash, heart shaped sweat

toddler car wash, heart shaped sweat
Sunday. Well the entire day escaped me. Long story short. My YMCA had days mixed up between fitness instructor certification training and group resistance band training. yea. leeeetle pissed off about this but I guess there's no harm done as now I have random credits in resistance band training. Not at all what I intended my Sunday to award with me but I'll take it. And now Monday will be spent sending emails and making phone calls to arrange for the actual group instructor class. I'm on a time crunch and would love to see this all happen before our house is packed and we're driving cross country to our new home! Fingers crossed this all falls back into place. Such a little screw up is definitely creating a bit of stress for me!

green smoothie with wild berries

It probably goes without saying but I'll say it anyways. We had 3 delicious green smoothies this weekend :) Check here for the link up if you've been doing this challenge with us! And get in on today's giveaway!

Also, today's the last day to enter the April group giveaway!

Hope you all have a fun Monday and wonderful start to the week!

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Ashley Robyn said...

You did have a busy weekend!! But looks like so much fun. L's haircut is cute!! I love those little blonde locks. :) hehe hope your week flies by and you get all your business taken care of sweet friend. Enjoy

Nicole | Pharr Away said...

"Excuse me while I go cry"...HILARIOUS! I've recently just started to drink a few green smoothies, so I'm excited to go through those links to see/try the different combinations!

Adrienne @ BlackWhiteColor said...

Omg. Look how much fun he had!!!! Absolutely love it!! Your weekends are always way more packed than mine!

Jen said...

So much fun!!!!! :) He looks so happy haha.

Tori G said...

What fantastic pictures! Glad you had a great weekend!

Sally said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! It always makes Monday that much harder when the weekend was so fun.
Come say hi! Forward From The Heart

Becca Moss said...

That first picture, you look gorgeous! Glad you had such a great weekend!

Alex[andra] said...

Those are the sweetest pictures ever! Looking at Landon's smile makes me smile. :)

Dara said...

we are cutting my littlest's hair for his 3rd and I cry just to think about it!
where are you moving to?

Elle A. said...

Hey Kristine!

I had so much fun! Thanks for the challenge and the great inspirations!!!

Elle A.

MorganizewithMe said...

Sorry to hear about the training being changed, I hope it works out for you to get it in before your move. Really enjoy your blog, thanks for the challenge and the link up!

Kaitlyn (Keeping up with Kaitlyn) said...

Where are you moving too?? Sounds like you had a fun weekend, minus the Sunday mix up :(

Samantha (at) Life Style Love said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Your smoothies always look so yummy - I need to try one of your recipes sometime soon. I remember washing cars, bikes, etc. in my parents driveway when I was little :) Those are such fun memories and such a good way to be outside in the nice weather! LOVE reading your blog :) xo said...

Looks like a great weekend! I too LOVE green smoothies! ;)

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