Monday, March 11, 2013

Update & March Madness {Link UP}

I hope you've had a chance to link up and hop around the Monday Mingling Hop!!!

Just last week I shared two goals for the month of March. I feel really good about the 30in30 challenge, so far I've squeezed in 12 of the 30 miles! And remember the cleanse I told you about? We're done! WoooHooo! Honestly, I can't even express how happy I am with having finished all 7 days. There were some serious moments of temptation. It didn't take much for my mind to wander to foods other than the allowed ones of the day. Our usual food prep for the week has improved drastically and the fridge is overflowing with healthy snacks//deserts. The cleanse had a great effect on all of us. I'm excited to share the details with you later in the week! Meanwhile check out this MADNESS!!

Perception Is Everything

I'm starting to think Janna over at Perception is Everything can read minds. This is all her idea and I love it!
Do you ever feel like you're spinning your wheels? Getting everything done for the day but never really ready for the weeks to come? Janna's idea for March Madness is a fun link-up that will help us hold each other accountable. Simply create a to-do list and share it! It can be anything from fitness to fashion, school to work, home projects to budget challenges. "All that matters is that you tackle something from your list and we'll help you be accountable"! It's just what I need to get my booty in gear with ALL my to-do's!

Today's focus is fitness related.
I'm excited to be in this weeks madness and able to invite you all to join!

March Madness {Fitness} to-do's...
- try a local barre class
- complete my 30in30 challenge
- set a 6 mile PR in preparation for next months 10K
- be at the gym 2-3x's a week focusing on more cardio and weights
- look into fitness certification classes for the summer
- sign up for another spring race

It may seem like a long list but I love my fitness, it's part of my everyday life! During the summer months I add running to my off-nights from the gym but this year I've decided to start early. Running makes a huge difference in my endurance and appearance. I'll also keep working on extending my plank time. I'm back up to 4 minutes! I should probably add a reward to this list. You'll know I believe in rewarding yourself along the way, so I'm adding new running shoes. I need//want them badly. Any suggestions?

With summer lingering at just a few months away, now is the perfect time to create your "fit" to-do list!
If you've already posted one for the month, you can link that up too!

Be sure to visit Perception is Everything and say Hello!! 
Can't wait to see ALL that you have planned for this month :) We'll cheer each other on!

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Unknown said...

Love seeing you as a co-host for Monday Mingling. The goal idea is great. I try to set goals at the beginning of every month for myself to accomplish. And writing them down to be held accountable REALLY helps!

Amy Shaughnessy said...

Good job finishing the cleanse!


P!nky said...

Those are some great goals girlie! I'm sure you will rock them out!

Love the 30 in 30 idea too! I've run a few already this month, should have started tracking. Maybe I"ll jump in late :)!


Jen said...

Those are awesome goals, you will do great! :)

Martha said...

Love the goals! I have so many...and not enough time! Guess I just need to start small...not so overwhelming that way, right?

Unknown said...

Those are super good goals! Get that PR! And if you're lookin for kicks, Asics 2000 series are great if you need a little stability, and Brooks PureFlows are ridiculous and feel like they're hugging your feet.

Happy trails!

A said...

What a great idea! Thanks so much for hosting!!

Steph at {Halfway} a Grown-Up said...

my brother works for Nike out in Portland and got me a pair of Nike Frees 3.0 for Christmas. they were an adjustment at first from what I'd been running in (they weigh next to nothing), but I definitely would recommend them!

Megan Wadsworth said...

Good luck with your goals!! I totally need to sign up for a race, it's been far too long!

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