Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chew on This

*note...this may not make much sense to you until you read my Food for Thought post. It was my most shared post, created countless conversations and spurred many to join in the cleanse with me! It's also where you will find the exact cleanse I followed. 

We all know what healthy eating means. Sure, there are questions about chai seeds, sprinkle flax seed where and omega who??? But generally speaking we have an understanding for how to eat healthy. We're taught from weeee ages the main food groups by reference of a not.so.fancy triangle visual, emphasizing the importance of eating fruits and vegetables at an abundance. So, while knowledge is power in the realm of all things, healthy eating becomes successful more often by motivation and understanding our own bodies. Each of which is different for everyone. It is important to feel in control of our eating habits instead of feeling like our cravings control us. To conquer this, we must be motivated by something and we must have understanding and respect for how our bodies react to food.  I found motivation in the last bite of my second batch of cookies. I found motivation in the uneasy feeling in my favorite pair of jeans. Motivation comes from a desire to be better. A desire to reach a standard set by oneself. Be careful not to gain motivation solely after what others have, that my friends is pseudo. I thought I understood foods pretty well but I came out of this cleanse with a few ah-ha moments that helped me understand so much more.

review of the eat your heart out cleanse, tips for cleansing
The cleanse I chose worked wonders for me and my family. Considering how many have already asked, yes, we did loose weight. Lucas and I both lost 7 pounds. But again, we weren't in it for the weight loss. And I promise you, you will most likely gain back any weight lost as soon as you return starchy, white foods to your diet. At least I did. In just 4 days, I gained back half the weight lost. This cleanse eliminates all grains, bread, pasta, nuts, cheese, and shelf life snacks, pretty much anything starchy or loaded with carbs. When balancing your diet between all food groups, your body will find it's happy weight. I know my number is not less than 7 pounds. The next popular question involved applying this cleanse to a paleo diet. Yes, absolutely. Once you hit day 4, the paleo diet would require you to use soy based products. It's surprising how many appetizing products have been made for those to consume without taking from animals.

tips for eat your heart out cleanse, tips for doing a cleanse

basically eat the rainbow and eat as much as you want. The night before wash and cut all purchased fruit.
Prep baggies and containers for the entire day so you can grab and go each of your snacks and meals. Think convenience. You will feel hungry as this is the first day of the cleanse and while fruit offers loads of nutrition and hydration, the calorie count is relatively low leaving you with constant reminders of an empty stomach. Get creative. Try spices and seasonings such as nutmeg and cinnamon to kick up the flavor in simple fruits like peaches. For dinner consider spaghetti squash. We found spaghetti squash to be rather satisfying. It's an easy meal, ready in an hour. Omit any and all sauces for this "spaghetti" instead use a dash of salt and pepper. If cooked just right (which is easy) spaghetti squash offers a sweet taste and nice change to the many little bites you've had all day. We used this recipe. Shoveling fork lifts fulls of spaghetti squash weighed us down enough to fall asleep without any nagging hunger pains. (banana's and tomatoes are not allowed this day, zucchini and squash are indeed fruits)

vegetable cleanse

Pig out on celery, carrots, spicy cucumbers (we used this recipe), pickles, asparagus, bell peppers, and salads w/ the smallest amount of dressing. Again, prep for convenience. It's an understatement to simply say you'll be ready for dinner by 10am. Holy melon balls, I was hungry, almost felt delusional. We chose stir fry for dinner and the pan did not heat up fast enough. Munching on edamame while dinner simmered made life better. Once served, we practically grabbed fistfuls to fill up our seemingly empty stomachs. We do stir fry often but didn't miss the regular heaps of lo mein or rice. Overloading the stir fry with a huge head of sliced cabbage was an excellent substitution. The one allowed starch of the week was included in tonight's dinner. A potato. The best potato I've ever had. And it was served PLAIN. We noticed achy, crampy muscles from our workouts today. (obvious result of slashing food groups and calories)

fruit and vegetable cleanse

You will enjoy the ease of this day. After two days of only having one type of food to pick from, this day feels much more "buffet like". You think I'm kidding? no way. We had salads for lunch, this time using a warmed avocado for the dressing.  Having the choice between fruits and veggies teaches you a valuable lesson. You will learn in this day what foods can replace your junk food cravings. For dinner we snacked on edamame (we love those things!) and repeated the spaghetti squash with a side of snap peas, green beans and mushrooms all sauteed with garlic//onion. Yum! It really is quite amusing that a dinner like this was so satisfying.  I would have never made this for the family but now we've enjoyed it twice in one week. Do I think we should go vegan or vegetarian?  Heck no, I went to sleep dreaming of day 5.

This was hell for me. I knew it would be. Hubs suffered hanger back on day 1 and today it hit me hard. Banana's hold 100 calories. Most greek yogurts boast servings of only 100 calories. Considering you have an entire day to share 8 of each, it feels as though you're running on fumes. After my crappy morning workout, I felt wiped out. My body simply did not have it's usual calories and fuel to keep me going. I literally performed at only half my typical level. An hour later, I kid you not, I still couldn't bend over without feeling dizzy//lightheaded. The frozen yogurt I had planned for dinner hour was immediately consumed. I wrestled with the idea of making a huge sandwich but instead threw two banana's in the freezer and stuck to the rules. Once the banana's were frozen I sliced them, dumping them into the blender with a cup of yogurt. I gulped that smoothie like a slurpee on a hot summer day. Then cursed the 8 banana rule, took a deep breath and reminded myself, it's only one day. We went to bed early on this day. Like really early. (you may swap the yogurt for skim milk)

cleanse, chicken and tomato dinner

Finally, some meat! And you know what we chose? Rotisserie. yes, rotisserie chicken. Considering we had been eating our hearts out on all things fruit and veggie, the chicken seemed like a gift from above but it actually made us both feel the way you feel after Thanksgiving dinner, full and bursting at the seams. Perhaps this cleanse gave us a bit of insight on better portion control. opps! Your body can easily tolerate fruit and veggies in abundance but meat is another story. Your body will also tell you when it's hungry, something we don't often get the notion of due to senseless snacking and munching. Eating 8 tomatoes in one day is a hard rule to follow. It's recommended that you drink a glass of water with each tomato to reduce reactions with their high acid content. The chicken may be exchanged for turkey. Obvi, lunch meat is not recommended. (P.S. I hate tomatoes, aside from seasonings, this is all in all a boring food day)

cleanse, chicken and vegetable stir fry

At this point, the newness has worn off, old habits//new habits are in place. Those who "juice" can easily start any veggie day with a tall glass. We don't, so we ate on chicken. I'm sorry, do you know a way to eat chicken or cook veggies for breakfast minus the hollandaise sauce? I sure don't, nothing appetizing about starting a day this way. By now you've had enough time to remind yourself that healthy eating is yummy, however the challenge is for 7 days. We had promised ourselves to stick it out til the end. I went on my morning run, dog and kid in tow, and came back full blown "rangry". I scurried to the kitchen, locking tot in highchair, and got to cooking. Veggie and chicken stir fry was ready in 15 minutes flat. Kale chips made for a nice afternoon snack. Later that evening, we found plenty of vegetables and chicken at our friends housewarming party. I'm still impressed with hubs commitment to the cleanse, it does not allow alcohol and that man loves a cold beer, especially on nights out. Speaking of, water only for these 7 days!

miracle soup, eat your heart out cleanse

This soup consists of....nothing. It's runny and smelly and I believe that's what it intends to make of you. Before agreeing to this cleanse I scoured the reviews and read that if you dislike the Miracle soup, repeating day 6 was recommended. After the first spoonful of soup, which even the dog turned a nose to, we chose to drain most the liquid from the soup and eat it as a side to chicken left over from day 6. I also allowed myself fruit. Now, if you're in this to drop some LB's then yes, you should do the soup. I'm pretty certain you would find yourself reading magazines and draining your cell phone battery in the smallest room of the house, all day long. If you are dedicated to this cleanse for the pure reasoning of gaining back a healthier lifestyle then I see no wrong in combining all the days into this one.

tips for cleansing, detox cleanse, weight loss cleanse,

Best advice for this cleanse? 

plan ahead, shop ahead, make it convenient and plentiful.
Success is in preparing snacks//meals the night before and making sure you have plenty to pick from.
Be ready to chop and cook. Use seasonings, think outside of the box.
Do see food as a reward during this cleanse and journal your cravings, if you want.
Focus on your goals, your reasons for doing this.

Are you hungry during a cleanse? 

yes. is it bearable? absolutely.
could guzzling water take away hunger? yes.
Validating the idea that sometimes we confuse hunger with thirst.

Tips from me to you when cleansing....

-do not I repeat, do not go into a grocery sore. It is a brutal experience.
cans, loafs, and cartons will be talking evil smack to you.
-do not open your cabinets//pantry unless you know exactly what you are going in there for.
cans of tuna will look very appetizing. animal crackers will suddenly entice you.
-do not enter a Walmart or a Walmart parking lot.
rage will enter your bones like never before. you're guaranteed to cross paths with every living idiot.
-do not expect the same level of "can do" in your fitness routines.
it just isn't so. due to low amount of fuel you will need to adjust your routine to your bodies reaction.
-do not praise the heavens if your scale shows you a number you haven't seen in months//years.
weight loss can be temporary. only permanent decisions towards healthy living will deliver permanent weight loss. as some of you commented in this post, a cleanse is only a quick fix to unwanted pounds.

Want to try it? Within these 7 days, I promise you will appreciate food in a different way. You will appreciate the ability to eat as much as you'd like without any guilt or heavy gut. You will appreciate the benefits of eating foods that come box free, bag free. Choosing raw and fresh and cooking with, is a challenge to incorporate into your daily living but it's a rewarding one. Eliminating the idea that everything must be dipped, everything must be wrapped in bread or that bread must be drenched in condiments is a healthier way of being and not as hard as once thought. If you're in a rut, considering a healthier lifestyle,  then yes this cleanse//diet//fast//detox (whatever you call it) is a healthy option for breaking free.

Trying a cleanse for the first time, at a 7 day span was the change I needed. I focused on the good, I focused on my reasons for doing this and not all the "can't haves". I made it through the 7 days and was successful. Success is measured differently for each person. There isn't always some universal spectrum of "you did it and you failed". Each one of us sets our own standards which sets our own spectrum of success. You may not want to reset all of your eating habits. You may just want to loose weight the quick, healthy way.
This cleanse will help you achieve either goal in mind.

Woot! Woot! You made it to the end!!!
:) Thank you for all your support & interest!

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Anonymous said...

I would not survive! Props to you! haha

Caravan Sonnet said...

I am so impressed by your dedication to follow this through! Thanks so mich for explaining the whole process and going through everything step by step!
P.S. I owe you an email! Its coming soon :) :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man you have some will power girlfriend. I don't think I would last! All the veggies and fruit look delish though!

Unknown said...

I have been going back and forth with the idea of doing a cleanse. My dad is going to be preparing to climb Mt. McKinley next year so he has to start getting in shape and eating healthy and I think this cleanse would do us both some good! Thank you for sharing and kudos, you guys did awesome!

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

thanks for the update on the cleanse!

Jackie said...

I am really enjoying this, though I have made some mistakes lol i.e. having a pickle & spaghetti squash on veggie day. And today, Day 7, and I'm going to just eat some of the veggie ingredients of the soup instead of the actual soup. St. Patty's Day was a day of much self-restraint b/c I was surrounded by fruits, cheeses, corned beef & cabbage, and plenty of desserts. I also went grocery shopping during to look for WW yogurt (which I couldn't find so I stuck to the milk) and it wasn't too, too bad. I promised myself not to cheat though and I'd drafted my post about the cleanse prior to St. Patty's to make me feel accountable and bad if I'd cheated because I wouldn't be able to say I did it! I also had my family save me some desserts for tomorrow! haha

Jackie said...

PS Congrats and kudos to you!!! I really admire your continuous healthy lifestyle.

Beth Boone said...

I love this!! I will be writing about my experience by the end of the week. Didn't go as well as yours :(

Jill said...

Visiting via the Tea On Tuesday Hop. I now Follow on Blog Lovin'. Have a Great Week!

~ Jill


Shauna Quintero said...

Wow! That's some dedication! My question is...what was the first thing you ate after the cleanse was over???

Martha said...

I've been looking forward to your overview! Thank you for sharing.
I'm still toying with the idea of this cleanse, but yogurt and bananas...all day?? I'm not sure I coud do it!

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

Yes kudos to you girl! I would not be able to handle it, my mind would take over and win. But I love the first of your few tips. lol :)

Unknown said...

this is AWESOME! we did a hardcore cleanse just over a year ago... that led to an entire new lifestyle! we feel UUUUUHMAZING now. It's crazy what a lifetime of a hardcore American diet can do to one's body. SCARY actually. you make me want to cleanse again!!! i love the way it feels like my body "re-sets." congrats on completing your journey! XO

Laura said...

This cleanse seems doable. I mean, I'm sure it would be difficult, but it seems like something that I could do without wanting to kill myself by the end of the week. I'm so happy you got the results you wanted and that you felt great while doing it! I'll definitely keep this in mind for if/when I decide to try this!

Jen said...

Wow you are awesome, not so sure I could do it.

Unknown said...

Your newest follower :)


noel bressler said...

I totally want to be the person that can do cleanses...how do I stop loving food? And not necessarily baaad food...just, ya know, peanut butter toast and cereal types of food? Haha

Julie-Becoming A Navy Wife said...

Dang girl…I love the idea of it, but after reading about it, I just don't know if I could do it. Your will power amazes me!

Unknown said...

I am doing the cleanse starting on Monday! Fortunately, I have no family here and no easter feast for the final day. I will hunker down and do nothing that last day. Did you use the liptons soup packet or no seasonings? Thank you for the tip on the spaghetti squash! I'll be buying bunches of that. Are all squashes a fruit? I like butternut squash.

Madalyn said...

Found you from the linkup earlier this week and am your newest follower as of Thursday 11:32am... Sorry Christine :)

I am going to try this cleanse starting in April. Usually my husband and I do about on cleanse every three months and we are approaching the three month mark quickly!



Vanessa said...

Love this :) I can't do a cleanse, since I'm still breastfeeding, but someday... some time... I want to jump start some healthy eating habits for me and my husband. I also need to get my butt in gear for that dang tough mudder... is there a workout cleanse that you know of? ;) I was putting it off until we got into our new house, yet here we are, still living in our friend's basement with all my workout clothes in storage :( BAH!

Thanks for this post, though. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I would love to try this. I feel like it is one I could do. It's hard to be a hungry, grumpy mom and that is what always stops me. Good for you! Thank you so much for sharing and being honest!!

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

I SO want to try this! Pinning beautiful friend! THANK YOU for linkin up to Sunday FUNday!

Loved your notes at the end! Avoid Walmart! BWAHAHA!

Kristine -The Foley Fam {unedited}

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