Monday, March 4, 2013

2 Challenges for March & Weekend Giggles

Dear Monday, I'm ready for you!
Most Mondays are shadowed by the weekend and are a day we'd all like to postpone. But c'mon's a new month, we're entering a new season, and on a personal note, I've got plans for this month that I'm really excited about! But first giggles from the weekend....

best hug EVER  //   funniest face EVER   //   cutest backpack kid EVER!
tots bday party at Fire It Up   //   nieces 12th bday   //   how much chocolate can you fit in your mouth?!
gym time and MomMeHour time   //   totally did some w/o clothes shopping   //   prepping for the cleanse!

family, fun kind of weekend. just the way we like it...well 3 out of 4 times. ha! we do love our nights out.
My sister and her family moved into a new house this weekend, hubs helped with the moving and unpacking. We want to help them as much as possible especially since we'll be living with them this summer until we PCS. so hubs was a little MIA this weekend. Ok, on to the challenges for this month! Want to join me? Anyone? Spring is less than 20 days away!!

30 in 30 Challenge

Run, walk, or bike 30 miles in 30 days.
It's easier than it sounds. Do some simple math and see what would be required from you to meet this challenge. Maybe 3 miles, 10 times. Or 2 miles, 15 times. Even 1 mile, 30 times gets you to your goal of 30. It's up to you but I encourage you to join me! Exercise is necessary. It's a habit worth creating. It requires just 30 minutes of your 1,440 minute day. If you've been thinking about starting a fitness routine this is a great way to ease into fitness and get your bones moving! The button will stay on the blog through this month and I'll be tweeting my distance with #30in30 (along with 100's of other twips) to help remind everyone to stay active and for accountability! my stats: 4of30
read more on 30in30 here

Eat Your Heart Out Cleanse

I'm in the mood for a cleanse. I believe in cleansing. The word itself is beautiful. Who doesn't like the idea of ridding junk from their lives? This past month has put me in a funk. I'm an all or nothing kind of girl, so when I feel myself carrying stress and leaning towards salty, fattening foods I know it's time to reset the mind and body.
Insert - Eat Your Heart Out Cleanse.
I did a fair amount of research to choose my cleanse. Some of you answered my question about your favorite cleanse and I appreciate the help and guidance more than you know. Julie suggested the Advocare 24-day cleanse (herbs, drinks, shakes and vitamins), Liz suggested the Whole30 plan (paleo diet),  Lynette and Kate both suggested the cleanse I ultimately settled on. Many of you expressed interest in doing a cleanse so I really hope you follow along with me this week :)  Plus, I will need all the motivation and cheer I can get!

Lets see if this cleanse can really make a difference. I'm anxious for the challenge. I won't lie, it will suck.
Tonight's dinner felt much like I imagine the "last dinner' did. (obvi exaggeration) and just before bed I wanted to stuff my face with any and all crumbs of chocolate left in the house (not an exaggeration).
But overall, I really am excited. My husband and my oldest have caught onto my excitement for this challenge too. So much so that they have decided to join me! We start Monday and con't for 7 days straight! Follow along this week - I'll be sharing tips on surviving this particular cleanse, tips on how kids can get involved, and much more!

What are your goals for this month?
Hope you feel refreshed from your weekend and ready to tackle another week!

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Martha said...

I'm TOTALLY on board for the 30 in 30! Running on my lunch break today even! WOOHOO!
The cleanse...well....I dunno. I always worry about the er, um, side effects. Especially at work...

crazyperfectlife said...

The freeze thing is such a good idea with money! What a good day to save! I'm in the process of buying a house and starting to decorate so I would do that this month.. But I think I'll have to wait to start that goal!
Happy march!

Maxine said...

I'm about to go for a run..... half marathon training is so much better in the spring!!! Haha!

Heather Marie said...

love this!! so glad i found it, i am a runner and always think it is fun to do group challenges. a new follower!

Unknown said...

Awesome I am totally motivated by this post, thanks I needed it to get to the gym this afternoon.


Rolled Up Pretty said...

That IS a darling backpack! I want for Radcliff! :)

Jen said...

The hug pictures is so sweet! :)

Melanie Van Wynsberg said...

You're so pretty! Are those your boys in the pictures?

Mary Catherine said...

Love those darling pictures from your weekend! :) And can you come be my personal trainer so I can get into the fit lifestyle with you!? Stopping by from the Monday Mingling Blog Hop, and I'm your newest GFC follower. Hope you have a great week.

Mary Catherine of Fun-A-Day!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

What a fun weekend, I love all the smiles. Glad you decided on the cleanse, hope it works well for you!

Unknown said...

How is your cleanse going? Good for you!

SimplyxClassic said...

Lovely post + photos! I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC? Looking forward to your next post! Good luck on your challenges! xoxo

Julie-Becoming A Navy Wife said...

I have always wanted to do a cleanse! I am having the best time on our road trip but it is killing me. I can't wait to get home and eat healthy again and exercise on a regular basis. I would really love to do one when we get settled and I can't wait to hear about how yours goes!

Janna Renee said...

Do you want to be a co-host for March Madness? I'm going to dedicate this coming Monday to exercise, so you could share your goals for the month :) You are an inspiration to me, so I figured that you and Meg would be perfect for this!

Jennie said...

Love the 30 by 30 challenge! I may try this!

Heather @ From Here to There said...

Hey! I'm somewhat of a new follower, I think I started following from a giveaway but I just ran back into your blog through the hop and really enjoyed what I was reading! I now have you as part of my "daily reads" in bloglovin! I'm very interested in the 30 by 30 challenge, so I may just join you! :)

Jackie said...

I am on Day 6 of Eat Your Heart Out & though it's been difficult at times, I feel great!

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