Tuesday, March 12, 2013

She was Stronger than She Knew...

be thankful, give thanks, be beautiful
Today I had the pleasure of briefly working with a woman whose walk in life I would never want.
Her presence evoked the question "what has happened to you, who has done you wrong?"
Her reactions to normal everyday occurrences confirmed, she had been severely done wrong.
This woman was traumatized and perhaps even a bit brainwashed into thinking the worse of herself.
Someone had held captive all her dreams and wants, someone had stomped her spirit.
Trapping her in a process of feeling undeserving and incapable.
That someone or someones had done worse than just emotional damage to her.
And, it showed when approached by even a gentle strangers touch.

The steps taken to admit she needed our help had already exhausted her. But together, we worked through some strict anxiety and accomplished the clinical pieces necessary to her appointment. And, surprisingly by appointments end she seemed to carry confidence in the resolute to fix herself.

This woman is battered. Her children are battered. They have survived recent years through the help of a shelter and countless strangers. Prior to this her outlook on life was dim, her faith and strength challenged and broken by ways not even mentionable. Some people would give up or become hardened souls but not her. In everything she is given she proclaims graciousness. She takes nothing for granted. She gives with all she can which is simply an expression.

Receiving her thankfulness was quite moving. Her perception on what is guaranteed or promised in life is vastly different than most. Like the perpetual apologizer she gave thanks repeatedly for what is simply my job. what comes naturally to me. and requires no real skill. Feeling her gratitude was eye opening.

While she may have been struggling with the idea of being "worthy" of someones help, she left me struggling with the notion that I don't give thanks enough.

I want to take the time to be more thankful. More thankful of even the smallest of things.
You never know ones walk in life. You never know when an outreached hand can light up a soul or a simple "thank you" can move a mountain.

I had to share this with you all. The thoughts on that woman and the difference she made in my life are just too good to keep to myself. As much as she felt I had done her good, she has no idea the impression she is leaving on the people she meets. It's a sad story to hear of a battered woman and home. It's heartbreaking the defeat they feel and the potential for that cycle to continue. As weak as she thinks she is people like us know better. We know that she broke free and because of her relentless ways in showing appreciation for even tiniest of matters, she is undoubtedly affecting lives in ways she'll never know.

It's good for us to share stories like this and spread good!
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P!nky said...

What a moving story and a strong woman.

When I help others, I constantly find myself WISHING I could do more and being GRATEFUL for what I have.

Annie said...

Wow, this made me tear up--powerful story!! Thank you for sharing!

Jen said...

Wow what an incredible story and woman. Thank you so much for sharing this my friend.

Maxine said...

Such a great story of strength to share. Thanks for posting it today :-)

Elizabeth said...

yes. it is so important to remember how blessed we are and to really love & act kindly to anyone we interact with - we need to help them see they are worthy and loved and valuable!

Caravan Sonnet said...

This was a beautiful story and post. I was so inspired by this post!
:) Rebecca

Raeven said...

Wonderful post! It's always inspiring to hear of people who refuse to stay beat down and want to do better, and I always appreciate a reminder and challenge to be more thankful and take less for granted. :)

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

If she was done like I was done for 7 yrs then I'd love to talk to her. I want to talk to others who's been there and heck who hasnt and tell my story but I'm stronger than i thought I was.

Julie-Becoming A Navy Wife said...

Wow what a great story! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

this is so true. we take so much for granted. thanks so much for linking up!

Unknown said...

Excellent writing, thanks for sharing Three-Time Olympian.

Clipping Path

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