Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meet, Greet and WIN the April Sponsor Giveaway!

Have you met Heart Shaped Sweat's April Sponsors?
I feel so blessed and lucky to have had them with me this month!!! 
This month (just like last month) lead me to some amazing blogs.
I truly hope you've taken the time to click and see for yourself.
In case you haven't lets hit 'em up one at a time and then you can get in on the giveaway fun :)

Rebecca. I met her through Big and Littles and couldn't have asked for a better partner. She's an infectious person...meaning her happiness is contagious! One conversation with her will send you off in the best of spirits. You might remember her guest post on the benefits of laughter, there she reminds us to live life happy and never be to serious to miss a chance at a fall-out-laughing-fit. I could link you to various posts, but I'm just gonna link you to her blog. Go see for yourself. Her happiness beams through every post.

Bonnie guest posted about his Biggest Looser tryouts and Crossfit journeys. He's proof that making little changes towards healthy living can produce some big results. He teaches us the keys to success by reminding us of the 5 key people every one of us need in our lives. Bonnie is a Roden and Feilds Consultant and clearly knows a thing or two about marketing, even scoring profits by simply using Pinterest.

Natalie, girls got a voice that should be heard! Her blog covers everything from fashion to current events. She's got tips on how to win a giveaway for all of us that feel overwhelmed by the options to enter and the simple math required to know when the odds are in our favor. I cracked up over her post detailing letters from prison. Yes, her husband knows about this too! And was enlightened by her voice on dealing with others negativity, being true to yourself and standing behind your blog.

Chrissy, one of the queens for blog hops like That Friday Blog Hop and Thirsty Thursdays! Her blog is filled with posts that show a woman's real side. I love her makeup tutorials and adore the fact that she's not afraid to show the real her, makeup free! She shares her fertility struggles and the tough family decisions that come along with such a sensitive issue. And then, she'll send you off into hysterics by showcasing the way best friends get down!

Carolyn, a busy woman who does it all with style and grace. Her other blog showcases her incredible photography skills and over at CC Makes Stuff you'll find one of kind necklaces, headbands, rings and more, each handmade! Her posts will renew and restore your faith and give you courage through the times that hurt. And if you're feeling crafty, in DIY mode any one of her before and after posts will inspire you and help you along!

Martha a mother of four holds the oh,so funny answers to every child's "that's not fair" scream. Don't let the pretzels and glass of wine for dinner fool you, she's sprinted many races and knows her way around the athletic department. She's got dreams for a WhatTheWhat kind of link up, you know for posts that go a little like this... And for all you pup lovers out there, she's rescued one that gives the best doggy hugs ever.

Jill a sucker for vintage and quaint thrift-iquing, a lover of coffee and cream. One heck of a styled momma with a happy crafting heart. There that's it in one sentence. Ok two. Jill's a one stop shop for melt your heart in posts like failing parenting 101 and not being a supermom and she'll remind you to shine in your most beautiful light no matter how hard times are. She works hard, writing for a magazine and serving in a saloon and while she's far up in the mountains, I have a map and would love to one day enjoy a cup of joe with her.

Sarah, she's forever sprinkling us with genius words, inspiring the best in each of us. You know those words that just make you think, ponder and quietly change perspective.  Her blog delicately delivers those to you. She talks about a tugging at the heart for change and the beauty in the world that spins around completely unaware. There's a poet air about her, a calming effect in each post. Snapshots of her home that need no earlybird filter and a weekly On the Inside Series that will send you swooning.


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Rebecca said...

This is very exciting! Thanks for hosting

MyCleanerLabelLife said...

What an awesome giveaway!! Love it!

MyCleanerLabelLife said...

No least favorite party BTW!!! It is all sweet!

Anonymous said...

How much fun this has been discovering all of these new blogs!

Anonymous said...

A little time consuming...........

TheTinyHeart said...

I don't really have a least fav part!

The Tiny Heart
$50 Target Giveaway!

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed your blog today! Glad I found it through the link up! New follower;)Have a wonderful day!

Sally said...

What a great post! It is fun getting to know all of your sponsors!
I have a giveaway on my blog today, too! Don't forget to go enter ;)
Come say hi! Forward From The Heart

Breanna said...

Who would have a least favorite part about giveaways when it takes a few minutes & you could win hundreds of dollars in freebies :)

Unknown said...

Nothing about this one! Not too many hoops to jump through :)

Elena said...

I don't have the least favorite part. Thank you for the chance!

alycia said...

My least favorite part might be using GFC as a follow method just because I'm not a huge fan and don't use GFC but Bloglovin' instead ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Alycia above. Plus, it's going away soon, so don't see the point. But, thanks so much for hosting this awesome giveaway! ;)

Myranda said...

I love meeting new bloggers from giveaways :)

Karrie said...

Following people by email to your inbox-not RSS. Going to different blogs to comment and coming back with the URL (for every person-a couple are ok). Oh, and when big name Giveaway blogs are in a "normal" blogger's giveaway.

Also when people don't send your stuff and ignore your emails. I have had one big name fashion blogger not send my necklace and when I asked her what the address on the tracking number was, she stopped answering me. And I only sent two emails to each one in a nice manner before I stopped.

The other ones:
1. A big group giveaway-Forgot to include 2 emails in her email to me, and I was missing $25 Starbucks cards (GRRR)

2. A sponsor giveaway and one of the prizes was a carset for an iphone, and I JUST got my iphone, and I'm STILL waiting for it. When I get the time, I'm going to tell the blogger who had the giveaway, so she doesn't deal with that person again.

I feel it's stealing. You earn 100s-1000s of social media follows, I win the merchandise, but you don't follow your agreement. I could start a black list, but what's the point, when giveaways are supposed to be bonus' for being a good blog follower and based on FRIENDSHIP/BLOGGER-SHIP! lol. You know, if I got an email that said, I'm sorry but I can't afford it now, and thought I could...I would forgive them! But I don't like to be ignored. I have a million good things I could say about giveaways. I'm really lucky, so I love entering them. Thanks for the chance to win!

Kelsey Eaton said...

I dont like having to follow someone via RSS or posting something on facebook. This one is great!

Myranda said...

My least favorite part would be posting to Facebook...

gayle said...

Oh, they did NOT mess up your class! Poo! I hope you get that worked out. I think I missed what you said you're planning to teach!

Gayle | Grace for Gayle

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