Friday, August 9, 2013

Natures workout: 5 Reasons to try it!

I'm excited to share our "outdoor exercise" but first, you gotta know, I have one space decorated in our new home! What space is it? Not the two story tall walls. It's the desk space I'm working from now! Don't ask me why this space has been so fast to come together and don't ask to see it just yet. I'm holding out til' next week.

Ok, let's talk Nature's Workout.

If you're the outdoor type it doesn't matter where you are or which season it is... Nature has a workout for you! And if you're not exactly the outdoor type I'm giving you a few reasons to try it for your next workout.

Colorado Springs views
This weeks major workout was all cardio and a little strength (ahem, baby on my hip). Nature gave us underground tunnels, a little cheat of an elevator and 224 steps. It even offered an additional 1 mile loop or 3.

Considering it was just me and my two boys, we stuck to the populated areas and are saving the wooded miles for when Lucas can join us.

Seven Falls Hike, Colorado Springs
We took on some serious hikes in the year we lived in Hawaii and were beyond excited to learn of all the options in our new backyard of Colorado Springs, starting with Seven Falls. During the years we lived in Virginia we hiked a few trails of the Blue Ridge Mountains but tamed most of our outdoor adventures to parks, primarily due to pregnancy and little mans first year of life. Infants are a bit of a game changer, toddlers however can hang so we took our outdoor exercise up a couple notches! I've also found my new running trail and ran my first race here!

5 Reasons to give Outdoor Exercise a try...

Like music, scenery keeps you going. Bridges over rivers, historic parks, mountain sides and coastal lines. You think it, nature's got it. Beautiful, changing scenery can actually help you workout for longer!

You'll be amazed at the natural energy you get just by being outdoors. Wind and Sunshine do a lot for a good mood and adrenaline boost. Take on a fear of heights, climb mountain side for even more of a boost. Join a racehost a race, just run a race! Try something new, set out and accomplish a new workout you've never done before. ie: swimming, tennis, golf, outdoor yoga, beach running...

Like the gym, you can customize your nature workout! Most trails offer benches for rest, take advantage of those, rest there and move on OR customize your workout by using it as a marker to turn back around. Most parks offer exercise stations to change up an ongoing cardio session. Trails by stair offer landing points for breaks or u-turns. Our mini hike this week even offered an elevator, consideration for all levels. Nature is beyond accommodating, it can challenge the strongest and comfort the weakest.

Convenient & Fun
Lezbehonest some days you don't want to go to the gym. You just aren't feeling a "workout". When a killer playlist just isn't enough, nature helps a workout feel like fun!  Trust me, by being more active outdoors you may not think it but the workout WILL catch up with you! Nature is all around us and always open. No need for memberships, fees, or passes. Or bulky equipment either!

Do what inspires you! 
Do what gets you excited and keeps you revved. If you aren't feeling the gym circuit, don't have the convenience of child care, whatever the reason leaving you blah or in a notivation rut try turning to nature for your next workout!!

What's your favorite outdoor exercise?
Which do you rather? Indoor or Outdoor exercise?
Happy Friday loves!! Get yo' weekend on!

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...happy to have Merrie with me this month...
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Anonymous said...

Your pictures just made my heart long to not be stuck in the concrete jungle that Philadelphia is. I love trying to get people to want to go outside, they're missing out on so much in the gym. I strongly support this post. ;)

Anonymous said...

Outdoor workouts are my favorite. So relaxing and spiritual! I love hiking, but mountain biking is quickly becoming my favorite.

Lindsay Erin said...

I love being outside and hiking is one of my favorite things to do! What better reward than an amazing view once you reach the top?!

Beth said...

It's beautiful! I hope you are enjoying your new home! :)

Anonymous said...

I am a HUGE nature lover.. we are just finishing up a vacation right now and one of our favorite things to do is be active on our vacations... so much more fun this way :)

B. said...

Beautiful1 I would have a heat stroke exercising outside in South Louisiana right now. Heat index was 108 this week. Its been miserable. I can just wait for cooler days!

Rachel @ Well Worn Soles said...

Ugh there is nothing I loathe more than running on a treadmill. I'm definitely with you for outdoor workouts! Happy Friday!


Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

AMEN girlfriend!!! Give me an outdoor workout over the gym any day. Gosh it's just so refreshing and good for the soul. xo

Unknown said...

I LOVED running and hiking and trail running with I was in CO because everything was just so pretty! Way more inspiring and motivating than running next to a road...

Janna Renee said...

We still haven't been to Seven Falls. Hopefully soon!

Becca said...

I enjoy plain ol' walking. Always seems to improve my mood. I prefer outdoors, but a treadmill would be nice for cold and snowy days. :)

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