Monday, August 12, 2013

Order of Happiness and a Hilly Run

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Life's all in how you look at it, right? For some, I would imagine, moving around every few years would just be heartbreaking, it wouldn't suit them. I'm not saying there won't be days that I ache for home but moving around with the Army always gives us a chance to start anew. Change is good for the soul.

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But as parents, we're always last in line. It seems, children come first, then home, then us. Lucas and I always try to put each other first, we figure if we're happy then the kids are happy. After all, we are the foundation for our children and our home. We truly believe our children's happiness and security in this crazy world starts with us. We've screwed that up a few times and mastered it other times. It takes ongoing work to figure the order to happiness. Life's always changing and within that we are always changing.

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The last two weeks of "moving in" have primarily been spent on the house and the kids. Although, Lucas and I snuck out one night for dinner last weekend. As much as we would have liked to carry on and venture more through the city it was important to get back home for a good nights rest. We're lucky to be reunited with old friends from Hawaii. It's amazing to start this new chapter here not completely alone. We've all grown over the last three years but meeting up with them here is as if nothing has changed, other than their oldest now babysits our youngest ;)

Anyways, back to the point which I've yet to hit on.

The house is well on it's way to being pretty. My kids are good. One has settled into 7th grade and starts football practice this week, the other is anxious to be like his brother and go back to school too. I know this not only because of his jealousy with every school bus but also his sprint and no turning back attitude when he saw the daycare room at our local gym. (no worries kid, I'm working on the daycare stuff this week)

So it seems all is well. It's all so balanced on the surface, right? House check. Kids check. Parents night out check. But still, something was yucky. Life was just rolling on but inside I've been a bit blah. No matter which way we ran the order of happiness we weren't inserting any "me time". Everything, all happiness, flows from within and as parents//adults we forget to just back out and take a little me time.

I needed desperately to get back into a routine that allows me-time. A huge part of my routine includes exercise, ah... there's my me time, and I haven't had much of it lately. I've never feared the gym but I do admit to carrying some fear towards new places and new people, the unknown. But by week two in our new home it was time to find my gym and find my running trail.

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Base has a gazillion gyms to pick from but I don't do everything on base. After two very different YMCA's we settled on our new gym home. We absolutely LOVE it there. I'm not 100% sure their classes will match up to what I'm used to but really, it is what you put into it. I found my running trail too. I needed a 5K distance. I've heard the rumors about altitude kicking your butt and the need to really allow time for adjusting and I believe them all. It's unreal how winded I feel after moving those damn boxes up and down flights of stairs or carrying a crying toddler up the hill from the playground but regardless 5K is my go-to distance for running and I was ready to give it my best.

Running for Maggie hosted by Sami was ran by many this past week. It was my first Colorado race. Okay, technically it's not a Colorado race but as my second virtual race it was my first one here. I sent prayers and happy thoughts Sami's way and it felt amazing to have a race helping me through the hills. But more so, I was reminded.... we should always be "racing" ourselves. Pushing ourselves to be better than yesterday and stronger for tomorrow.

So, I wrangled through many thoughts as I did my best to run 3.1 miles yesterday. I was told to expect my pace to slow by 20-30 seconds. Okay, on the average yes, my pace was slower by about 35 seconds but when you really break it down I only ran half and walked the other half. Having not run in almost a month, it was exciting to be back at it. My new trail is amazing, I'm completely in love it. It has the perfect level of challenges and gorgeous views all around. I just have to keep at it and know that in due time I'll be balanced with my old abilities.

My polar watch reassured me that I was indeed giving it my all. At the moments that I felt I just couldn't run any further I would check my heart rate and sure enough be maxed out at 185. I knew it was all fair for me to walk, it wasn't just in my head or the weak corners of my will. When I started to feel in control of my breathing I'd check the polar and see 160 and know it was time to try running again. Mind you folks, I'm pushing a ginormous jogging stroller with a 30+ pound toddler through this entire hilly run!!!

running for maggie, motherrunner

I finished the 3.1 hilly miles in 42:19. And continued on my way for another 1.5 miles. Landon has become a reliable running buddy. He's grown quite a bit since the spring and now seems to have the patience for a 45+ minute run/walk. I'm betting the new scenery is major factor in all this too. I think he enjoyed the Running for Maggie race as much as I did.

I definitely got my workout in this weekend and absolutely found myself a trail for all my joys, worries, thoughts, and over consumption of gaucamole and strawberrita's :) 

How do you balance "it" all?
Is exercise a part of your ME TIME?
Have you tried any new gyms or workouts lately?

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...happy to have Merrie with me this month...
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12 comments: said...

Exercise is definitely a part of my me time. I never realized how much harder it would be to get it in with a baby, but it is! After about 5 months of pregnancy I couldn't run (I did other things) and now my son is one and I am still working up my distance!

Kimberly said...

cant wait to see more of your house. I inboxed you on facebook.

Jen said...

Can't wait to see more pictures of your house! :) We have a ton of gyms to choose from here too but I don't use them. We got a membership to a gym closer to our house.

Lins - Domesticated Working Woman said...

I know this change is so huge for your family, but you are handling it with such grace. I admire you. I think moving would be fun and adventurous, but also scary and intimidating. I'm glad you are finding niches among the new.

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Since I've just started running, I've been trying different routes to find what I like best. All are much different than yours in Colorado :) I live near the water in a city. Your views are beautiful! Enjoy your you time, Kristine.

Samantha Ciaccio said...

You are so right, Kristine. Finding me time, especially when I was working was so hard. I am the same way with new places...

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, to find some time to fit this in! You are such a wonderful woman, with a huge heart! Thank you! ❤❤❤

smk053078 said...

I am so happy you found a gym, a new running trail and time for yourself. being a wife and mom, it's so easy for us to lose ourselves not make time for US. I am happy you guys are settling in and that your finding your balance because let's be's NOT easy! Hugs!

Katie Adams said...

It sounds like you're on your way to balance! You can do it girl!

Courtney Hinds said...

That picture of your sons is precious. Frame it. The love between the two of them is adorable!

Suzzie Vehrs said...

I so agree about having me time. it sounds selfish at first, but if I don't have time to rejuvenate then I'm in a constant bad mood and that just brings everyone down. good luck getting settled. it sounds like you're well on your way.

Janna Renee said...

I know all too well about the altitude. I also know how sucky it is to be off your routine because I am too. Hopefully we can both be back to kicking ass soon!

Amanda aka Manda said...

I love how you opened your heart here! It is so hard to move as a single girl. I can't imagine having kids! I hope things are working out better now!

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