Monday, August 26, 2013

Give me YOU

be true to you, be yourself, be you

If you're like me, you occasionally look through your own feeds. And while checking over your social media pages you smile at what you show for yourself. The smile isn't there because of the likes or the comments or even the new followers, it's there because you like the display you've set up for yourself.

How are you representing yourself?

It's important to represent yourself (and your family) to this world of friends and strangers in a true light. Sure, we typically expose the good times more than the bad times but hopefully we're always staying true to the real you (us).

So when scrolling through your Facebook page, your Instagram pics, your blog roll does it really match the image you see in the mirror? Yea, we all are prone to airbrush out a wrinkle or a zit, maybe shadow this or brighten that and while that's totally normal, I'm talking about something else. In moments of quiet, in stillness of nights when you're rolling around trying to find sleep does your "feed" really match what exhausted you of your day?

Sometimes I question this for myself. There is no possible way for me to IG or blog all that my days contain, there are so many times I wish I had better documented but for what I do get up I ask is it accurate? This weekend as I waited for my youngest to fall asleep I scrolled through my facebook, my instagram and other rolls. In this point in life where I'm meeting new people, building new relationships and oddly taking a step away from daily blogging.... I found myself curious in the "true to life" game. I wondered if these new people would recognize me within my social platforms. I wondered if friends of blogging, etc. would agree that I am what they read and view.

I took time to think hard about this. I examined if there were areas in my life that needed improvement, needed enhancement. I think for some it's sadly the opposite, There are some looking for ways to enhance their feed, examining opportunities to make themselves look better. I wonder why waste energy on pleasing others in this way. Why plump up life with things not true to you for what becomes a pseudo happiness from likes, comments, and followers.

I believe in finding happiness in our own reflection. I believe beauty is shown in many ways. I believe in satisfaction from our quiet times, our nights out, our days "off screen" being complimentary to what we show to others in this socially screened world.

I think this is called authenticity.

I want to always be transparent. There have been times that I've struggled through bad habits or tough patches in life and chosen to not be explicit in those situations yet I've not been able to hold back some of the emotions brought on by those times. Close friends can see through those posts that tap danced around deeper feelings, they see the chords being struck by a pin or an Instagram image. I take comfort in that, not shame. There's strength in our weakest times. Always.

I guess my point to all this is a matter of check and balance. Are we really everything we present to others? Do we really believe in the belief we're giving to others? Are you as sure of the beauty you hold in every fashion post, every fitness tip, in every laugh you send through the web?

Be your best self. Be positive in yourself. Be concrete in your abilities and your place in this world. No one ever really has it all together and we're all working towards whatever our lil' hearts yearn for. Never try to be someone else. We need YOU. Never settle for less than what you would urge others to do or to have. And always stay true to yourself while growing into more of the awesomeness you already hold.

be perfectly you, be you, be free
Life is always changing around us. It's always bringing us new challenges and possibilities. If you're busy making everything perfect or wasting time removing what someone might consider bad than you are probably missing out on the rawness in life.

I'm grateful to be at a point that imperfections don't worry me so much. I'm grateful to be carefree of judgement over the good and bad. Someone will always have it better, someone will always have it worse. As for me.... I fit in right where I'm supposed to be. I'm grateful for my spot to grow from, love from and give from.

Not your typical weekend recap post but it's what I felt inspired to share. Something lead me to blog this, to share these thoughts. I hope that you can appreciate it on a bright and sunny, came to soon Monday morning!

much love peeps!

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...happy to have Merrie with me this month...
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