Monday, November 19, 2012

A Tinkle. A Shower...and a DIY'errrr

This past weekend was filled with family, holiday parades, and one adorable baby shower.
That baby shower gave me, yet another, reason to whip out my beloved, hot glue gun.

Her shower was a time filled laughter, tears, silly games of course and beaucoup gifts!
This momma was feeling the love. Beautiful venue, beautiful friends, beautiful baby bump!

Gift Registries are a God sent.
I purchased items she had selected for all things rides, shopping trips and restaurants. Once they were packed neatly and wrapped. I moved on to the gift topper.

First tho, did you know Hallmark sells wrapping paper that acts like contact paper?! Hello, easy!
Look for this stuff and snatch it up. I highly recommend it!

Secondly, my girls always give me a "rap" about my gift presentation. I can't resist.
Sometimes it's epic, most times it's not.

If it's a bachlorette party expect your gift wrapped in lace and hazard tape, if it's my Papa's birthday he expects a 3-tier cake of, none other than, Coors Light stacked and wrapped in bows.
For baby showers, expect anything from silver rattles to car seat toys, paci's and rosettes as a gift topper or maybe the gift itself will be wrapped in a fuzzy blanket.

Back to this gift topper, I used felt and burlap. Buttons too.
All of this, became the gift topper instead of the standard bow.
Cutting circles from felt and using dots of glue, I created rosettes and a button, burlap flower.
Each, was then grouped in a pleasing way and hot glued to a large felt square.
(speaking of girl and that glue gun go back years, maybe even decades)

It's also a wonderful keepsake for the mother.
A piece that can easily be framed in the child's room or set on top a stack of books.
If the gift is for a girl be sure to include a head band or knit hat so mom also has the option to attach the rosettes to hairpieces for later use!

I always try to be creative with gift wrapping. It's another way to continue the gift giving.
Giving is fun, I'm always looking for ways to add just one more gift to the package.

Now for the tinkle.

Whats a "tinkle"? It's a party for the second baby! 
A great way to help mom stack up on necessities like diapers and wipes.

Here's a variation of the typical diaper cake, inspired by Pinterest, sometime last summer.
The only photo I took was via Iphone, sorry for the poor quality.

How cute is that bundle of diapers?!

A knock off of the "storks delivery".

This gift holds two in one.
Find a nice blanket and fold it longways
into thirds then roll up diapers
(I used varying sizes) and stack.
Start at the center and build. As your stack grows bring sides of blanket up to wrap and hold the form of a bundle. Once you finish simply tie off with ribbons and streamers!

Think of other goodies that could go in the bundle ie: burp clothes, bibs, onsies, and other receiving blankets.

Easy DIY. Easy "Tinkle" Gift.

Have you heard of a "Tinkle"?
Keep it in mind, it's a perfect way to celebrate the second baby and help mom stock up on diapers, etc.

And what about those oh,so famous rosettes?
Any tips to making them big and beautiful?

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Unknown said...

wow, what a great gift wrapping idea! i'll have to try it out, but i'm not sure if i'm that creatively gifted :) new follower from the hop!

Aritha V. said...

This is great! I never heard from this sort of showers :-) Good idea and you're very creative!

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

Sometimes I run dry on creativity too and feel like I'm just making a mess! Thanks for following, on my way over to your blog!

Julie said...

The roses are impressive!

Laura (LouLou) said...

You commented on my blog (The book of LouLou) and I managed to find your blog and I LOVE IT!!! You look great and your DIY's are awesome! Can't wait to explore you blog some more. Thanks for following me and commented on my page. I'm glad I found your blog!

Giovanna said...

Great DIY!! So pretty!!


Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

Your space is lots of fun! Glad you hopped over to check me out :)
Was it hard to find me? I wonder if I've got the right "things" turned on for people to easily track back to me?!

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