Friday, November 23, 2012

High Five for FRIDAY

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!
High Five to Friday....or as this one is best known, Black Friday.

We're not shopping this Black Friday unless you consider a trip to the Drugstore for Childrens Motrin shopping?! Thumbs down to missing out on some incredible deals and two thumbs down for lil' Landon being sick. Kiddo just didn't get enough of yesterdays feast so he's having a side dish of some fever and sinus congestion.


1// Being a kid again. And old, ruffled tanks with military knit cardigans. We were treated to beautiful, warm weather yet again this week. I got down with the kids and tossed the leaves around, enjoying the simple things.

 2// One of my favorite candles! Christmas on the Beach. Been there, done while living Aloha. Now, each Christmas/Holiday season...we light this candle to remember.

 3// This handsome man finally caught up with me in age! We're only a few months apart but during those months he takes every stab, joking about how old I am. No worries tho, I always tell him he gets more sexy with age. We both took the day off from work and enjoyed lunch and shopping together, kid free :)

4// And to further celebrate his birthday...we tucked the kids in bed and chatted it up with some fine sipping!
His good ole' friend PBR and mine...a long lost friend, Korbel. I've missed late night chats with a bottle of champagne! If this photo is familiar, you probably saw it here...hook up with me there!

5// Yet another simple joy in my week! It's the little things that make my day, like these adorable measuring cups! Steal of a deal found while Christmas shopping at Pier 1 Imports. But this find, I had to keep for myself! It made making these even more fun....

Take a moment to reflect on the big and small things that make your week more beautiful.

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Leslie @ Body Won't Break said...

Sounds like a wonderful week! I love the military style cardigan!

Les said...

I absolutely love your outfit in this post! Super cute! Also, I'm your newest follower, because I adore your blog. :)

Please stop by sometime and say hello!

Have a great weekend!


Teressa Mackey said...

glad I found you via h54f.
I always need some more fit mama inspiration. You're family is beautiful!

Sara said...

Those measuring cups are adorable!

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