Monday, July 8, 2013

4 days of the 4th - Sweet Weekends

Just one more night. Let's stay another night. We've been good little house sitters this week, we had our bags packed and loaded in the car when our friends pulled up from their vacation. We decided to help them unload, show them the mail collected and next thing you know we're pulling out our bags to stay another night. Why let the feeling of vacation end?

And here I am writing a blog post on the floor of a little boys room while my youngest naps. Letmetellyou writing blog posts while staying in other peoples home is a hard thing to do. For one, its like a constant party when you have guest over and since we're the guest we're making sure to "party". Two, the kids are off the wall happy playing with each other, no matter which house/which family we're staying with. And three, us adults are soaking up the extra time together. Basically, there's not a quite spot in the house and I kind of need quiet to blog! As for today, I seem to also need a bowl of pretzels and a strawberita :)

Shall we start with all 4 days of the July 4th weekend?

outfits first, duh!
I aired on the side of easy and comfortable. Clothes that mustard or red drinks could stain and I have no worry. The red chevron tank is totally a Walmart steal. Front tuck it with boyfriend style AE jean shorts, a jazz of gold and you've got a perfect-o Americana look.  The next day dawned Target steals. The FEED tank is one of my favorite pieces of the line and the dollar spot redwhiteandblue necklaces were an obvious accessory. A bikini and Jessica Simpson pool bag completed that look! Back to the FEED tank top. Shop this line, you will LOVE the selection and you'll love knowing that each sale puts food on the table for families across America.

COOOOLlage time.
Girl time at the beach!! A roll of the dice took us Yorktown, VA where little beaches dot the bay and inlets. Seriously, the day doesn't get much better than trash magazines, girl talk and drinks on the beach.

Another day of the 4th was spent poolside at a friends house. Landon hasn't mastered smiling at the camera yet. I heard another mom telling her little ones "show your teeth" and like that, they were smiling for the camera. hmmm, note to self.

4th on the Fort (as they call here at Fort Lee) did not disappoint. The firework show was nearly 30 minutes long and seriously a beaut. We rolled in with our chairs and mini cooler ready to take a seat in the lawn, yet we found ourselves front and center of the stage so Landon could dance for a solid hour to the Army band. Kid is such a show stopper! Little man was so excited for the fireworks, yet he literally fell asleep on his dads shoulder two minutes into the show. Asleep. Slept through 30 minutes of firecrackers yet I can't walk into his room at night without waking him?!

And finally, my oldest is back home with an earful of stories from the last 3 weeks of adventures. It's awesome having us all back together. We're like little nomads, each with our suitcase in hand. Sure it's a bit annoying and at times frustrating but when we're all together it feels like nothing is missing. Even if that missing thing is our entire house.

Happy Monday loves! 
Here's too another beautiful week of summer!!

How was your 4th?
Have you escaped to the beach yet?

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Amanda aka Manda said...

LOVED your outfits! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

Ashley Robyn said...

Your whole weekend looked like such a blast!! I'm glad are all reunited and had such a good time. Enjoy your Monday pretty friend.

Rachel said...

That looks like a complete blast!!! Very jealous of the beach time too! Glad you guys had fun!

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

Quality weekend for you and your family!

I wish there was a beach close to where we live, well one that isn't so cold because of the chilly lake.

Katie said...

looks like so much fun! i love your outfits - so cute! and i wish I lived by a beach! i want some beach time! :)

Jen said...

Your outfits are so cute! Our 4th was awesome spent it at a concert full of 90's bands.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

You are seriously too cute! I love your outfits. And the 4th celebrations look like a blast. You got some great photos!

Thanks for linking up :)

Katherine said...

looks like fun!

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! We had a good one, too! Love your outfits, you are just so beautiful!

gayle said...

Wow, y'all stayed busy! How fun! I have missed catching up with you, so glad I had a chance to stop by and see what you've been up to! I love the 4th of July, it's my favorite!!!

Gayle | Grace for Gayle

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

looks like your 4th was awesome. you always rock what ever you are wearing. So festive. :D no beach time yet. will go to the lake in 2 weeks but that doesnt count to me. hope to go to the beach in september.

Unknown said...

That picture of your two boys is absolutely precious. It just screams love, so sweet! I was at Target today and oh my gosh I love the Feed line. I had never heard of it before.. apparently I live under a rock! It is awesome and such a great cause with some great items!

Happy Fourth of July a few days late. I am glad you had so much fun, you deserve it!

Courtney (new blog)

Unknown said...

Looks like fun! Ugh, so jealous of your beach trip! Don't think we're gonna end up having one this summer. Sad

Because Shanna Said So said...

Yay for you guys being all back together!!! And what could be a better weekend than the beach, pool, family and adorable outfits!! So happy you enjoyed yourself, sweet lady!!

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Sounds like you had a great 4th! Welcome back to reality :)

Rachael said...

Oohh I'm lovin the red & white striped tank with the gold necklace!! So cute. :) It's so fun to see everyone's 4th outfits on their blogs. Love it!

FitTravelerAJ said...

I know I already said it on IG but great outfits! And I cannot believe your youngest slept through an entire fireworks show. Kids are amazing!


Kelly said...

I love all of these pictures, it looks like you had a GREAT time!

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